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by: Mr. Cicero Stanton


Mr. Cicero Stanton
GPA 3.98

Ashley Cowden

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About this Document

Ashley Cowden
Class Notes
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This 44 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Cicero Stanton on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 314 at Clemson University taught by Ashley Cowden in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/214209/engl-314-clemson-university in Foreign Language at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
Meeting the Needs of the Audience Chapter 3 Objectives 0 Audience Recognition 0 Defining Terms for Different Audience Levels 0 Biased Language Issues of Diversity 0 Multiculturalism O Sexist Language 0 Audience Involvement Chapter 3 Meeting tile Needs offbe Audience Analyzing the Audience oDrive everything about a communication Oldentifies the interests needs and personality of your receiver Chapter 3 Meeting Elle Needs offbe Audience Specialist 0 Experts in the field of discussion 0 Work experienceeducation comparable to yours 0 Require less detail or background information 0 Do not generally need abbreviationsacronyms de ned 0 Examples Someone in your same field Chapter 3 Meeting Elle Needs offbe Audience SemiSpecialists 0 Familiar with the subject matter but it s not within their primary area of expertise 0 Understand some abbreviations acronyms but not all 0 Require more background information and detail than specialists Chapter 3 Meeting Elle Needs of le Audience I l Lay O Unfamiliar with the subject matter 0 Unfamiliar with abbreviationsacronyms 0 Need more background information and detail than specialists or semispecialists OExamples general audience Chapter 3 Meeting Elle Needs of le Audience Multiple Audiences O Combinations of specialists semi specialists and lay readers 0 Define your terms 0 Provide background information 0 Provide detailed explanations Managers advertising Chapter 3 Meeting Elle Needs of le Audience Audience Analysis 0 Demographics OAge OGender OEducation OGroup affiliations 0 Professional Specialty 0 Cultural background 0 Organizational role Chapter 3 Meeting tile Needs offbe Audience Practice OExampIe Information about a new cancer treatment 0 Doctors OPatients OFamin members Chapter 3 Meeting tile Needs offbe Audience Audience Analysis 1 0 Paula works for a Apple specifically for the IPOD division The company has designed new technology to work with Nike shoes so that the user can keep track of calories distance traveled and listen to music while exercising Apple wants stores to display this concept so that all customers can see how it works Paula39s current assignment is to write the instructions telling how to use the new technology Who are her readers Cha ter 3 Meetin Elle Needs of le Audience P g Answers 0 Manager approval and evaluation 0 Marketing personnel sales interests 0 Consumers and potential users differing backgrounds and abilities need to be considered 0 Store workers who may have to assemble a box for display 0 Quality Assurance This is the one most people miss Their concerns include usability testing and safety 0 Legal Prevent company from lawsuits 0 Nike Chapter 3 Meeting Elle Needs 0ft1e Audience Avoid biased language o No language based on factors such as race ethnicity religion age sexual orientation and disability Chapter 3 Meeting tile Needs offhe Audience Avoid biased language practice The finishing plant was the scene of a confrontation today when two ladies from the morning shift accused a foreman of sexual harassment Marta Maria Valdez a Hispanic inspector and Margaret Sawyer an assembly line worker accused Mr Casnoff of making suggestive comments Mr Casnoff who is 62 years old and an epileptic denied the charges and said he thought the girls were trying to cheat the company with their demand for a cash award Chapter 3 Meeting Elle Needs 0ft1e Audience Answer OThe women were referred to as ladies and girls although it is unlikely that the men in the company are referred to as gentlemen and boys OThe term foreman and all other man occupational titles has a sexist connotation OThe two women were identified by their first and last names without personal titles whereas the man was identified by a personal title and last name only OValdez s ethnicity Casnoff s age and Casnoff s disability were identified although they were irrelevant to the situation Cha ter 3 Meetin Elle Needs 0ft1e Audience P g I l Avoid biased language 1 The mayor opened contract talks with the union representing local policemen O The mayor opened contract talks With the union representing local police of cers 2 While the salesmen are at the convention their wives will be treated to a tour of the city s landmarks OWhie the salespeople are at the convention their spouses Will be treated to a tour of the city s landmarks 3 Our company gives each foreman the day off on his birthday 0 Our company gives supervisors the day off on their birthdays Chapter 3 Meeting the Needs offhe Audience Avoid Commands 0 Respect the audience s involvement 0 Help encourage participation O You must or You should OVs O recommend that or I propose Chapter 3 Meeting Elle Needs of le Audience Ask Questions 0 Be appropriate with tone OManagement Would you consider implementing OSubordinates What are your thoughts about increasing OCustomers What can we do to improve younu Chapter 3 Meeting Elle Needs of le Audience Use Positive Words or Phrases 0 Not I cannot process your request You failed to follow the instructions 0 But Please submit your request using the form on page 7 so we can process your application more quickly 0 Not You failed to deliver the customer s order on time 0 But The customer didn t receive the order on time 0 Not We wasted 300000 advertising in that magazine 0 But Our 300000 advertising investment didn t pay off let s analyze the experience and apply the insights to future campaigns 0 Practice 0 Not You must correct all five copies by noon 0 But All five copies must be corrected by noon Cha ter 3 Meetin Elle Needs 0ft1e Audience P g I l You Usage 0 First person limit the use 0 Second person they see that they are being spoken to 0 Need to use sincerely O Convey empathy 0 Don t use to convey