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by: Oliver D'Amore


Oliver D'Amore
GPA 3.63

Hannah Kelley

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About this Document

Hannah Kelley
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Oliver D'Amore on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GHIST 225 at James Madison University taught by Hannah Kelley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/214078/ghist-225-james-madison-university in OTHER at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
101310 Reconstruction Abe Lincoln s main goal was to get the South back into Union But April 14 1865 Fords Theater in Washington DC John Wilkes booth shot Lincoln North thought it was a south conspiracy belved there were four conspirators one was Marry Sorrat Yankee Morality North thought that all the freed blacks would be allies against the former Confederates southerners really still looked down on blacks north worked to instill sense of Yankee morality in to the free blacks they tried to give them political security through black suffrage in the years of reconstruction north saw few gins of emerging white middle class Andrew Johnson congress and the southemers did not agree with his plan for reconstructions Presidential reconstruction lasted 186567 Appointed provision governors in each southern state Ordered state conventions held to make constitutional changes these determined permanent voting and officeholding requirements To come back into the union there were requirement ratif1cation of the l3Lh amendment abolish slavery succession was illegal confederate debt repudiated wanted to get blacks up and going and whites out congress didn t think reconstruction was done set up radical reconstruction Civil Rights Act 1866 worked against Black codes set by southemers giving blacks right to make contracts sue witness in court own private property bill was vetoed by president Johnson though blacks were not qualified to be citizens and that the bill would only operate in favor of the colored and against the white race congress then overruled the veto and the act declared all persons born in the USA were citizens without regard to race color or previous condition free blacks now citizens could make and give evidence in court inherit perchance lease or sell property if the southemers didn t follow these new rules could have fine of 1000 or one year in jail or both 14 Amendment all citizens had equal protection of laws 10 states rejected only TN ratified it and became the only southern state that was put back into the union and then got representatives and senator put back in government TN was deemed Reconstructed 101310 Reconstruction Acts 186768 passed by congress over veto divided south except TN into 5 military districts who were to have new governess created and blacks enfranchised southerners who held any executive legislative or judicial office position and pledged to the constitution and then helped the confederates in any way was not allowed to vote or hold office Rebel states were only admitted on the condition that they form their own constitution and ratify the 14th amendment 1868 all but four had rati ed the l4Lh amendment and got back into the Union 1870 last four entered back in last being VA 153911 Amendment no one was deprived of right to vote based on race African American Freedom con ict between blacks who were seeking meaning in their freedom and whites who wanted to keep the old social order former slaves reunited with their families established their own churches and schools and had equal civil rights blacks wanted to segregate from whites wanted independence after the war whites property was destroyed and burned war called moonlight in magnolias or lost cause war 1865 black codes there was violent opposition KKK Klu KluX Klan founded in TN 1866 African Americans saw freedom as reuniting families and family was the pillar of the black community FAMILY AND CHURCH Southern Labor During Reconstruction New System of Labor whites were reluctant to sell to blacks federal governments decision not to redistribute land to the south mean only a small percentage of free people would become land owners blacks wanted 40 acres and one mule smaller white fa1ms started cotton production which was a major change from subsistent fa1ming in the prewar days sharecropping dominated cotton and tobacco south fa1mer would rent a land and would giver owner certain amount of crops wage labor was popular on the sugar plantations south did stay agricultural blacks would work for whites but now had freedoms black women tried to stay home with the kids like the white families usually the couldn t afford this and they would have to work the kids did however get to go to school there was urban growth more city work but sharecropping was still the dominant job Ku KluX Klan founded in Pulaski TN in 1866


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