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by: Ms. Vergie Ledner


Marketplace > James Madison University > Science > ISAT 351 > BIOTECH NEW MILLENN II
Ms. Vergie Ledner
GPA 3.66

Cynthia Klevickis

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About this Document

Cynthia Klevickis
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Vergie Ledner on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISAT 351 at James Madison University taught by Cynthia Klevickis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see /class/214009/isat-351-james-madison-university in Science at James Madison University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Cell Cycle Notes 0 cmquot D CDK G1 gap 1 GO applies to nondividing cells 3930 8 synthesis This is when DNA replication occurs lt32 gap 2 M mitosis degraded Mpse Wquot SW56 1 What are the three major cell cycle checkpoints checkpoint 2212 ESE a regulated step in the cell cycle Where progression to the next phase can be blocked by negative signals Figure from 2 Regulators of the Cell Cycle Reference The Cell Biology Tutorial at hl ln39lvwwv hinlnnvari nna Pdll PII quot 39 39 39 39 quot Nolacells html You need to know about For each give a short explanation of What it does or a specific example Cyclins Cyclin dependent kinases Cycln dependent kinase inhibitors Random Cell Cycle Facts Cyclindependent kinases are evolutionarily highly conserved Cyclins are easily degraded and thus once they have been made they don t last long in the cell 3 Diagram the story of the roles of pRB and p53 in cell cycle regulation References about cell cycle control genes CDCgenes cell division cycle genes There are over 100 Notes on Checkpoints Start checkpoint Entry into the cell cycle is blocked until the cell receives external signals to promote growth Entry into mitosis GZM checkpoint Before progressing to mitosis the cell checks the amount of DNA damage Cellcycle arrest occurs if DNA replication is incomplete or ifthe DNA is damaged P53 is an important part of this check Four factors appear to control the entry into the Mphase Mass The cell has to have grown enough to support division Growth rate Sometimes cells need to achieve a threshold growth rate in order for division to occur Time There is a molecular cell clock that keeps track of time In some cases cells won t divide until the appropriate amount oftime has elapsed Replication DNA synthesis has to be complete Metaphase toanaphase transition mitotic exit or the MG l checkpoint After DNA replication the cell checks again for DNA or chromosome damage Cellcycle progression can be arrested if chromosomes are not attached correctly to the mitotic spindle P53 is part of this checkpoint as well as the G2M checkpoint quotGuardian ofthe Genomequot Le 42 mm Factor l S Mmm r uteI r Rmptnl39 72 dam22 mamml ofw mm Ma n P WM 72 an eye 41 I am saymm mm MW yd 14 MelaMe in airyroams aquot p53 Amyw ayeMk quot121 ulk inhibilnr A wm wlie m yd mm be 5 m M zs mm m 1me NatWW Zjml m of m mm 395 a MaMa my my a m 1414 61mm a ui fwMiwak DAM Worm rpm Lewiv awe w a waf e Mammy me mm mic1 pm M39sWM MM 4 my a a 14 m aeI AW39M m n mMr m Mawz Maw 72 hamm ofw Wm m me war amem rmti arij 900 4111 gooarm uev 50 9 WM acmev6 IkMM mfafl39m II 57 7 Random Cancer Facts


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