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by: Ms. Vergie Ledner


Marketplace > James Madison University > Science > ISAT 453 > ENERGY LIVING SYSTEMS
Ms. Vergie Ledner
GPA 3.66

Cynthia Klevickis

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About this Document

Cynthia Klevickis
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Vergie Ledner on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISAT 453 at James Madison University taught by Cynthia Klevickis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/214008/isat-453-james-madison-university in Science at James Madison University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Energy in Living SysTems Review QuesTions for Energy Basics 039 FormaT 2O quesTions 2O poinTs Topics Thermodynamics free energy calculaTions heaT coupled reacTions ATP sources of ATP over differenT Time frames glycolysis respiraTion oxidaTion and reducTion enzyme kineTics DaTe Week 7Tuesday Feb 20 is AssessmenT Day The exam will be on Thursday Feb 22quot 1 If you mix 57 grams of waTer aT 37 C wiTh 16 grams of waTer aT 2 C whaT will The final TemperaTure be Show each sTep of your calculaTion including uniTs 2 If you add 10 grams of pennies To 23 grams of waTer aT 2 C The TemperaTure increases To 6 C If The iniTial TemperaTure of The pennies was 53 C whaT is The heaT capaciTy of The pennies Pay parTicular aTTenTion To The uniTs in This calculaTion 3 According To The Second Law of Thermodynamicsquot The enTropy disorder of any sysTem and iTs surroundings musT increase YeT living cells are highly ordered sysTems How do cells creaTe highly ordered sTrucTures while aT The same Time obey The second law of Thermodynamics 4 Of The following pairs which is The more reduced NAD or NADH CH4 or meThanol waTer or 02 glucose or pyruvaTe 5 AGD39 for The isomerizaTion of G P and GlP is 17 kJmole If The acTual cell concenTraTion of G P is 01 mM and The concenTraTion of GlP is 05 mM will This reacTion proceed sponTaneously 6 Use The MichaelisMenTonn equaTion To show ThaT aT Km v me Include uniTs 7 Where does The ATP energy come from for muscle conTracTion In The firsT 10 seconds AfTer abouT The firsT 10 seconds AfTer abouT The firsT 30 seconds AfTer abouT a minuTe 8 In The absence of oxygen why does lacTic acid build up in The muscles Be specific abouT The sTeps and inTermediaTes in glycolysis ThaT make The producTion of lacTic acid necessary 9 Why don39T whiTe TwiTch muscle fibers have miTochondria 10 Why do yeasTs make eThanol as a wasTe producT of anaerobic energy meTabolism 11 Use a graph of velociTy vs subsTraTe concenTraTion To explain The difference beTween a compeTiTive inhibiTor and a non compeTiTive inhibiTor 12 Why is delTa 6 The Gibbs Free Energy a parTicularly suiTable measure of energy in biological sysTems 13 Coupled reacTions are frequenle used in The body To drive imporTanT biochemical processes SeparaTe chemical reacTions may be added TogeTher To form a neT reacTion The freeenergy change A6 for The neT reacTion is given by The sum of The freeenergy changes for The individual reacTions For example The phosphoryIaTion of glycerol is a necessary sTep in forming The phospholipids ThaT comprise cell membranes Glycerol phosphaTe gt GlycerolSPhosphaTe H20 A60 92 kJ ATP H20 gt ADP phosphaTe H A60 305 kJ WriTe an equaTion and calculaTe A60 for a coupled reacTion ThaT produces glycerol 3 phosphaTe and ADP 14 In The presence of oxygen how do cells use NADH and FADHZ To generaTe ATP


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