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by: Vicky Ankunding


Marketplace > James Madison University > Media Arts and Design > SMAD 407 > BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT OF DIGITAL MEDIA
Vicky Ankunding
GPA 3.57

Rustin Greene

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About this Document

Rustin Greene
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vicky Ankunding on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SMAD 407 at James Madison University taught by Rustin Greene in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see /class/214017/smad-407-james-madison-university in Media Arts and Design at James Madison University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Leadership Basics Leadership Basics Hi SMAD 407 Business amp Management Of Digital Media Leadership smad 407 Managers are people who do things right While leaders are people who do the right thing Warren Bennis Leadership Defined smad 407 j Leadership is a complex process by which one person influences others to accomplish a mission task or objective and directs an organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent Leadership Basics Power Is Not Leadership smad 407 j You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone Al Capone Transactional Leadership smad 407 Do What We Already Do Better 0 one person takes the initiative in making contact with others forthe purpose ofan exchange of valued things Transactional Leadership smad 407 j 0 Find Something OfShared Value 0 Find A Way To Motivate Others To Achieve That Value Leadership Basics Transformational Leadership smad 407 j Fundamentally Change Something one or more persons engage with others in such a way that leaders and followers raise one anotherto higher levels of motivation and morality Inspire Others To Try The New Way Motivate And Encourage Others Leadership Competencies smad 407 Create Shared Meaning Engage Others To Accept The Vision 0 Find Your Voice PurposeSelf Con denceSense Of Self Emotional Intelligence Integrity amp Strong Moral Compass Maps Have Value When A Path Is Known Compasses When No Path Exists Leadership Competencies smad 407 j Flexibility Resilience Identify amp Seize Opportunities Leadership Basics Leadership Characteristics smad 407 j Able And Willing To Lead 0 Have A Vision 0 Set Goals And Objectives 0 Create And Lead Teams Foster Conflict Resolution 0 Assess Situations Quickly amp Accurately Coach And Train Peers amp Subordinates lnvolve And Empower Others Able amp Willing To Lead smad 407 Good Leaders Are Made Not Born 0 Be Capable Of Leading Motivate Others To Want To Achieve Be Willing To Accept Responsibility At The Beginning And At The End Model The Way Show How It Should Be Done Capable Of Leading smad 407 j Leaders Concentrate On Who And Wnat They Are Values Beliefs Character What They Know Self Technical Skills Human Nature What They Do Direct Implement Motivate Leadership Basics Have A Vision Think Conceptually And Long Term 0 Sense The Environment Challenge The Process Recognize A Need Or Opportunity 0 Identify What The Future Should Be 0 Know When To ChangeDo Something Know The RewardsCosts Of Actions smad 407 j Have A Vision Take Calculated Risks Set The Direction For The Company 0 Be Able To Implement t Be Able To Manage t Inspire People To Accept The Vision smad 407 Set Goals amp Objectives Goals Speci c We Perform Better Realistic In Magnitude Time Expense Achievable Appropriate Difficulty smad 407 j Leadership Basics Set Goals amp Objectives Objectives 0 Steps Necessary To Achieve A Goal Clearly Articulated Measurable Feedback Is Essential Enhances Performance Keeps People Focused On The Task smad 407 j Create And Lead Teams Define Optimum Groups amp Divisions 0 Establish Spirit Of Cooperation 0 Maintain Cohesion smad 407 Assess Situations Quickly Take Charge When Necessary Make The Right Things Happen On Time smad 407 j Leadership Basics Be A Good Coach smad 407 j 0 Communicate What Needs To Be Done Not How To Do t Focus amp Direct Performance This Is How We Do It Here 0 Enable Others To Perform Well Provide Tools And Methods To Succeed Encourage Employee Interaction Be A Good Coach smad 407 Learning Happens Mistakes Become Learning Opportunities 0 Provide EncouragementFeedback Provide Career Development Involve And Empower Others smad 407 j Engage People In The Process They Develop Ownership They Are More Committed They Perform Better Engage Others ln Decision Making Empower People To Make Decisions 0 Share The Glory Leadership Basics Foster Conflict Resolution smad 407 j Settle Disputes Focus On The Problem Not The People 0 Provide Support To Those Who Need It WinWin The Follower s Role smad 407 Leadership Is Granted By Followers 0 Followers Engagement Is Critical Take Responsibility For Own Actions Accept Leaders Authority amp Ability Communicate Needs amp Problems 0 Understand Group Priorities 0 Take Initiative 5 Levels Of Initiative smad 407 j 0 Wait Until Told What To Do Lowest Ask What To Do 0 Recommend Action 0 Act And Report Immediately Act And Report Regularly Highest


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