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Modern America

by: Aliyah Toy V

Modern America HIST 2060

Aliyah Toy V
GPA 3.61

Jeffrey Zalewski

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About this Document

Jeffrey Zalewski
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aliyah Toy V on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2060 at Bowling Green State University taught by Jeffrey Zalewski in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/214185/hist-2060-bowling-green-state-university in History at Bowling Green State University.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
THE HIDDEN CIVIL WAR no unified white south each state is split into different areas with acute economic and social differences Plantation farms vs upcountry farms differences upcountry farmers were small farmers who hardly utilized slave labor plantation farmers were ones who used slave labor to the fullest Congressional reconstruction Radical reconstruction congressional provides the free slaves the rights that all Americans have along with the removal of the former southern white elites from power Presidential reconstruction favored a quick resolution with limited oversight of southern states Andrew Johnson 1What are his views on reconstructionJohnson favored the congressional reconstruction plan 2Why do they failHis views failed because he did not support black rights so he took on the presidential reconstruction plan It really failed then because Lincoln never layeddown a concrete way to reconstruct Black Codes codes that the south passed to keep slaves bound to the land Freedman s Bureau welfare institution that helps former slaves but does not encourage them to fight back against former plantation elitists The Civil Rights Act of 1866 granted blacks citizenship and the same rights enjoyed by white citizens to all males in the US Reconstruction Amendments amendment l3 bans slavery amendment 14 all people born or naturalized in the US are considered US citizens amendment 15 denial of the right to vote based on race color or past is prohibited 1866 race riots in Memphis and New OrleansWhat do they show about southern states how do they help the Radical cause the riots showed the north that the south was still unable to accept defeat believed In their own superiority and were unfit to reenter the Union Name two things The Military Reconstruction Act did divides the south into S militarydistricts and gives the commander of each district the right to declare martial law to preserve order protect blacks and begin the process of restoring the southern states to the union What positives come from Radical Reconstruction what negative positives biracial democratic governments downfall of southern elite legal codes purged of racism new public facilities and expanded education system Negatives failure of the southern economy to resurge general poverty for former slaves and poor whites Tenure of Office Act and the Johnson impeachment TOA restricts the president from removing government officials who have been approved by the Senate without the Senate consent The justification for poll taxes literacy tests and property qualifications How do southern elites control the black population the south poll taxes literary exams and property h requirements are enacted to limit who can vote despite the 15 amendment What is the KKK racist organization in the South persecuted against blacks northern whites and anyone trying to further reconstruction What is the significance of congressmen taking bribes from industrialists how does this effect labor reform made it very difficult for workers to get bills and regulations that aided them and passes and made law The significance of the compromise of 1877 ended reconstruction Corporations and the development of western farms 3 eventswars thatlead the end of settler native relations Red Cloud s War 18661868 Sioux Indians vs US over US construction of the Bozeman TrailGreat Sioux War ends bad for the Sioux Indians Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876 The Dawes Act of 1887 US used this to attempt to incorporate the Native population into American society and quotcivilizequot them Ethnic divisions and its affect on labor reform Monopolies Vs Trusts What are the negatives to themThey kill competition and the ability for small and medium businesses to grow Also they control prices How do they surviveThey survive through high tariffs and by bribing or blackmailing congressmen in exchange for pro big business legislation Interstate Commerce Act forces railroads to post their prices and not change them without warning ends price manipulation based on travel distance and establishes a five member board called the Interstate Commerce Commission to regulate railroads Sherman AntiTrust Act anact of Congress 1890 prohibiting any contract conspiracy or combination of business interests in restraint of foreign or interstate trade Two forms of immigration fuel the rise of the urban worker and city country sides into cities and immigration form Europe Asia and Canada What helped fuel the employment of women and children The Knights of Labor first American labor union The AFL American federation of labor The Homestead Strike industrial lockout June 30th 1892Cash between labor and management The Pullman Strike labor unions vs railroads Coxey s Army protest march by unemployed workers led by Jacob Coxey populist Who supports the Populistswhat are the details of their platform the Democrats support them Under what conditions does the Populists develop and why


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