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by: Mr. Cicero Stanton
Mr. Cicero Stanton
GPA 3.98

Allen Swords

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About this Document

Allen Swords
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Cicero Stanton on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 215 at Clemson University taught by Allen Swords in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/214207/engl-215-clemson-university in Foreign Language at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
Blankets 7 Question Sheet 1 pp 9 129 7 for us in class on Monday Sept 14m 2009 1 Are Craig s parents stern strict or even abusive Some combination of all three Perhaps we d choose another word What are your thoughts They are all stern and strict and seem somewhat abusive by making Phil sleep in the cubbyhole I believe that Craig s view of his father could of also been a lot harsher than he actually was and ampli ed in the pictures 2 Why does Craig consider himself a pathetic older brother to Phil He always acted better and wiser than Phil even when he was not He did not protect him when he felt he had to 3 Give me some specific reasons that Craig doesn t like or enjoy going to school He is always being bullied at school and his grades are obviously not good seeing that he got an F on the English paper His teacher is not empathetic towards his situation and he has no friends 4 What do you do in your minds on pages like 24 25 which contain no dialogue or narration I see Craig put into the situation of being thrown into the ditch thing by the bullies and then running off to the bathroom where his is angry then he sees himself become and becomes sad then angry again then sad for overreacting 5 Look at the bottom of page 18 last panel and the larger quarter splash on page 31 How does Craig use repetition emphasis and his drawings to reenforce memories his and ours The picture on page 18 foreshadows a dangerous situation This situation is later explained on page 31 where the picture is used again The repetition shows how much the lack of acting like a big brother to Phil has affected Craig 6 What are Craig s two means of Escape from the Real World Craig s two means of escape are running away from home which he is unable to do so he chooses an easier way of escape which is dreaming And later we learn that another escape of his is drawing 7 What does page 44 teach us inform us about Craig Craig using drawing as a way to escape and that when he draws and his brother draws they are connected 8 How does Craig present Sunday school in Chapter 1 Your thoughts Craig presents Sunday school of a place where he feels comfortable and accepted possibly a better type of actual school He doesn t feel threatened by his peers or his teachers 9 Let s look at page 52 What does Craig use his experiences and his drawings to DO on this page Craig shows us that what the teacher talked about in Sunday school appealed to him and that he decided to commit his life to Christ because he strived for the utopian heaven that the teacher talked about The drawings show us how free Craig became after he committed his life to Christ 10 How do the guidance counselor and the pastor try to wield in uence over Craig s future The guidance counselor tells Craig that he is not excelling in school so nothing is going to come of him in life if he cannot excel now The pastor sees that he has no plans and says that the ministry may be the way for him to direct his life 11 What is your take on the adults and their presentation in Chapter 1 of Blankets Adults seemed to be presented as very opposite in Chapter 1 His father the teacher and the guidance counselor all associated with the directed path in life seem to be cruel criticizing and demanding of him The pastor and Sunday school teacher associated with the path in life where he can make his own decision seem to be more supportive and receptive of Craig s thought and feelings 12 Why is Phil and Craig s room so unbearable no matter the time of year and how specifically do the two arrive upon sometimes creative solutions to these issues The house that they live in has a heat circulation ventilation problem that causes it to be very hot in summer and very cold in winter To solve the heat problem they cover themselves in their own spit then convince their parents they are sweating so bad that they need the fan In the winter they would run in place under the sheets to keep warm 13 What is winter s greatest treasure Winter s greatest treasure was the three weeks that they got off from school for Christmas Break 14 Why is Craig so disappointed that Church Camp brings him problems as opposed to the misery he s already used to enduring in secular school He thought that God would one day reward him for putting up with the hardships of secular school He thought he could escape all this at church camp but it turned out to be just like regular school he got made fun of and excluded from the cliques of the popular kids 15 Pages 84 and 85 provide more silent panels Your thoughts Why The silent panels show Craig escaping from his cabin He did not t in and was ridiculed by his cabin mates so he decided to leave and apologize to God for putting away his Bible when he was being ridiculed Ithink this shows his separation in views from the rest of the crowd 16 Why does Craig always seem to apologize to God in at least 5 instances across these rst 2 chapters He apologizes to God because he feels as if he has betrayed him when he has denied Him 17 Provide some speci c examples of The Thompsons poverty They are so poor they employ their own children by having them pick up rocks in elds they are unable to plug in the fan or turn on the heat because it costs too much they are unable to buy their children brand name clothes and they are unable to afford to send Craig skiing during church camp 18 What are some of the speci c ways that Craig does not like groups Craig thinks that you can never agree with the consensus of groups so he never joins them He states that the crowds of people form a threatening undertow undermining your every effort 19 How would you describe Raina to someone who has not read this book How does Thompson draw her Is she beautiful Why or why not Raina is someone that Craig met at church camp because she is an outsider like him Thompson draws her as a beautiful girl but she makes poor decisions When they went back to the cabin she smoked weed which turned Craig off of her 20 Why are Craig and Raina s0 speci cally similar in their dislike for Chapel Services They both do not like to sing one thing which they feel they must do in the Chapel services 21 How is Craig more about personal relationships rather than mass ones He Viewed God as someone Who left the masses to search for the lost and weak which Craig saw that he was The personal idea of salvation appealed more to him than the mass mentality 22 Time permitting let s study page 115 and its subtle use of motions in a 2D format 23 What happens over the course the last 5 pages of Chapter II and what does Craig do for Raina at the end of today s reading assignment Craig lulls Raina back to sleep by caressing her hair Ithink this is the first time that Craig has actually felt really connected to another human being before that shared the same Views as he did Blankets 7 