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Ideology and Political Parties

by: Brooke McGloon

Ideology and Political Parties POSC 225

Marketplace > James Madison University > Statistics > POSC 225 > Ideology and Political Parties
Brooke McGloon
GPA 4.0
U.S Government
Jennifer Byrne

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About this Document

U.S Government
Jennifer Byrne
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brooke McGloon on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POSC 225 at James Madison University taught by Jennifer Byrne in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 295 views. For similar materials see U.S Government in Statistics at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
Ideology and Political Parties 0 Ideology A set of beliefs that shapes individual thoughts and views of the world 0 Ideology Performs Key Functions 1 Explanation 2 Evaluation 3 Orientation 4 Participation Problem with political labels People do not necessarily fall perfectly under Democrat or Republican Classi cations of Ideology o Libertarian Libertarianism is a political philosophy that upholds liberty as its principal objective Libertarians seek to maximize autonomy and freedom of choice emphasizing political freedom voluntary association and the primacy of individual judgment They want the government out of your personal life and social sphere AND economic sphere private sector 0 Liberal a political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality The former principle is stressed in classical liberalism while the latter is more evident in social liberalism Active role for gov t in social justice issues race discrimination Wants the government to stay out of moral issues abortion gay marriage drug issues believes in individual rights and economic problems Likes change innovative easily accepts change reformers work within the system to bring change Believes in national government should help individuals and communities promote health education justice and equal opportunity American Civil Liberties Union National Organization of Women Planned Parenthood 26 O Conservative They want an active role of government on social and moral issues Do not want the government involved in economic issues because they want power of the marketplace Believes that government should be limited Individuals should be responsible for their own well being Favors traditional morality the established social order status quo freemarket system Right to Life Groups NRA 30 Statist Statism is the belief that the state should control either economic or social policy or both to some degree Statism is effectively the opposite of anarchism an individual who supports the existence of the state is a statist Statism can take many forms from minarchism to totalitarianism Want an active role for government in the social and economic sphere Charitable giving Liberal Platform Social Justice Sioux Falls v San Francisco Top 25 states that give to charity 24 are Red States Republicans The role of authoritarianism 0 You like order things black and white and you are resistant to change 0 More important for your children to be respectful obedient good mannered and wellbehaved then independent selfreliant curious or considerate 0 They could predict how you feel on certain issues based on authoritarian characteristics Link to current politics 0 Support for Gay Adoption Nonauthoritarians 87 support Authoritarians only 27 support 0 Terrorism Policy 0 Nonauthoritarians more likely to support negotiation 0 Person attracted to both Republican Party s position on moral values and terrorism 0 Party Af liation Nonauthoritarians are Dems Authoritarians are Reps Obamacare 3 basic goals provide more security and stability to who have health insurance provide insurance to those who don t bring down health care costs cannot be denied because of a preexisting condition against the law for insurance companies to drop you when you get sick no longer be able to play some arbitrary cap on the amount you get a year or in a lifetime place a limit on how much you can be charged for out of pocket expenses insurance only covers a percentage most common 8020 insurance companies required to cover routine check ups and mammograms and colonoscopies insurance exchange a market place still keeping it within private companies some still might not sign up for health care individual mandate economic reform Cap on Annual Lifetime Expenses Economic Cap on Out of Pocket Expenses Economic No droppings Economic Routine checkups Economic Market Place Exchange Economic Private Industry free market only thing Libertarians and Conservatives would be happy about 6 Individual Mandate Economic Who would support and who would oppose Obamacare Suppo Statists because they want the government involved in the economic sphere Liberals would support because they like government action in the economic sphere Against Conservatives because they want the power of freemarket do not want government involved in economic issues Libertarians because they do not want the government involved in economic sphere they want it to be through the private sector private insurance companies U39gtJLI The Most Ideological Extremely Partisan O Steadfast Conservatives not as probusiness and a little more open to regulation than a traditional business conservative teaparty skeptical of business and wall street very socially conservative not for immigration 0 Business Conservatives fairly socially conservative have different views on corporations than other Republicans they are focused on business they think business is positive Very unanimous in terms of support for business they get their money fairly and do not think they make too much of a pro t Support established Washington candidates not for immigration 0 Solid Liberals Prosocial justice stay out of my personal life skeptical of business and want it regulated pro immigration prioritize the environment when it comes to