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9/9: The Earth’s Anatomy


9/9: The Earth’s Anatomy GEO 302D

Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Geology > GEO 302D > 9 9 The Earth s Anatomy
Age of Dinosaurs
Timothy Rowe

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About this Document

Plate tectonics and the Earth's layers.
Age of Dinosaurs
Timothy Rowe
One Day of Notes
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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Monday September 22, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to GEO 302D at University of Texas at Austin taught by Timothy Rowe in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 257 views. For similar materials see Age of Dinosaurs in Geology at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 09/22/14
99 The Earth s Anatomy o leam the geologic timescale o extinctions are one of the main things that marks these boundaries c this is an arrowhead 0 they used it to build their textbook software 0 What happened to the dinosaurs 0 don39t forget that this is the main question of the class 0 two theories on trial terrestrial extraterrestrial o Plate Tectonics and the anatomy of the Earth o in the beginning 0 it all began with the Big Bang where nothing tumed into everything the universe expanded very quickly gravity slowed it down particles clumped due to gravity as the clumps grew they exerted more gravity which helped them grow more planets formed more and more formed OOOOOO 0 Earth 0 it melted on the inside as it grew because it was made partly of radioactive elements 0 the layers of the Earth formed due to differences in density the densest at the center and the least dense on the outside 0 we know what the earth39s layers are made of from studying seismic waves the core is iron quotsetting off three nuclear explosions a day would be bad for the whalesquot Rowe the decay of radioactive isotopes producing heat coming outwards from the core is responsible for the fossil record 0 there are multiple ways to classify Earth39s parts chemical composition chemical reactions and forms we use different systems based on the questions we39re trying to answer parts of the Earth from the inside out core inner core iron pressure is so great that iron is solid despite the high temperature outer core liquid moves as the earth rotates this produces a magnetic field animals can navigate using this magnetic field ancient humans could also do this now we use our tools to do this indirectly leaves signals in the fossil record as poles shift this happens over 1000s to tens of 1000s of years paleomagnetism o mantle mesosphere asthenosphere lithosphere responsible for volcanoes and earthquakes and shit crust is oating on it when lithosphere is rearranged plate tectonics happens magma o crust continental plates are less dense than the oceanic plates so when they collide continental plates slide over the oceanic ones this destroys fossils in the oceanic plates we39ve lost a lot of potential knowledge this way Mt St Helens is a thing major plates Pacific Plate Eurasian Plate African Plate North American Plate South American Plate AustralianIndian Plate Antarctic Plate plate boundaries most are in the ocean the ring of fire mountain ranges the Andes the west coast of the US types of boundaries divergent boundaries plates move away from each other convergent boundaries plates collide subduction one slides under the other transformation ex San Andreas Fault plates slide along each other active margin where all the action is ex west coast passive margin ex east coast in areas with not a lot of tectonic activity there39s less potential for fossils o hydrosphere 0 atmosphere the atmosphere is very very thin therefor things like meteor dust volcanic ash and pollution have immense effects o paleogeography 0 maps and stuff 0 plates have moved over time 0 late cretaceous something about a shallow inland sea this separated North America into two pieces went straight through central Texas we can see marine life in local limestone a land bridge connected North America and Asia some dinosaurs walked back and forth between them South America was an island no Isthmus of Panama India was an island eventually collides with Asia this is one of the easier things to see 0 middle Jurassic Pangea one giant supercontinent big land animals roamed from quotcontinentquot to quotcontinentquot so when we39re looking at fossils the ones from this time period match between land masses that are now separate o origins of dinosaurs 0 mid to late Triassic 0 Arizona to Texas region has some of the oldest dinosaurs that we can find o the end of dinosaurs 0 late cretaceous o the end of the cretaceous period was a mass extinction o Dr Rowe was in an earthquake when people were figuring out plate tectonics o moral of the story he39s old and wise


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