Question Sheet 3 Chapter V pp 262 321 7 for use in class on Monday Sept 21st 1 Give me speci c evidence references of your understanding that Raina has far more grown up responsibilities than most of us did when we were her age teen years from 1318 She has to take care of her two mentally challenged siblings and on top of that watch over her other sister s baby Sarah N How do Julia the older sister and Raina seem to have very differing notions of the term family Give me several brie y detailed specifics from Chapter V to support your points and answers for to this question Raina believes that a family should be together and always look out for eachother Julie doesn t seem to believe that because she marries the first man that she deems suitable She also seems like she abuses the use of her family by always having them watch over Sarah but never giving back like taking care of Ben and Laura E If a book text has a soundtrack for it as Blankets does how does such knowledge illustrate why graphic novels might be on the cutting edge of literary possibilities for the future in literature and publishing Is this type of literature beneath us as collegeeducated men and women Why or why not Ithink that this is on the cutting edge of literature because it blends two creative forms together art and literature I do not think that this type of literature is beneath us in my opinion Thompson has more skill that the average novelist because he has to fuse his artwork with his literature to tell his story 4 Do the adults in Craig s and Raina s lives let him her or both of them down Why or why not What answers can you point to within Chapter V or the previous 4 Chapters to support your points I wouldn t necessarily say let them down in Craig s case because he knows nothing better He never really dreamed of a perfect life because he did not know what such a thing would be like Ithink that in Raina s life her parents have let her down because her life seemed so good before Julie moved out and her parents are getting a divorce The parents seem to now neglect her and use her for by making her take care of Ben and Laura V39 Why are Dave and Julie not ideal parents to Sarah and not necessarily a healthy part of Raina s immediate family They use Raina as a free babysitter almost and seem to just stir the pot of emotions in the family They are not ideal parents to Sarah because they call her 9 gt1 9 50 baby and either leave her in daycare or with Raina Sarah seems to be more of a burden than a child to Julie and Dave How does Raina look at Craig in the bottom panel of page 269 What about page 270 What does Thompson s artistry as a writer and an artist show us his readers here The way that she looks at Craig is admiringly Thompson uses his art to show what Raina thinks of him without the use of words Why do Raina s parents feel like failures Why is their story very hard for us to read Or it is Why or why not Her parents feel like failures because they feel as if they did not do a good job raising Laura and Ben They did not plan for what they would do when they became older realizing that they would never really grow up It is hard to read because the parents are blaming themselves when it is really not their fault What s going on during pages 279 281 Why are pictures NOT really worth the thousand words that the clich s claim they are Raina s dad is taking a picture but the next pages show what happened after the picture Pictures aren t really worth a thousand words because it s impossible to tell what is happening before and after the picture like in this case How does Raina s Mom routinely talk AT Raina Craig rather than to them Your thoughts on this kind of interaction between yourselves and the adults in your own lives She seems like she is doing the least she has to do to be cordial She doesn t really respond to what they have to say or listen to their responses This interaction would make me feel distant from my parents Why does Craig feel like Raina is or has been stronger for Ben and Laura even Sarah than he is or ever was for his brother Phil She seems to have formed a tighter bond with them and sticks up for them in situations She is not afraid of others like Craig is I have a feeling however that if she was bullied at school her confidence would have been broken down like Craig s 11 Craig tells us Since Iwas a child I always felt displaced from my body Thompson 291 What does he mean by this N 4 UI 1 He makes it seem like he has always been on the outside looking in at what he was actually doing He feels as if his body was just a place for his soul and not who he actually was Why is this graphic novel a big deal in the artistic literature and publishing worlds even though most of all of you had probably never heard of Blankets or even the concept of graphic novels before taking this class It seems that this graphic novel is a little more intense then most The themes and plot presented in this along with the pictures doesn t seem to fit the mold of what Ithink of when I think of a graphic novel causing grounds for debate What does Raina mean when she says she believes in God but not in Heaven What does such a debate do for the context of the book and its meanings messages Raina doesn t believe in heaven because she has no faith in the future I believe that this relates to the book because it is impossible to actually tell what will happen in the future it really is the great unknown Is reading books in a strictly literal manner of interpretation a detriment to our minds hearts development spirits and souls What say you Use examples from Blankets or any text we ve studied to date to support your points Reading books for strictly the plot makes is detrimental to ourselves There is more in books than just the plot the themes and messages that the author is actually telling you are not going to be said straight out one has to read deeper than the plot to understand the meaning How do pages 304 306 convey and ILLUSTRATE the turmoil in Craig s heart in relation to his true feelings for Raina His concern shows how important Raina is to him The illustrations of him thinking of Bible verses shows hoever that he does not want to upset God like he did when he drew the picture in his childhood How does Craig sort of write his own Biblical dedication to Raina see pages 308 313 How might we react to such a writing or prayer This shows how thankful Craig is to have met Raina and fallen for her He believes that he has finally found the one person he loves and he thanks God for that How do the ends of Thompson s Chapters all 5 of them actually thus far leave us with a near pure freedom of expression comprehension interaction and interpretation 7 as readers young people audience members onlookers The end of the chapters seems to end on a happy note Craig is enjoying what he is doing and the frame in the book is just about an 18 page frame but in the middle of the page to leave open room for our imagination of what is to happen next Is this literature Why or why not Ireally care about this debate So let me have it Hold no combative arguments back Absolutely if not more than literature Thompson has to interweave his artwork and his story in an intriguing way whereas most authors just have to portray their story in an intriguing way


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