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CS 461

by: Mable Windler
Mable Windler
GPA 3.53

Mohamed Aboutabl

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About this Document

Mohamed Aboutabl
Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mable Windler on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 461 at James Madison University taught by Mohamed Aboutabl in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/214131/cs-461-james-madison-university in ComputerScienence at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
Material You May Bring to Any Test Mohamed Aboutabl CS 461 Spring 2003 Summary of OSI layers Figure 214 App ca on To allow access to network To translate encrypt and compress data resources Presentation To provide reliable processitoi process message delivery and ve S SSibtl To establish manage and terminate sessions To move packets from source Network I to destination to provide To organize bits into frames to provide hopitoihop delivery internetworking Dataflinlg To tmnsmit bits over a medium I Ehysical I to provide mechanical and electrical speci cations Token Ring Data frame Figure 39 SD Start delimiter ag ED End delimiter flag AC Access control priority FS Frame status FC Frame control frame type SD AC FC Destination Source Dam CRC ED FS address address 1 byte 1 byte 1 byte 6 bytes 6 bytes Up to 4500 bytes 4 bytes 1 byte 1 byte Ethernet frame Figure 34 Preamble 50 bits of alternating ls and 0s SFD Start field delimiter flag 10101011 Destination Source Length SFD address address PDU i Data and paddmg i CRC i 7 bytes 1 byte 6 bytes 6 bytes 2 bytes 4 bytes Finding the class of an IP address tst Byte Figures 43 amp 45 SPeCia39 Addresses decimal Table 43 values First byte Second byte Third byte Foettt byte I 0 127 claSSA 0 1 Special Address NetID HostID Sigrid 128191 ClaSSB El NetworkAddress Specific A Os None 192 223 Classc Direct Broadcast Address Specific A 1s Destination 224239 ClaSSD 1110 Limited Broadcast Address A 1s A 1s Destination 24039255 Class E E This Host on This Network All Os A Os Source Specific Host on This Network All Os Specific Destination Ne d and hOS d Loopback Address 127 Any Destination Byte i 1 ByteZ ByteS 1 Bylet ClassA Hostid 1 GM 1 i 03550 Default Masks ClHSS D quot1 quot3 t Class Mask in dotte39dedecimal cm W A 255000 Prefix Lengths and the Mask B 25525500 Table 51 C 2552552550 In Mask In Mask In Mask In Mask 1 128000 9 25512800 17 2552551280 25 255255255128 2 192000 10 25519200 18 2552551920 26 255255255192 3 224000 11 25522400 19 2552552240 27 255255255224 4 240000 12 25524000 20 2552552400 28 255255255240 5 248000 13 25524800 21 2552552480 29 255255255248 6 252000 14 25525200 22 2552552520 30 255255255252 7 254000 15 25525400 23 2552552540 31 255255255254 8 255000 16 25525500 24 2552552550 32 255255255255 Routing Table MM I 255 00 0 1240 00 1456123 UG Fla s U Th t d H Hostspem c address 9 mu er 15 up fuming D ed by redirection Encapsulation of ARP packet G The destlnatlon ls 1n another 39 M Modl ed by redlrectlon network Type OXOXOG and S 1 I padded with ARP packet 18 bytes of Os Hardware Type E1183 l Protocol Type Oxngigo quot1 Hardware Prolocr Operation length length III145 r Riply 1 Sender hardwan address pic 6 by 15 or Elhgnml 3 n E a lJI Sender protocol address mplc 4 byms to ror c m 39Iargct protocol address no cxmnpk 4 Wk for w ARP Software Package IP pucke IP layer W I ARP Cache Table State Queue No of TimeOut Protocol Hardware Attempts seconds Address Address Cache able RARP packet Figure 71 1 Am mm ARP packet ARP packe P packc ARP packet 11gt packd requcst WWW ormplyu reply wilh rcsolvml rcqucsl wilhrcsulvcd hardware addrm hardware address Hardware c Prolocol l e Data lll lk layer 3 quot VP Hardware Prnlncol Operation lenglh IBn 1h Reddd LRL plyz Encapsulation of RARP packet Figure 712 Sender hardware address rr pin hylk 39 E x n m rl um RARP requed ur rdpry packer gel htudwaru uddr I39m mm lulu 1mm 39 m i um ned mr Type 8035 r r crud rcqucs Target pmmcol address FUrcxnmp n 4 bym rm 1 m is um IIHcd rnr much IP datagram Figure 82 Toni 1 6 T TIAEN 4 bi l s Service type 16t1gtl1 8 bits bils Identification lzragmenlalion iffsel Fragmentatlon 4b 16 bits 1 bit related ime to live Protocol 8 bits 39 Header checks u m its bit Source IP address leed values Dc Stirlatioll lP addrc s s Idength Minitnurn 46 bytes Dalia lt 46 bytes IP Options Length Data Variable length Number 5 bits Copy Number 0 Copy only in first fragment 00000 End of Option 1 Copy into all fragments 00001 N0 Operation 00011 Loose source route Class 00100 Timestamp 00 Datagramcontroi 00111 Recordmure 01 RCSCYVEd 01001 Strict source