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by: Mable Windler


Marketplace > James Madison University > ComputerScienence > CS 482 > SEL TOPICS IN INFO SECURITY
Mable Windler
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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mable Windler on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 482 at James Madison University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 155 views. For similar materials see /class/214135/cs-482-james-madison-university in ComputerScienence at James Madison University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Week 1 Getting Started CS 482 Selected Topics in Information Security Spring 2005 Section 1 1 Initial Setup Create a VPN connection to the labs ISA server Refer to Connecting to the Lab document Run the Remote Desktop Connection to one of the sewers assigned to your team IP Address Host Name Team number i 9 Servers 10010n cydefstu where i 2 5 i 1 is reserved for the instructor 39quot1 cydefsm where n 100 10 i1 n2 n3 You cannot login to any other server and should not login to a server that is not in your team Login information on individual servers Username team1 teamM Password pass1 passM Domain cydeflab Where m is the 2nd digit representation of n n2 n3 n4 0 Once you login immediately change your password this should be shared among your other team members 0 Make sure that the file server s cydef fs 02Public shared folder is mapped to your L drive 0 Create the folder CVmachines 0 Con rm that you can login to all the other three 3 servers underthe control ofyour team and that the folder CVmachines has been created on each server 2 VMware Setup 0 On each ofyour team s servers run the VMware Workstation and 0 Edit Virtual Network Settings N2L34Rallhdoc Page 1 of4 On the DHCP tab remove all Virtual Networks except VNet1 and VNet8 Apply the changes On the Host Virtual Networks Mapping tab configure the subnets as shown On Server Configure With Subnet IP Subnet Mask Address 10010n VMnet3 192168n32 255255255224 10010n1 VMnet4 192168n64 255255255224 10010n2 VMnet5 192168n96 255255255224 10010n3 VMnet6 192168n128 255255255224 0 Copy the necessary Virtual Machines from the LPublic drive Add each Virtual Machine to the VMWare application 0 Edit Each guest OS settings to update their individual names the VMnet to which a speci c NIC is connected to Refer to the Topology Diagram NICZ ofWin2003RTR V n2003NET LinuxRTR and LinuxFW is attached to VMnet2 3 Configuring the Routers Rva2 V n2003RTR Virtual Machine Start the virtual machine Set the computer name to Win2003RTR Statically assign the IP address Enroll it to the domain TeamCyDefenseLab Usernamepassword admincs482 Apply the changes and restart the machine Rva2 From the Administrative Tools run the Routing and Remote Access Right click Win2003RTR local IP Routing General New Routing Protocol and add the Rva2 protocol N2L34Rallhdoc Page 2 of4 Right click the newly added protocol Rva2 and add the New Interface to LAN2 V n2003N ET Virtual Machine Enable and con gure Rva2 similar to the V n2003RTR con guration Keep both Win2003NET and Win2003RTR running for one minute so they can exchanging routing tables 4 Configuring Windows XP Virtual Machines V nXP A1A2B1BZ Virtual Machines Verify that the NIC of each machine is attached to the proper VMnet as indicated in the Topology Diagram Edit the computer name of each machine to correspond to the folder name V nXPA1WinXPA2V nXPB1V nXPB2 Enroll each virtual machine in the TeamCyDefenseLab domain Assign to each NIC of each computer the proper IP address default gateways and the DNS found in TCPIP Properties of each Ethernet card DNS Servers Primary 192168n168 Secondary 192168n129 Disable the Windows XP rewall from the Advance tab of the Properties window Ping all the IP address in the diagram to ensure full network connectivity 5 Configuring the Linux Virtual Machine LinuxRTR Virtual Machine Before starting the VM open virtual machine and edit its