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by: Dr. Jose Keebler


Marketplace > James Madison University > OTHER > GPSYC 122 > THE SCIENCE OF VISION AND AUDITION C3T1G3
Dr. Jose Keebler
GPA 3.96

Jeffrey Andre

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About this Document

Jeffrey Andre
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Jose Keebler on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GPSYC 122 at James Madison University taught by Jeffrey Andre in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see /class/213989/gpsyc-122-james-madison-university in OTHER at James Madison University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
GPSYCH 122 Notes 125 Light 0 Characteristics 0 Travels in waves 0 Physical I Amplitude I Wavelength o Perceptual I Brightness I Different Hues color 0 Rays vs Waves I Light travels in waves through rays direction in which light travels 0 Speed very fast 186 miles per sec 982 million feet per sec 0 Electromagnetic Spectrum visible light 0 Measured in nanometers nm 1 billionth ofa meter 0 Range 0001 nm 4828 km 0 Visible light 2 400700 nm 0 Question why do our eyes see only a small range of the spectrum I Because we don t need to see anything else It would be overwhelming to see all the other signals and our eyes adapt to the spectrum Photometry 101 study of light millions of different units o SEE NOTES 0 Radiant ux 0 Why A and V differ Illuminance Irradiance the amount of light falling onto a surface 0 luX Re ectance property of the surface how much light does it re ect off between 0100 Luminance Radiance light being re ected off the surface 0 cdm2 L Ix R 7r 0 Loose light with distance Refracion 101 bending light o SEE NOTES 0 Ways to control light 0 Prisms bends light I Prism wedges SEE NOTES 0 Lens bends light I SEE NOTES I Lens Strength 0 Focal Length distance from lens to focal point GPSYCH 122 Notes 1 20 Indirect Scaling of Sensation Magnitude google 0 Fechner s Law measuring difference threshold S ltloge 0 o S sensation K constant depends I intensity He asked people whether you can tell the difference between the two things 0 Better than Stevens Law Direct Scaling of Sensation Magnitude google 0 Magnitude Estimation Task 0 Stevens Power Law S a1 S sensation I intensity a and In are constants 0 Measures how much sensation someone is feeling from a stimulus o Crossmodal comparisons Psychophysics mid 60 s 0 Question Can we talk about linking the physical world to the quotmentalquot world without talking about thresholds Yes 0 We decide whether we perceive a sound Physical there is a noise OR there is not 0 Mental you heard it or you didn t hear it 0 O 0 Sets up 2 correct responses heard a present noise or didn t hear an absent noise 0 Sets up 2 incorrect responses didn t hear a present noise or heard an absent noise 0 SDT Signal Detection Theory 0 Green amp Swets 1966 o Detecting Signals through Noise 0 Noise I Audition I Vision ex camou age gully suits O SDT Criterion us making a decision did we hear it or did we not I Check notes for Graphs I When the activity gets to a certain point your brain reacts to it I Hit heard the noise I Correct Rejection didn t hear the noise I False Alarm when you think you heard something but there was nothing I Miss when you say that there is no signal but there actually is 0 Changing the Criterion o What ever happens to hits happens to false alarms o Shift to the left increased hits and false alarms decrease correct rejection Shift to the right decreasing false alarms and hits 0 GPSYCH 122 Notes 127 Sound 0 mechanical pressure in a medium 0 Vibration back and forth movement of a body that requires mass and elasticity 0 Mass amount of matter gas liquid or solid 0 Elasticity tendency to recover from shape or volume distortion 0 How do sounds travel 0 Wave alternating density ie massvolume o A quotsoundquot example of a wave 0 CompressionCondensation high density vs Rarefaction low density 0 SinusoidsSimple Tones o A sine wave which consists of one frequency 0 CircularHarmonic Motion 0 Relations between physical and perceptual dimensions Pressure Amplitude lt Loudness 0 Frequency 0 Hz cyclessec 0 Period sec for 1 cycle 0 Wavelength A cf I Higher the frequency the smaller the wavelength 0 Pitch I Effects of frequency on pitch is nonlinear o Intensity o Amplitude measures of pressure and displacement Pressure force area Intensity energy transmitted over time area dB 1010gIXI Ir reference value IxIr 1 dB 2010gPR I p2 poc pg 2 density C speed ofsound Loudness increasedecrease in intensity but does not effect frequency Resonance driving another body capable of vibrations I EX the bridge 0 Phase angle 000000 0


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