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RTV 2100 Week 3

by: Alex L

RTV 2100 Week 3 RTV2100

Alex L
Writing for Electronic Media
Saunders,Lynsey MSelepak,Andrew G

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About this Document

Broadcast news and reporters
Writing for Electronic Media
Saunders,Lynsey MSelepak,Andrew G
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex L on Thursday March 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to RTV2100 at University of Florida taught by Saunders,Lynsey MSelepak,Andrew G in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Writing for Electronic Media in Engineering and Tech at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 03/17/16
Lecture The A39s of broadcast news I The job of a reporter is to balance the three A s of broadcasting A Authority i The information broadcast as news must be regarded as credible to the audience ii Of cial sources and sources on the record B Accessibility i The news must be quotuserfriendlyquot to a large audience a Particularly to a younger audience that typically does not consume a lot of news b So we used language anyone can understand C Accuracy i The audience expects the news to be accurate ii It can take years for a station to establish its credibility but only seconds to lose it and lead to expensive lawsuits iii As a reporter you want to be rst but you also want to be right a No one loses their job because they39re not the rst person with a story but they do when they are wrong fact errors ll Living up to the 3 A39s A We are fortunate to live in a country that allows us to strive to live up to the ideals of the 3 A39s lll Freedom of the press A Guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution i With this right comes responsibility to report the truth a Complete precise and proven truth not true everywhere B In the mid19th century Scottish writer Thomas Carlyle referred to reporters as the Fourth Estatequot i Noting that their activities placed a check on those of the three other estates a Nobility the church and the commoners C In America the Fourth Estate has become a check on the three branches of govt i The executive legislative judiciary D Reporters should make the people aware of their representatives and understand the political process so representatives they may make fully informed decisions in a democracy I History of Freedom of the press A In 1734 John Peter Zenger printed accusations of official corruption in his weekly New York Weekly Journal i The British Royal governor of New York William Cosby had him arrested for libel ii Zenger39s attorney Andrew Hamilton argued that citizens have a right to criticize the govt and that libel occurs only when printed words are quotfalse malicious and seditiousquot iii A jury agreed and Zenger was set free B For the rst time in the world39s history the freedom of the press was established V Thomas Jefferson A Saw journalism as a censor of government i He referred to it as the alarm bell tocsin of his new nation and noted aquotThose who fear the investigation of their actionsquot were the most likely to seek limitation on press freedom B Remember When you control communication you control everything What is Broadcast News I News is what the news director thinks is news A An event does not get coverage and becomes news unless someone in charge decides to cover it B On a typical news day there are more stories than time in a newscast Decisions have to be made about which will be used and which be left out i The concept of quotgatekeepingquot ll So the news isn39t a comprehensive record of every event that occurred A It is selection of some of the events told through the perspective of the reporter news director and news station News Judgment Deciding which stories have the greatest interest and importance to the audience Broadcast news directors are looking for stories that are new and quotnewsworthyquot and consider A Selection of events to cover i Only quotnewsworthyquot stories are chosen B Selection of time to devote to events i More important stories get more time C Selection of order of presentation in newscast i More important stories come rst 8 traditional criteria for determining newsworthiness I Timelinessimmediacy A Think of a continuum how recently did the events unfold Timely Stale AF B Events that are happening are more newsworthy than events that have happened earlier in the day or yesterday A story39s importance declines with age II Relevanceimpact A What direct effect will the story have in the target audience B Every audience member will ask quotBut will this affect mequot i Does the story matter to the audience a Think broad b Highlight information relevant to YOUR broadcast possible audience HMagn ude A How many people were involved How big was the area affected B The size and scope of an event makes it newsworthy i The measure of signi cance its effect on the world and community ii Events are more important when they impact more people C When we have a lot of i People thousands protested ii Money millions in damage iii IV Proximity A How geographically close is your audience to the setting of your story B Events that happen close to the audience involving local people are of greater interest to the audience C Usually the larger audience the distance the less important the even D People are more interested in what affects themlocal angles and their attention picks up at the mention of a familiar place V Con ictdrama A Events that involve a struggle i Person v person iiPerson v self iii Person v nature iv Person v the system v Country v country B Be a storyteller People like con ict and hearing stories about individuals overcoming i This is why people love sports C Describe the con ict and break it down into individual issues or individuals i People also like to know if the con ict has been resolved Vl Prominenceinterest A We are interested in news about people who are famous i Celebrity gossip B Name recognition i Public gures ii Celebrities Vll Noveltyunusual A Something out of the ordinary B An unusual event or event that so rarely happens the audience will be amused or entertained by it i The event even may be silly C Good filler stories on slow news days Vlll Emotions A Stories that evoke the hopes and fears of the audience tend to be widely discussed and long remembered B We all respond emotionally to human interest stories that are moving comical or inspiring Trending I These 8 criteria hold true but reporter also now check and see what others are talking about Reporter as in uencer l Pitching a story II A pitch is a quick concise statement that presents a story idea A A compelling yet brief explanation about a story39s unique angle and how it differs from other stories of the same topic B Why yours is the most newsworthy


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