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by: Adah Reilly


Adah Reilly
GPA 3.81

James Hammond

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About this Document

James Hammond
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adah Reilly on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HTH 300 at James Madison University taught by James Hammond in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 91 views. For similar materials see /class/214060/hth-300-james-madison-university in Health Sciences at James Madison University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Digestive System A Anatomy 1 Mouth 2 Tongue consists mostly of skeletal muscle 3 Palate separates nasal cavity from the oral cavity 4 PharynX throat 5 Esophagus B Combining forms of the Digestive Tract 1 Abdomino celio laparo abdomen abdominal cavity 2 Ano anus 3 Antro antrum 4 Apprendico appendix 5 Cecocecum 6 Cheilo lip 7 Cholangio bile duct 8 Chloe gall bite 9 Choledocho common bile duct 10 Colo colono colon 11 Diverticulo diverticulum blind pouch 12 Duodeno duodenum 13 Entero intestine 14 Esophago esophagus 15 Gastro stomach 16 Gingivo gum 17 Glosso linguo tongue 18 Hepato liver 19 Hemio hernia 20 Ileo ileum 21 Jejuno jejunum 22 Oro stomato mouth 23 Palato palate 24 Pancreato pancreas 25 Peritoneo peritoneum 26 Polypo polyp small growth 27 Procto recto rectum 28 Pyloropylorus pyloric sphincter 29 Sialo saliva salivary gland 30 Sigmoido sigmoid colon 31 Steato fat 32 Uvulo uvula C Pre xSuf x 1 Hemi half 2 ipepsia digestion D DiseaseDisorder Terms Built from Word Parts 1 Appendicitis in ammation of the appendix 2 Cholangioma tumor of the bile duct 3 Cholecystitis in ammation of the gull bladder Digestive System 4 Choledocholithiasis condition of stones in the common bile duct 5 Cholelithiasis condition of gallstones 6 Diverticulitis in ammation of a diverticulum 7 Diverticulosis abnormal condition of having diverticula 8 Esophagitis in ammation of the esophagus 9 Gastritis in ammation of the stomach 10 Gastroenteritis in ammation of the stomach and intestines 11 Gastroenterocolitis in ammation of the stomach intestines and colon 12 Gingivitis in ammation of the gums 13 Hepatitis in ammation of the liver 14 Hepatoma tumor of the liver 15 Palatitis in ammation of the palate 16 Pancreatitis in ammation of the pancreas 17 Peritonitis in ammation of the peritoneum 18 Polyposis abnormal condition of multiple polyps in the mucous membrane of the intestine 19 Proctoptosis prolapse of the rectum 20 Rectocele protrusion of the rectum 21 Sialolith stone in the salivary gland 22 Steatohepatitis in ammation of the liver associated with excess fat 23 Uvulitis in ammation of the uvula E Disease and Disorder Terms Not built from word parts 1 Adhesion abnormal growing together of two surfaces that normally are separated 2 Anorexia nervosa eating disorder characterized by a prolonged refusal to eat 3 Bulimia nervosa an eating disorder involving forging with food followed by vomiting 4 Cirrhosis chronic disease of the liver with gradual destruction of cells and formation of scar tissue 5 Crohn disease chronic in ammation of the intestinal tract usually affecting the ileum 6 Duodenal ulcer ulcer in the duodenum Gastric ulcer ulcer in the stomach Gastroesophageal re ux disease the abnormal backwards ow of the gastrointestinal contents into the esophagus 9 Hemochromatosis an iron metabolism disorder that occurs when too much iron is absorbed from food 10 Hemorrhoid varicose vein in the rectal area which may be internal or external 11 Ileus obstruction of the intestine often caused by failure of peristalsis 12 Intussusception telescoping of a segment of the intestine 13 Irrable bowel syndrome periodic disturbances of bowel function such as diarrhea andor constipation 14 Obesity excess ofbody fat 15 Peptic ulcer another name for gastric or duodenal ulcer Digestive System 16 Polyp tumorlike growth extending outward from a mucous membrane 17 Ulcerative colitis in ammation of the colon with the formation of ulcers 18 Volvulus twisting or kinking