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by: Victoria Quigley IV


Marketplace > Clemson University > History > A A H 210 > INTRO TO ART ARCH
Victoria Quigley IV
GPA 3.65

Janet Leblanc

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About this Document

Janet Leblanc
Class Notes
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Victoria Quigley IV on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to A A H 210 at Clemson University taught by Janet Leblanc in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/214200/a-a-h-210-clemson-university in History at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
rebuilt amp Comissioned Sixtus III in Lu N ceres daphne the third borghese commission jesuit jesuit order the society of jesus st ignatius loyola counter reformation dominicans cornaro family church of santa maria della vittoria in rome carmelite nun transverberation new saint peters old catacombs soomon39s temple in jerusalem ex cathedra from the chair cathedral bernini39s throne goliathsize doctors of the church papal tiara antiquity three carraccis painting annibale agostino ludovico bologna cardinal odoardo farnese palazzo farnese tromp l39oeil trick the eye landscape religion history mythology portraits guido reni bologna casino rospogliosi casino apollo Lo 14 Lo 5 Lu 6 320 321 La N La clean lines priedieu kneeler pietro da cortona berberini family palazzo barberini maffeo barberini urban VIII sculpted plaster molding tromp l39oeil divine providence the three graces faith hope and charity laurel wreath three humungous bees the barberini coat of arms papal tiara baldacchino ignatius loyola founder of the jesuits francis xavier instrumental in bringing christianity to the far east jusepe de ribera caravaggio enthusiasm saint andrew39s cross francisco de zurburan charcoal drawings treatment of white drapery diego rodriguez de silva y velasquez genre princess margarita artist39s technique repertoire visible brushwork venus at her mirror religious art the spanish inquisition spanish art steered clear of nudity mirror reflection bartolome esteban murillo de ned only two times in the history of christianity ex cathedra in plain english claude lorraine hans memling Lo 24 327 nicolas poussin stubborn pedantic personality painted one large altarpiece for saint peter39s cathedral assumption elijah the story of endymion moon goddess luna for moon zeus perikles plato philip of macedonia alexander the great tradition of socrates louis XIV sun king royal academy ecole des beaux arts royal salon prix de rome roman prize peter paul rubens visible brushwork primary palette painterly technique calvinist diagonal lines phoebe hilaeira the twins castor and pollux peter paul rubens isabell brandt rubensian Chateau steen anthoy van dyck rubeniste emotional intellectual composition sculpture Lo Lo Lo 335 color live models Hnear painterly titian raphael classical baroque calvinism martin luther john calvin geneva switzerland sola scripture sacred oral tradition consubstantiation sola fide predestination free will apostolic succession laws of primogeniture esau jacob conversion of saint paul ordination apostolic succession jakob hermanzoon jacobus arminius university of leyden the institutes of the christian religion the five articles of the remonstrants john knox george whitefield john wesley frans hals haarlem dutch east india company 339 La A o still life genre judith leyster rembrandt most famous dutch baroque painter Lu A 3 Lu A l 349 La 50 351 leiden amsterdam saskia van Uylenburgh town of utrecht civic militia titus hendrickje cornelia king david mother of solomon pieter saenredam haarlem city of delft jan vermeer anton van leeuwenhoek jacob van ruisdael haarlem aelbert cuyp aert van der neer dordrecht carlo maderno pope paul v maderno bramante and michelangelo greek cross plan campaniles bell towers bernini egyptian obelisk booty by caligula carlo maderno jules hardouinmansart court architect to king louis XIV final resting place of napoleo oculus saint louis patron saint of france miraculously christopher wren great fire lieven de key ghent town hall of nijmegen hague nowadays johan maurits van nassau governor of brazil jacob van campen palladio mansart 52 louis XIV nicolas fouquet Lu levaue Iebrun lenotre jules hardouinmansart 353 lever coucher louis XV 354 regency rococo rococo interior design hotel de soubise in paris germain boffrand munich francois cuvillies antoine watteau 355 fete galante francois boucher 356 louise o39murphy diderot old fete galante style of the watteau 357 william hogarth marriage a la mode 358 the earl squander thomas gainsborough suffolk 359 bath engand royal academy of art poussiniste formal order and images of intellectual substance 361 neoclassicism louis XV louis XVI marie antoinette jacques louis david sun king louis XIV neoclassical curatti boys corday 363 4 Lu 0 1 Lu 0 1 5 first court artist to napoleon augustedominique ingres mirror reflection cropped colen campbell vitruvius brittannicus richard boyle inspired by palladio39s famous villa rotunda thomas jefferson palladian architecture design quot act of 1790 Lo 68 james hoban george washington john adams benjamin latrobe george washington and thomas jefferson federal city seventeen entries dr william thornton james hoban charles bullfinch thomas walter edward clark the new dome designed by walter sainte genevieve the patron saint of paris King louis XV louis XVI nationalastic agnosticism voltaire rousseau marat victor hugo marie curie rene descartes louis braille alexandre dumas soufflot comissioned by napoleon louis XV King Louis XVIII


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