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by: Oliver D'Amore


Marketplace > James Madison University > OTHER > GHIST 150 > CRITICAL ISSUES IN RECENT GLOBAL HISTORY C1CT
Oliver D'Amore
GPA 3.63

Joseph Opala

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About this Document

Joseph Opala
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Oliver D'Amore on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GHIST 150 at James Madison University taught by Joseph Opala in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/214077/ghist-150-james-madison-university in OTHER at James Madison University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
GHIST December 4 2008 The Army 393 The soldiers could tell that there was still corruption and they broke free and began to rape loot and murder just like the RUF stsThey either work with the rebels or kill them for the diamonds 339 Government soldiers dressed like rebels broke into Sefadu and looted everything Soon after the country was aware the NPRC had lost control of the army RUF 1 RUF is nothing 39139 It is a name given to a phenomenon of roving bandits 1 There was no army there was no RUF stsThey were simply bands of people who joined together to loot and pillage the country 1 The government was over NPRC 1 As long as they could be in Freetown and look like a government they would receive aid stsThe NPRC control Kono and Freetown so they could masquerade as a government 139Stay out of Freetown and Kono district then we will cover for you and tell everyone that the soldiers are fighting the RUF They are not out of control And then you can loot as long as you want Mercenaries 2 Executive Outcomes 0 South African mercenaries White officers and black South African enlisted men Extremely good and powerful soldiers 239 NPRC brought them in to drive out the RUF 1 Said they didn t have to be paid but they wanted to mine diamonds in Kono and if you do we will clear Kono district of rogue army and RUF bandits 2 Three mining areas 1 Gave paramount chiefs radios and told them to radio them when the bandits got near 1 Once they cleared the district people started going back in and planting theirs farms again 239 They made life possible but they wanted them to make the rest of the country as peaceful as Kono 2 Found that killing the bandits was so easy that they said they could control the country 9 0 0 0 0 9 Mercenaries 1 Said they could go in with helicopters and knock them all out quickly and after we ve billed them we can proceed into the rest of them country 3 The NPRC said no because if the war was over there would no longer be a need for government 1 By around 1994 most Sierra Leoneans knew the army was out of control and most of them knew the NPRC statement that they were fighting the rebels was a lie And that they had told the executive outcomes not to go farther that the Kono district Civil Resistance Against the NPRC 1 Bo and Kenema seceded from the government They declared independence and made themselves independent city states 1 Formed armies to fight off the RUF and rogue army They employed street gangs to fight and they were ready to fight 1 Thousands of refugees gathered around those cities for safety Kamaiohs 3 Kamaioh hunterwarrior stsRural militia 3 Farm boys who wanted to defend their villages against the army and rebels stsMade old war garments and the local village blacksmith made traditional weapons stsThey were crazy and brave to the point of recklessness 393 The soldiers and rebels were terrified of them Civil Society 1 ProDemocracy Group 399 Around 1995 they began to demand elections to take out the NPRC Civil Chaos A civil war is organized there is one side you can find protection on Epidemic of banditry following the collapse of the state Sierra Leone did not have government for years and years There were people who wanted the change the government but could not or did not know how They didn t know what government was to rebuild it Sierra Leone is an anomaly something unusual In most cases when a government collapses there are factions or divisions in the government that will replace it there may be alternative governments Sierra Leone was cultural homogenous It didn t have strong divisions No one would form sides in a civil war In the absence of any define groups or strong divisions the only group that could move in and take advantage of the chaos are criminals When a state ceases to exist who controls the resources In Sierra Leone no one moved in to take control but the criminals They recruited adolescent boys Sierra Leone 1 Sierra Leone was a victim of its virtues stsA civil war would have been a lot less brutal Diamonds stsGreedy diamond dealers coming in and exploiting the people for there goods stslt was corrupt politicians that deliberately destroyed the state 139 Once the chaos emerged the bandits were going to buy weapons with whatever resources they could stealdiamonds 391 Diamonds were a factor did they cause the war No Siaha Stevens 1 Why stsTo get rich stsTo make the system so functionally poor that he could control them to stay rich Later 39139 1996 the civil society succeeded in democratic elections and Ahmad Teian Kabbah was elected president 39339 1997 AFRC coup Armed Forces Revolutionary Council The rebels and the rogue army came together and looted the capital city No nation in the world recognize the AFRC government 39339 1998 Nigerian peace beepers entered and put Kabbah in power 39139 2000 British peace heepers If they were stacbed by rogue army or RUF they billed everybody When they started being billed so rapidly they eventually gave up and went back to their villages


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