business 15 of the electorate Even though these groups make up only 36 of the electorate they are 43 of the voting population most likely to participate and to vote most committed to one political party Less Partisan Less Predictable not consistent might lean to one party 0 Young Outsiders Libertarians Limited government tend to lean republicans not true republicans because they don t like intervention in the social and personal issues tend to be younger in the population tend to see a limited role of government all together 0 HardPressed Skeptics The poorest people tend to lean left don t really like political parties at all ef cacy very low they do not think government cares about them they want a government safety net and large government support particularly in the economy tend to vote with democrats skeptical of business not always a consistent and reliable vote for Democrats very disillusioned with government don t end social programs and safety nets 0 Next Generation Left younger voters tend to vote with the Democrat because they are more liberal on social issues want some government intervention on economy individualistic picky choosy with government programs hands off with social issues 0 Faith and Family Left want a big safety net economic intervention CONSERVATIVE on social issues republicans could steal away African American and Latino do not support gay marriage or abortion or drug use tend to be very religious more likely to say they go to church Democrat 0 These groups not committed to one party So many different groups is why parties don t agree with each other The 2004 Election by State Victory for George W Bush Republican 0 Different regions Northeast and West Democratic South and Midwest American West Republican coast tends to be blue middle tends to be red The 2004 Election by County FlllGURE ill 6 39THE 201M FIRESlDENTlnL ELECTION RESULTS BY CDUNTY me me mm preel en tlal election approadhed began to speak er a gemmg spilt In irI eology oc eurrlng t l u gneut 135639 U l39llthl SUITES Arter U IE Elm Eli QUICK IDDK at a U5 ITIEZI Ill39l39l rfl39llil EEICI39I SHE S Electoral College resurr was colored reel for Gee rge W Eushjunr blue Ier John Kerry made clear thesplvrr between voters on the West Coast and in 1he Merlheast and 155i In the Southeast and Michaele Hew eirer as We imap shearsmg quotthe pepuiar vote by enemy highllgnu numerms mouths or cmnu es39wl rnin states with as TelLars and1 Enema Wheez Bush won the Elemoral I39f39aullegewineries actually wem to Kerry A similar pattern can be Identi ed n blue states such as New Yon that went fear Kenif Bush Ireon a signi cant nurr neer rill If uruiles there e39lil39ila39IIler39nIiir1il1lr recreate mlg l il ameu nI ler 39Ll iis In a Hunter err smekforeaample l39t l39l Oklahoma Nevada KEII39ISEIS and I JEEI laEKa KHI Y won WW EIEMi iIZBl il39NJiIZQU ies Bush won few cir39 m m unites in Massachusem and Vermont What mlg l39iE accml for these resultsI 5m Eranelem Emi31utia e FrmCmgiAW and Census Bureau 0 Voting by county you see more red BUT counties with blue like in CALI have more population in the blue so that is why the state is overall blue 208 Electoral Map o The Democrats took some of the American west New Mexico Nevada Colorado and other states Virginia North Carolina Florida Indiana and Ohio liberal voters threw support to democrats did not like war or spending 0 American west changed Florida Virginia North Carolina 0 About 5 6 states switched but enough to win election 0 North Carolina used to be straight red but not sure today 2012 north carolina went back RED Electoral Map by Population Scale map to counties way MORE BLUE population The 47 Argument Romney said he could not get low income voters because Obama gives them things social welfare 0 Obama Advantage with LowIncome Voters 56 to 36 Voters making more than 90000year 50 Romney to 45 Obama only 5 percent difference 3600089999 47 each splitting Obama lead among college educated Romney lead with seniors social security do not pay taxes DEMOGRAPHICS Try to predict states look at them to predict support among the different groups 2012 Electoral Map 0 North Carolina went back to red 0 Every other state stayed the same The New Electorate O Immigrants and their children since 1965 new voting group appearing in larger margins O Exceed current margins of victory in key battleground states 0 2008 and 2012 Presidential Election Latinos and Asians 2 to 1 for Obama President Bush did very well with Latinos Latinos could potentially go republican with their family faith group do not consider themselves to be partisans or solid liberals Political Parties An organized effort by of ce holders candidates activists and voters to pursue their common interests by gaining and exercising power through the electoral process The label carries info about ideology Goal is to win elections Parties are not narrowly focused groups Interest Groups An organized group that tries to in uence public policy has a very narrow focus lnterest groups are outside of the government process Disturbance Theory groups arise to counteract other groups competing demands can be heard and balanced Example of Party Platform Democrats abortion should be safe legal and rare reform the Bush taxcuts relief for the middle class marriage is de ned at the state level not federal we must protect the environment future depends on it RepubHcans an unborn child has a fundamental right to life good government is based on a system of limited taxes support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage environment is essential to economic prosperity major pollutants have decreased in the past 30 years even as economy expanded HPV Politics All over the place with who is for or against it Mandatory in that state personal choice aspect it should or should not be the young girls or parent s choice if she wants to get the medicine or not Morality aspect it encourages young girls to have sex


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