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by: Dr. Edwardo Langworth


Marketplace > James Madison University > Art > GART 200 > ART IN GENERAL CULTURE C2VPA
Dr. Edwardo Langworth
GPA 3.74

Mary Shira

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About this Document

Mary Shira
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Edwardo Langworth on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GART 200 at James Madison University taught by Mary Shira in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/214066/gart-200-james-madison-university in Art at James Madison University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Bird in Space Constantin Brancusi Jahangir Receives a Cup from Khusravi Manohar this style not picture Lion Panel located in France EmoteriTim Hawkinson Wheat Field and Cypress Tree57Van Gogh W Juan de Valdes Lea7Vanilas Hrs Cummumunrpzmu szssu Hmrdresarg frum Twe veTypes uf Wumen s Handmsz magma utzmzm Seated Wumzn mm 2 rznr wczssu Maggw s Pam2H 7 SuEn Ruthenberg The mssrALgusune Rudm Chapter 6 Artists Edgar Degas Graphite and Charcoal paper Dancer adjusting her slipper pastel Singer in green Leonardo da Vinci pencil on blue paper First composition of Guernica Star of Bethlehem and other plants red chalk and pen Chris Ofili Pencil on paper Prince among thieves with Flowers Georges Seurat Conte Crayon Caf Concert RembrandtLiquid Pen and brown ink brush and brown wash Cottage among trees Henri Matisse Brush and Ink Dahlias Pomegranates and palm Paul Noble Pencil on paper Nobspital Gary Simmons Chalk on blackboard Boom Terms Metalpoint Silverpoint Ancestor of Graphite small delicate line in uniform width Graphite a soft crystalline form of carbon first discovered in the 16th century Charcoal Charred wood Black brittle smudges easily Pastel powered pigments bright brilliant high quality Reed amp Quill pens ultrafine particles of pigment suspended in water cut from hollow stems ofplants Or hollow shaft of the wing feathers of large birds Installation Art Chapter 7 Artists Iasper Iohns Encaustic Numbers in color Raphael The school ofAthens Fresco Diego Rivera Fresco MiXtec culture Iacob Lawrence In many of the communities the negro press was read continually because ofits attitude and its encouragement of the movement Tempera on composition board SelfportraitGouache Ian Van Eyck Temp era Man in a Red Turban Gerhard Richter Oil on Canvas January meadowland John Singer Sargent Watercolor and graphite on pap er Mountain stream Pablo Picasso Guitar and Wine glass Collage and Charcoal Romare Bearden Mysteries collage polymer paint and pencil on board Mathew Ritche Parents and Children Acrylic marker on wall Enamel on Sinatra Terms Pigment a coloring material made from various organic or chemical substances When mixed with a binder it creates a drawing or painting medium Binder substance in paints that causes particles of pigment to adhere to one another and to support Ground a preparatory coating ofpaint usually white but sometimes colored applied to the support for a painting or drawing Encaustic Paints consist ofpigment mixed with wax and resin when the colors are heated the wax melts and the paint can be brushed easily When the wax cool the paint hardens Frescopigments are mixed with water and applied to a plaster support usually a wall or a ceiling coated in plaster Oil Paint Alla Prima all in one go oil painting the technique of completing a painting in a single session as opposed to completing it over several sessions Impastofrom Italian for quotpastequot a think application ofpaint Watercolor a painting in medium in which the binder is gum Arabic Gouache a watercolor with inert white pigment added Acrylic a synthetic plastic resin used as a binder for artists paints Also used in the plural to refer to the paints them selves Collage from the French word glue the practice of pasting shapes cut from such realworld sources such as magazines newspapers wallpapers and fabric onto a surface Chapter 8 Albrecht Durer four horsemen of the apocalypse woodcut Oil on wood Rockwell Kent Workers of the world Unite Wood Engraving Rembrandt Christ Preaching Etching Mary Casatt woman bathing dry point and aquatint Kathe Kollwitz Death and the mother Lithograph Selfportrait with hand on her forehead Etching Marc Chagal Solomon Lithography Elizabeth Catlett Singing their songs Color lithograph Ed Ruscha standard Screen print Enrique Chagoya Life is a dream Then you wake up Monotype Carl Fudge Rhapsody Spray Screenprint Terms Relief Print printing where the image is raised from the background Like a rubber stamp Woodcut a reliefprintmaking method in which a block of wood is carved so as to leave the image areas raised from the background Linocut a reliefprintmaking technique in which the printing surface is a think layer oflinoleum often mounted on a wooden block for support Areas that will not print are cut away leaving raised areas to take the ink Intaglioprintmaking techniques in which the lines or areas that will take the ink are incised into the printing plate rather than raised above it Engraving An intaglio printmaking method in which lines are cut into a metal plate using a sharp tool called a burin which creates a clean vshaped channel Etching a design is bitten into the printing plate with acid Lithography a planographic printmaking technique based on the fact that oil and water repels each other The design to be printed is drawn in greasy crayon or ink it is usually on stone or zinc or aluminum Then the blockis dampened then inked


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