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Information Management Technologies

by: Keeley Bechtelar

Information Management Technologies CS 301

Marketplace > Bowling Green State University > ComputerScienence > CS 301 > Information Management Technologies
Keeley Bechtelar
GPA 3.6


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Keeley Bechtelar on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 301 at Bowling Green State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/214195/cs-301-bowling-green-state-university in ComputerScienence at Bowling Green State University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
hLLp ph in Weher 1 uickRefhtml Java Quick Reference quotHello worldquot A dynamic Java program that prints quotHello worldquot program c39lass Hello dynamic He39l39loString name constructor method version Systemoutprint39lnquotHe3939lo quot name quotquot print the message public static void mainString arg execution begins here new He39l39loquotwor39dquot create new Hello object Unix and DOS cd dir change directory to quotdirquot within current directory commands cd move up to parent directory javac He39l39lojava compile the program Hellojava java Hello run the program Helloclass 39ls list contents of current directory Unix only use di r on DOS rm c39l ass remove allfiles with extension class Unix only use de39l on DOS up arrow retype previous command control c interrupt a program Primitive int 32bit integer up to 2147483647 use39long for larger integers variable types doub39l e 64bit quotdoubleprecisionquot floating point number up to about 10mm boo39l ean true or fa39l se Arithmetic and take precedence over and use parentheses when needed Shortcuts Relations lt lt gt gt Logic ampampand or not javaJangJVIath MathPI MathE Mathcost Mathacosx Math39ogx natural log Mathsint Mathasinx Mathexpx ex Mathtant Mathatanx Mathsqrtx Mathpowxy xy Mathmaxxy Mathminxy Mathabsx absolute value Math roundx Math f39l oorx Math cei39l x round normally down or up Math random pseudorandom doub39l e between 0 and 1 Converting myInt int myDoub39le rounds myDoub39le toward zero datatypes roundedX int Mathroundx rounds x to nearest integer casting randInt int MathrandomO n random integer from O to n l control if ba39lance lt 0 while t lt 10 for i0 iltlOO i structures broke true t Systemoutprint39ln e39lse dostufi O quotI will not hackquot broke fa39l se Declaringa doub39le hypotenusedoub39le a double b method return Mathsqrtaa bb Arrays doub39le x declare that x is an array of doub39les x new doubleElOO create the array size could be a variable x0 aVa39lue fi rst entry has index zero x99 x98 dx 39last entry is 99 quotxlOOquot gives an error hLLp ph in Weher J39 uickRefhtml Formatting numbers import javatext Deci ma39l Fo rmat myFo rmat myStri ng put this line at top of program new Decima39l Formatquot000quot myFormatformatmyNumber or just print it Parsin 9 commandline doub39le x0 O O default value try x0 Doub39leparseDoub39leargO arguments catch ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException e use default if no arg catch NumberFormatException e or if inva39lid Plottinga P39lot myP39lot new P39lotquotTit39equotxMinxMaxxStepyMinyMaxyStep graph xStep and yStep are grid 39Iine spacings myP39IotaddPoi ntxy myP39lotsetPointSize5 size myP39l ot setPoi ntShapeP39 ot CIRCLE myP39l ot setPoi ntShapeP39 ot COLUMN myP39l ot setPoi ntCo39l orCo39 or b39l ue in pixels default is 3 default is SQUARE for column bar graphs must import javaawtCo39or push button creatingaGUI import javaawt put this at top Windowwith Frame myFrame new FramequotSee the 39labelquot make a window text Pane39l myPane39l new Pane39 make a panel Labe39l myLabe39l new Labe39l quotHello worldquot make a label myPane39laddmyLabe39l put label into pane39l myFrameaddmyPane39l put pane39l into frame myFramepack size frame to hold contents myFramesetVi sib39letrue and show it creating a import javaawtevent put this at top make a button say what to do when button is pressed Button myButton new ButtonquotPress mequot myButtonaddActionLi stenernew ActionLi stener public void actionPerformedActionEvent e Systemoutpri nt39nquotHe3939o wor39ld quot H myPane39l addmyButton put button into pane39l parameter of type double Scrollbar for a myFramesetLayoutnew GridLayoutOl arranges multiple DoubleScrollers in a vertical column DoubleScroller VOScroll new DoubleScroller vO in ms O500520 parameters are min max step size initial value myFrameaddvOScroll could also add to a Panel v VOScrollgetValue call this when value is needed Creating a space to draw Put quotextends Canvasquot into the class declaration right after the class name In the constructor method use quotsetSi ze wi dth height quotto set the size of the Canvas in pixels quotsetBackg roundCo39 or whi tequot to set the background color if desired Create a Panel within a Frame use quotmyPane39l addthi s quot to add the Canvas to the Panel Then create a quotpub39l i c 39 pai ntGraphi cs gquot method which will be called automatically whenever the Canvas needs to be drawn Graphics methods g setCo39l o rCo39 or red gsetCo39ornew Co39lorrgb g fi 39l 39l Rect39 efttop wi dth hei ght g fi 39I39lOva39l quotI efttop wi dth hei ght g drawLi nexlylx2 y2 drawa line one pixel wide g drawstri ngquotHe39 39l oquot x y draw text starting at xy All coordinates are integers in pixels with y measured down from the top of the Canvas draw in a predefined color draw in any color rgb from 0 to 255 solid rectangle d rawRect draws outline solid oval d rawOva39l draws outline Creating a thread Put quoti mp39l ements Runnab39l equot into the class declaration In the constructor method add the statements quotThread myThread new Threadthi s myThread start quot Then create a run metho public void run whi39le true 39Ioop forever unti39l interrupted doStuffO shouldn39t take gt 100 ms try Threads39eep20 time in ms catch InterruptedException e


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