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by: Adella Boyer


Marketplace > James Madison University > OTHER > GKIN 100 > LIFETIME FITNESS WELL C5W
Adella Boyer
GPA 3.74

Mary Saunders

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About this Document

Mary Saunders
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adella Boyer on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GKIN 100 at James Madison University taught by Mary Saunders in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/213995/gkin-100-james-madison-university in OTHER at James Madison University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Chapter 2 GKIN Physical Activity and Exercise for Health and Fitness 0 Physical Activit on a Continuum o Equot is body movement carried out by the skeletal muscles that o refers to a planned structured repetitive movement intended to improve or maintain physical tness 0 Physical activity is important for health but exercise is necessary to improve physical tness 0 Increasing physical activity to improve health and wellness 0 Increasing physical activity to manage weight 0 Exercising to improve physical tness 0 HealthRelated Components of Physical Fitness 0 Z 53 fo is physical capacities that contribute to health cardroresprratory endurance muscular strength muscular endurance exibility and body composition 39 w is the ability of the body to perform prolonged large 0 Eu muscle dynamic exercise at moderate to high levels of intensity I Depends on the ability of the lungs to deliver oxygen from the environment to the bloodstream I The capacity ofthe heart to pump blood I The ability of the nervous system an blood vessels to regulate blood ow I The capability of the body s chemical systems to use oxygen and process fuels for exercise 0 w 39 u is the amount of force a muscle can produce With a single max1mum effort I Depends on size of muscle cells I The abilit of nerves to activate muscle cells I is the sum of all the vital processes by which food energy and nutrients are made available to and used by the body I Sacropenia is a condition where the number and size of muscle cells decrease o 7 m r is the ability of a muscle to remain contracted or to contract repeatedly for a long period of time I Depends on size of muscle cells I The ability of the muscles to store fuel I The blood supply to the muscles I Muscular endurance is important for good posture and injury prevention 0 is the ability to move joints through their full range of motion I It depends on joint structure I The length and elasticity of connective tissue I Nervous system activity O 0 Principles of Physical Traini 39 O O O O O O it u n q 1 is the proportion of fat and fatfree mass muscle bone and water in the body I Fatfree mass is the nonfat component of the human body consisting of skeletal muscle bone and water I Healthy body composition involves a high proportion of fatfree mass and an acceptably low level of body fat adjusted for age and gender lated components of tness quot are the physical capacities that contribute to performance in a sport or an activity speed power agility balance coordination and reaction time I Speed performing in a short period of time I Power the ability to exert force rapidly based on a combination of strength and speed I Agilityithe ability to change the position of the body quickly and accurately I Balanceithe ability to maintain equilibrium while moving or while stationary I Coordinationithe ability to perform motor tasks accurately and smoothly using body movements and the senses I Reaction and movement timeithe ability to respond and react quickly to a stimulus Skillre Eli1 ll Tquotcquotliluvquotji J Adaptation to Stress The goal of is to produce these longterm changes and improvements in the body s functioning Physical training is the performance of different types of activities that cause the body to adapt and improve its level of fitness Speci cityiadapting to type of training I r L I is the training principle that the body adapts to the particular type and amount of stress placed on it I You must ride practice tennis to improve I You must do arm exercises to make your arms stronger Progressive overload adapting to amount of training and the FITT principle i v 39 is the training principle that placing increasing amounts of stress on the body causes adaptations that improve fitness I Frequencyihow often I Intensityihow hard I Timeihow long duration I Typeimode of activity Revers39bility adapting to a reduction in training 5 39 is the training principle that fitness improvements are lost When demands on the body are lowered I When a person stops exercising up to 50 of fitness improvements are lost within 2 months Individual differences limits on adaptability I Each person has different abilities to improve and train 39 y 39 I U Designing Your Own Exercise Program 0 Getting O 0 medical clearance I A vi is a test usually administered on a treadmill or cycle ergometer that involves analysis of the changes in electrical activity in the heart from an electrocardiogram EKG or ECG taken during exercise used to determine if any heart disease is present and to assess current tness level H V 391 is an exercise test that starts at an easy L 1 intensity and progresses to maximum capacity Assessing yourself Assessing yourself includes evaluating your cardiorespiratory endurance muscular strength muscular endurance exibility and body composition Setting goals Setting goals keeps you motivated 0 Choosing activities for a balanced program 0 Summary Moderate daily physical activity contributes substantially to good health Even without a formal vigorous exercise program you can get many of the same health benefits by becoming more physically active If you are already active you benefit even more by increasing the intensity or duration of your activities Guidelines for Training Train the way you want your body to change Train regularly Start slowl and get in shape gradually 1s a condition caused by training too much or too intensely characterized by lack of energy decreased physical performance and aching muscles and joints Warm up before exercise Cool down after exercise Exercise safely Listen to your body and get adequate rest Cycle the volume and intensity of your workout Vary your activities Train with a partner Train your mind Fuel your activity appropriately Have fun Track your progress Keep your exercise program in perspective The five components of physical fitness most important for health are cardiorespiratory endurance muscular strength muscular endurance exibility and body composition Physical training is the process of producing longterm improvements in the body s functioning through exercise All training is based on the fact that the body adapts to physical stress


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