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by: Lila Abbott


Marketplace > James Madison University > Geography > GGEOG 200 > GEOGRAPHY GLOBAL DIMENSION C4GE
Lila Abbott
GPA 3.73

Johnathan Walker

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About this Document

Johnathan Walker
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lila Abbott on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GGEOG 200 at James Madison University taught by Johnathan Walker in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/214176/ggeog-200-james-madison-university in Geography at James Madison University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
South Asia 00000 India 0000 0 Southeast Asia 0 O o Relig Pakistanis amp India nsbeef Origin preBrit rule Indian Muslims felt discrimination Result of IndianPaki relations the partition of India India amp Pakistan have nuclear missiles poor yet some prosper Business Process Outsourcing Western communication satellites College edu Indianscalin centers The next China Archipelago Indonesia Philippines Islands 13k and 7k respectively Colonial Influence All of SE Asia was colonized Exception Thailand France quotIndoChinaquot Vietnam Laos Cambodia England Hong Kong Myanmar Burma Malaysia Singapore amp Brunei USA Spain Philippines Netherlands Dutch Indonesia Portugal E Timor Japan controlled much of above territory including Thailand WII Ion Catholic Philippines Vietnam E Timor Islam Malaysia Indonesia Brunei Buddhism Myanmar Burma Thailand Laos Cambodia Hindu Bali Indonesian island Animism tribal societies Note Indonesia worlds most populated Islam country 90 of pop 0 Cultural Influence 0 Singapore teatime doubledecker buses Vietnam Romanized written lang baguettes Philippines cockfights Tourism Thailand 39 6 of GPD warm beaches drugs exotic culture hiltribeelephant treks 39 Surgeries cosmeticsex changes Sex worlds largest venue for sex tourism high demand for quotcommercial sexquot quotprostitutionquot is not a crime sex with childrencrime but not enforced due to high demand Thailand traffic from Myanmar Burma Laos Cambodia amp China Philippines 39 worlds 2nd largest venue for sex tourism Why poverty filial piety anything for the family 0 political geo Myanmar ruled by repressive military junta Refugees to Thailand ethnic minorities most affected Karen refugees 198039s200039s 2007present Ethnic Karen to USA Junta against democracy 1990 election 39 Winner Daw San Suu Kyi He was put on house arrest now holds seat in congress political prisoners recently freed o Econ Geo Philippines taking over India as BPO call centers 39 accentvocab more easily understood by Americans they take more ishh docile 39 call centers amp overseas contracts feed Filipino econ East Asia population 0 China14 bil worlds largest but declining 05 RNI oJapan 128 mil 10 rapidly declining RNI01 0 South Korea 49 mil RNI4 0 North Korea 25mil RNI 6 OTaiwan 24mil RNI 01 0 Mongolia 28 mil RN118 Why the decline 0 abortion 0 preference for boys China PRC amp Taiwan Econ 0 China largest foreign exchange reserves sells more than buys receives a lot of foreign investment 0 Japan Sony Toshiba Sanyo Mitsubishi 0 South Korea Pantech Samsung LG 0 Taiwan Acer Asus HTC Political Geo OTibet autonomous in name only constrained by the Han mandarin speaking loyal to Bejing Similar to quotRussification in USSR 0 China PRC amp Taiwan bee Geography Vocab Chapter 1 Globalization and Diversity Asymmetrical warfare Bubble Economy Centrifugal forces Centripetal forces Colonialism Coreperiphery model Cultural imperialism Cultural nationalism Cultural syncretism or hybridization Culture Decolonization Demographic transition Economic growth rate Ethnic religion Globalization GNI per capita Lingua franca Nationstate Overurbanization Rate of Natural Increase Squatter settlement Sweatshop Total Fertility Rate Transnational firms Universalizing religion Chapter 2 The Global Changing Environment Anthropogenic Bioregion Climate region Climograph Desertification Greenhouse effect Green Revolution Prairie Steppe Chapter 3 North America Acid Rain Boreal forest Concentric zone model Connectivity Counterurbanization Cultural assimilation Digital Divide Ethnicity Federal state Gentrification Group of eight Location factor Megalopolis North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA Sectoral transformation Tundra Unitary state Urban decolonization Urban realms model Chapter 4 Latin America Agrarian reform Altiplano Central American Free Trade Association Dependency theory Dollarization El nino Grassification Growth poles Informal sector Latifundia Maquiladora Megacities Mercosur Mestizo Minifundia Neoliberal policies Neotropics Organization of American States OAS Remittances Ruraltourban migration Shields Subnational organizations Supranational organizations


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