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by: Mrs. Raheem Heathcote


Mrs. Raheem Heathcote
GPA 3.74

Cynthia Klevickis

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About this Document

Cynthia Klevickis
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Raheem Heathcote on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 430 at James Madison University taught by Cynthia Klevickis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/214121/bio-430-james-madison-university in Biology at James Madison University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Human 527mm Tuhna agy Nuns mp hawWWW my mum tauhumanimapyamgmimsmumanigquotgmoz hm hm mg waw my vvgmm lduW nanmwm mm 2 Guy Cmps hawWWW ma mm tduward ahrmtmznay mm hawMum m a mwwm mAmyxmmmmmmynm hup llwww hgc5un1md tduthtiExmdtx mm 3 SKY p2U karyatypmy m wawan zuzmmmuhuman hmcunzmlnzw kn a m MW kn a m mm 30 PM umuunu mm mnamm hawWmmmggumsmmmm m wawwmsmznwxsczduc a mums mmumsHSHHSHmuhadhum 4 5 DNA Prammg m lewrdgazqu BEENGUSHUZHTM m lew mamgy washmgtan zdu nguprmrdmmna mm W s RangCvdAmph cazmnRCA 7 DNAmummgxanger s dwdeoxysequeme mm hayWWW mu2duususkkwcm saISOSwmkshagmm NoTes for WhaT makes a male a male hTTpwwwhhmiorglecTureswebcosT2001hTm Nam 1 How do you Tell a female cell from a male cell a A quick TesT ThaT involves cheek cells b a cyTogeneTic Technique c an anTIgen Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Huliduy lecth on Science Program a the meanan of mag9mm Mmmmmmw m m n d amolecular probe genes gender um Ga m Lecture Due l Twn l Three i Fnur 1 EH 5 Wm M a Damn H o a K 5 LEJ m a a a is 23W 2 From David Page s Lab 39 Mapping and Cloning fhe V Chromosome A specfacular array of delefions franslocafions and ofher anomalies of fhe Y chromosome arise sponfaneously in human populafions Using a baffery of VDNA probes we characferized aberranf Y chromosomes presenf in several hundred such individuals and consfrucfed a 50inferval dele fion map of fhe human Y chromosome 777is map provides a foundafion for sfudies of fhe V39s roles in germ cell developmenf sex deferminafion Turner syndrome and fumorgenesis We isolafed virfually all of fhe euchromafic porfion of fhe human Y chromosome nearly 30 megabasepairs of DNA overlapping VAC yeasf arfificial chromosome clones We have recenfly embarked on an efforf fo dramafically refine fhe resolufion of fhis map of overlapping clones and ordered densely spaced markers You need To know whaT he means by deleTions TranslocaTions Y DNA probes deleTion mapping euchromaTin YAC clones and markers 3 Mijllerian ducTs a pair of ducTs in The embryo ThaT develop inTo female reproducTive organs Wolffian ducTs The inTernal ducT sysTem of The embryo ThaT develops inTo male reproducTive organs M llerian inhibiTing subsTance MIS a subsTance secreTed by The feTaI TesTes ThaT causes The Mullerian ducTs To shrink raTher Than develop inTo inTernal female sTrucTures dihydroTesTosTerone DHT a hormone in The feTaI bloodsTream ThaT sTimulaTes The labioscroTal swelling To become The scroTum and The geniTal Tubercle and geniTal folds To differenTiaTe inTo The penis


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