of the intestine F Surgical Terms Built from Word Parts 1 Abdominocentesis surgical puncture to remove uid from the abdominal cavity Abdominoplasty surgical repair of the abdomen Anoplasty surgical repair of the anus Antrectomy excision of the antrum Appendicactomy excision of the appendix Celiotomy incision into the abdominal cavity Cheilorrhaphy suture of the lip Cholecystectomy excision of the gallbladder Choledocholithotomy incision into the common bile duct to remove a stone 10 Colectomy excision of the colon 11 Colostomy creation of an arti cial opening into the colon 12 Diverticulectomy excision of a diverticulum 13 Enterorrhaphy suture of the intestine 14 15 16 pW QMrbE N Esophagogastroplasty surgical repair of the esophagus and the stomach Gastrectomy excision of the stomach Gastrojejunostomy creation of an arti cial opening between the stomach and the jejunum 17 Gastroplasty surgical repair of the stomach 18 Gastrostomy creation of an arti cial opening into the stomach 19 Gingivectomy surgical removal of gum tissue 20 Glossorrhaphy suture of the tongue 21 Hemicolectomy excision of half of the colon 22 Hemiorrhaphy suturing of a hernia for repair 23 Ileostomy creation of an arti cial opening into the ileum 24 Laparotomy incision into the abdomen 25 Palatoplasty surgical repair of the palate 26 Polypectomy excision ofa polyp 27 Pyloromyotomy incision into the pyloric muscle 28 Pyloroplasty surgical repair of the pylorus 29 Uvulectomy excision of the uvula 30 Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty surgical repair of the uvula palate and pharynx G Surgical Terms Not build from Word Parts 1 Abdominoperineal resection removal of the colon and rectum through both abdominal and perineal approaches 2 Anastomosis an opening created by surgically joining two structures suchs as blood vessels or bowel segments 3 Bariatric surgery surgical reduction of gastric capacity to trat morbid obesity Digestive System 4 Hemorrhoidectomy excision of hemorrhoids the varicose veins in the rectal region 5 Vagotomy cutting the certain braches of the vagus nerve H Diagnostic Terms Built from Word Parts 1 Diagnostic Imaging i Cholangiogram radiographic image of bile ducts ii Cholangiography radiographic imaging of the bile ducts iii Cholecystogram radiographic image of the gallbladder iv CT colongraphy radiographic imaging of the colon v Esophagogram radiographic image of the esophagus 2 Endoscopy 39 Colonscope instrument used for visual examination of the colon i39 Colonscopy visual examination of the colon iii Endoscope instrument used for visual examination within a hollow organ iv Endoscopy visual examination within a hollow organ v Esophagogastroduodenoscopy visual examination of the esophagus stomach and duodenum vi Esophagoscope instrument for visual examination of the esophagus vii Gastroscope instument used for visual examination of the stomach viii Gastroscopy visual examination of the stomach ix Laparoscope instrument used for visual examination of the abdominal cavity x Laparoscopy visual examination of the abdominal cavity xi Proctoscope instrument used for visual examination of the rectum xii Proctoscopy visual examination of the rectum xiii Sigmoidoscope instrument used for visual examination of the sigmoid colon xiv Sigmoidscopy visual examination of the sigmoid colon 1 Diagnostic Terms Not built from word parts 1 Diagnostic Imaging i Abdominal ultrasonography process of recording images of internal organs using highfrequency sound waves produced by a transducer placed directly on the skin Barium enema series of radiography images taken of the large intestine iii Upper GI series of radiographic images taken of the stomach and duodenum after barium had been swallowed 2 Endoscopy i Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography radiographic examination of the biliary tract and pancreatic ducts ii Endoscopic ultrasound a procedure using an endoscope tted with an ultrasound probe that provides images of layers of the intestinal wall 3 Laboratory H


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