route 10 Debugging and management 11 Reserved No 0pmlti0n option End of option option Code 1 Code 0 00000001 00000000 394 N0 operation oplion a End of optlon Loose source route option Code 131 10000011 Length Pointer Total length Seconle address Filled when started Strict source route option Length Total length Pointer Code 137 10001001 Second P addtess Filled when slmled created by P Options Record route option Length Total length Code 7 000001 1 1 Pointer m nv m 1 n Seconle address Empty when started Up to 9 Source host t Tll h 51 ad Wt quot111 no on wnu Timestamp option Pointer 0Flow Flags C J Length l otnl length t mu 4 bib e m 130011111 IP PACKAGE Fro upperqayer prarncoI 39r39n upperqayer prornccn Reasselh bl TP k I y 1 quot table Rnuri rig table IP panich IP pa Ckef next hop interface TT packe i kl ole data link layer P Ilux L hop 39I39r data link layer ICMP MESSAGES 8 bits I 8 bits I 8 bits I 8 bits I Type Code Checksum Data section Category Message Destination unreachable Source quench Errorreporting messages Time exceeded Parameter problem Redirection ICMP Destinationunreachable format Type 3 Cudo 0 lo 15 Checksllm Pan 0139 the received I dnmgrmn including IF header plus Ihet iru R tum nl39tlulugnlm dnlu 0 Network unreachable 8 Isolated Source Host 1 Host unreachable 9 Comm with destination network prohibited 2 Protocol unreachable 10 Comm with destination host prohibited 3 Port unreachable 11 Network unreachable Type of Service 4 Fragmentation required but prohibited 12 Host unreachable Type of Service 5 Source routing is infeasible 13 Host unreachable Administrative Filter 6 Unknown destination network 14 Host unreachable Precedence violated 7 Unknovm destination host 15 Host unreachable Precedence cut off Redirection message format Type 5 Checksum Purl of the received LP dillagrum including rp handm plus Lhe um 8 bylss ofdleagrzm dam Code 0 Network speci c Code 2 Network speci c speci ed service Code 1 Host speci c Code 3 Host speci c speci ed service Romer SOhCltathH message format 1w m Cudc n Checksum ICMP Messages 8 Echo request 12 0 Echor I Echo Request amp Reply l71Runcxl 39 LP y Ill Reply Type 8 or 0 Code 0 Cheeksum Type l7 or 18 Checksum Sequence number sequence numh Address mask Optional data Sent by the request message repealed by the reply message 3 mum Maskrequest and maskreply message format gt 39 e 4 m f U 4 I 14 W T F 1 and V y message Router advert1sement message format Type 13 or 14 Code 0 Checksum 1 u coded cumsquotn Lifetime Sequence number R l M I on er relts Original timestamp Receive Iimeslzunp Router addzess 2 Transmit limeslump Address preference 2 Requests Requests Results of error Reply messages sent messages to processses that fltom aaphcauons fromUDP 01 TCP sent to protocols requested them er 0 5611 queries T layers to send error messages l ICMP ICMP packet all types ICMP packet ICMP packet Requests from IP replies and requests solicitation to send error messages advertisement and errors 8 bits ll ii 39i Group address in membership report and leave report all Us in general query Genera or specia Query 0x11 or 0001 0001 General or Special Query 224001 All systems on this subnet MemberShiP REPOFT 0X15 or 0001 0110 Membership Report The multioast address ofthe group Leave Report 0x17 or 0001 0111 Leave Report 224002 All routers on this subnet Application layer A rcqucq m A rcqucsl tn jnin u mup leavgroup i I i u M P Timers Group table GMP packet query or rcpan IP layer GMP packer pon UDP IANA Port Number Ranges 7 63501 Registered 7 Echo Echoes a received datagram back to sender 9 Discard Discards any datagram it receives 0 1 023 g 49 15 w I gt p 13 Daytime Returns the date and time WCuiLm n Dynamic 17 Quote Returns a quote of the day Sbers 111 RPC Remote procedure call 123 NTP Network Time Protocol 161 SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol Source port number Destination porl number Total length Checksum 6 hi Process Process Processes User datagram when started Proces s D User datagram TCP Code 0 Code 1 00000000 0000001 a End of option a N0 operation option Source port address Destination port address 00000010 00000100 16 bits 16 bits 1 byte 1 byte 2 bytes Maximum segment size Option Sequence number 32 bits Acknowledginth number 0033331 I 35355133 32 b1ts 1 byte 1 byte 1 byte HLEN Reserved u a p r S Window Sim Window scale factor Option r c s s 1 4 b1ts 6 b1ts g k h t K n 16 b1ts Checksum Urgent pointer Timestamp Option 16 bits 16 bits 1 TCP State Diagram Passive open Thursrout RST w Send SYN SYN SYN ACK SYN SEN1D gt Close or SYN ACK ACK I time out SYN RCVD Simultaneous open Timc ou L


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