settings as follows Name LinuxRTR NIC1 attached to VMnet4 NICZ bridged to LAN2 of the host physical machine Start the VM login as rootcs482 launch XWindows graphical environment using startx Run the Network Configuration tool from Main System Settings Network N2L34Rallhdoc Page 3 of4 Shorewall Test Result The following document contains the result ofthe test that was performed on Shorewall configurations A3 LOC A1 A2 NET LinuxFW WinXPRl W1n2003 RTR 10020105 10020106 192168100167 1921 810033 DMZ 19216810034 Policy File The policy le all incoming and outgoing traf c is Rejected in orderthat we can get the host unreachable message Shorewall 21 Policy File etcshorewallpolicy ii THE ORDER OF ENTRIES IN THIS FILE IS IMPORTANT This file determines what to do with a new connection request if we don39t get a match from the etcshorewallrules file For each sourcedestination pair the file is processed in order until a match is found quotallquot will match any client or server SOURCE DEST POLICY LOG LIMIT BURST ii I RULES FOR TRAFFIC ORIGINATING FROM THE LOCAL ZONE loc net REJEC39I warning loc fw REJEC39I warning loc dmz REJEC39I warning if 2 RULES FOR TRAFFIC ORGINATING FROM THE FIREWALL fw net REJEC39I info fw loc REJEC39I warning fw dmz REJEC39I warning 3 RULES FOR TRAFFIC ORIGINATING FROM THE DEMILITARIZED ZONE fw REJEC39I info dmz loc REJEC39I info dmz net REJEC39I warning if 4 RULES FOR TRAFFIC ORIGINATING FROM THE INTERNET ZONE uCioijmm3doc Page 1 of 4 net all REJEC39I info LAST LINE DO NOT REMOVE Rules FIle Shorewall version 21 7 Rules File etcshorewallrules ACTION SOURCE DEST PROTO DEST SOURCE ORIGINAL RATE USER PORT PORTS DESTLIMIT GROUP ALLOW DMZ TO PING AND CREATE DNS CONNECTIONS TO LOC NET AND FW DROP dmz loc tcp l ALLOW TCP FROM DMZ TO A3 ACCEPT dmz net tcp 2 ALLOW ICMP FROM DMZ TO A3 AND Al ACCEPT dmz net icmp ACCEPT dmz fw icmp 8 Accep DNS connections from t the firewall to the network Allow all ICMP types including ping From Firewall ACCEPT ACCEPT fw ACCEPT fw 3 ALLOW TCP AND UDP AND ICMP FROM Al TO A2 fw t net udp 53 net icmp 4 ALLOW ICMP FROM Al TO A2 AND DMZ ACCEPT fw loc icmp ACCEPT fw dmz icmp Accept SSH connections from the local network for administration Allow Ping To Firewall 5 ALLOW ICMP AND TCP FROM A3 TO Al ACCEPT loc fw icmp 8 ACCEPT loc fw tcp 6 ALLOW ICMP AND TCP FROM A3 TO DMZ ACCEPT loc dmz icmp ACCEPT lOC dmz tcp 7 ALLOW ICMP AND TCP FROM A3 TO A2 ACCEPT loc 39 icmp 8 ACCEPT loc net tcp 80 Allow all ICMP type including ping to DMZ Allow tcp connection from t DMZ 8 ALLOW ICMP FROM A2 TO Al AND DMZ AND LOCAL ACCEPT net fw icmp uCioijmm3doc Page 2 of 4 ACCEPT net dmz icmp ACCEPT net loc icmp 8 9 ALLOW TCP FROM A2 TO DMZ ACCEPT net dmz tcp LAST LINE 77 ADD YOUR ENTRIES BEFORE THIS ONE 77 DO NOT REMOVE No Firewall started All the computers can ping each other V n2003RTR V nXPR1 and LinuxFW can access the web server on 19216810034 The tests performed were completed one by one to validate that the rule is working Unless otherwise stated request from other machines no in the zone being tested result in a hostdestination unreachable message 1 ALLOW TCP FROM DMZ TO A3 ACCEPT dmz net tcp 10020106 was able to access the web server on 19216810034 192168100167 received a host unreachable message 2 ALLOW ICMP FROM DMZ TO A3 AND A1 Linux Firewall ACCEPT dmz net icmp ACCEPT dmz 39 fw icmp 8 Connection requests from the dmz to the network and the firewall were successful All other connections reported host unreachable 3 ALLOW TCP AND UDP AND ICMP FROM A1 Linux Firewall TO A2 Accept DNS connections from the firewall to the network Allow all ICMP types including ping From Firewall ACCEPT fw net tcp 53 ACCEPT fw net udp 53 ACCEPT fw 39 net icmp TCP and ICMP tests from the rewall to the Internet were successful 4 ALLOW ICMP FROM A1 Linux Firewall TO A2 AND DMZ ACCEPT fw loc icmp ACCEPT fw dmz icmp We were able to ping the Win2003RTR and the dmz from the firewall uCioijmm3doc Page 3 of 4


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