negative information O You are my favorite class but I need you to complete this pop quiz Chapter 3 Meeting Elle Needs offbe Audience Focus on Audience Benefit 0 Emphasize how the reader or listener will benefit from doing as you ask 0 Show how someone other than you benefits from you request or decision whenever possible ONot We are opening the new fitness center on May 1 OBut You may begin working out in the new fitness center on May 1 ONot We are please to announce our new flights schedule from Atlanta to New York which is any hour on the hour OBut Now you can take a plane from Atlanta to New York any hour on the hour Cha ter 3 Meetin Elle Needs 0ft1e Audience P g I l Use personal names 0 Jane can you please work on the July budget 0 Exceptions OUpper Management rarely call CEO by first name don t OOutside the company no first name unless you have relationship OCan t pronounce name Chapter 3 Meetmg tile Needs oftbe Audience Email Example 1 Date Job22 eoogl To Il Iartha Collins cmcollins jonesinocome From Bob Jones bj ones j onesinccomza Subject Assignment of Contra ct Administration Project 1Work to date on the Contract Administration Project has been too slow Your staff must makeup for other departments failures to meet our deadline Here is what you have to do 1 Analyze other operating companies to see howthey create neutrality when administering contracts Demand that our consultants achieve impartiality Develop standards for all operating procedures across all departments Give me a report ilmnediatel upon your conclusion of these requirements JELLO Ni You and your staff must get this right this time Otherwise the companywill suffer severe setbacks in our competitive bidding process Chapter 3 Meeting tlle Needs offbe Audience Email Example 2 Date July 22 2009 To B39Iartha Collins ltmcollinsjonesinccomgt From Bob Jones clojones j onesinccom Subject Assigninth of Contract Administration Project Martha Thank you for accepting the contract Administration Project To accomplish our goal of competitive bidding I need your help Please followthese guidelines with your team 1 Analyze other operating companies to seehowthey ensure neutrality when administering contracts 2 Coordinate our consultants to guarantee that they achieve impartiality 3 Develop standards for all operating procedures across all departments 4 Prepare a report for out advisory team The will need it by the end of the month Your successful completion of this project hilartha will help us unprove all future contract administrations I m con dentthat you will do a great job andI know our company and employees will bene t Bra Chapter 3 Meeting Elle Needs offbe Audience Communicating in the Workplace kggnga 1 Chapter 1 ff 121 Purposes and importance of workplace communication 1395 Internal and external communication in a business 1393 Effective communication to management co workers and subordinates in a bus1ness 1393 Communication channels 1395 Ethical strategies for your oral and written workplace communication Communicating 13912 tIe I lr39rorkplace Commu nication fLiThink of a ball 5158ij 1 mwmawiizg 111 153 Importance of Writing 33 Writing is both a marker of high skill high wage professional work and a gatekeeper with clear equity implications People unable to express themselves clearly in writing limit their opportunities for professional salaried employment 5 Ability to communicate was rated as the most important factor in making a manager promotable Laws 13 wmmmm giu 1554 Workplace Communication 1 Operating a Business CI Getting hired Q Using Time 1 Costing Money Q Getting sued Q Gerber French word for vomiting 1 Umbro new trainers sneakers called the Zyklon gas used by the Nazis 1 Pepsi in Taiwan with the ad quotCome Alive With Pepsi translated into Chinese as Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead 1 CocaCola name in China was first read as Ke kou ke la which roughly translates to Bite the wax tadpole or female horse stuffed with wax depending on the dialect 1392 Building Interpersonal and Business Relationships 1392 Developing Corporate Image and Accountability awe 1 wwywwi gtty fst Business it Followup letters maintain good customer client relations it Memos and email ensure that work is accomplished on time k Progress reports provide documentation that work has been completed it Brochures and iers generate income iilmmwlmwwg aim Wms zws 1 Manuals keep machinery working 1 Resumes get you a job 1 Web sites inform the world about your company s products and services Chapter 1 Communicating 13912 the Workplace Time f Spend around 30 percent of your work time writing y bewgmmwiizgin 153 it Cost of correspondence 20 per letter it Percentage of salary what s 30 percent of your pay 35000 7000 30 time writing 335000 17500 50 time writing f335000 26250 75 time writing 1 Generating income how much money will your sales letter or Web site earn the company Communicating 13912 tIe I lr39rorkplace Chapter 1 Vendor Supervisor External Response Internal Upward Report Hurizontalllmemal Ememal Rama equest Response Customer Service gt Sales Manager gt Documentation Horizontalflnternal External Response Requewnes39wnse External Request Customer chapter 1 Communicating 13912 the Workplace Internal Communication Practice 1395 Identify the direction of communication downward upward horizontal Suggest appropriate types of communication 1393 As human resources manager you want to announce details about this year s company picnic 13953 Downward upward and horizontal memo 1393 As director of internal communication you want to convince top management of the need for an internal executive blog 1393 Upward formal presentation or proposal awn i xgbwimom giu 153 f3 As production manager you want to make sure that both sales manager and finance manager receive your scheduling estimate 3 Horizontal phone call email or IM if As marketing manager you want to help employees throughout the company understand the marketplace and customer needs f3 Downward upward and horizontal blog twitter email newsletter in person small group talks Chapter 1 Communicating 13912 tIe I lr39rorkplace Channels 3 Written Communication J Examples email IM text messaging letters memos proposals websites reports blogs brochures iers resumes 3 Oral Communication 3 Examples interviews training sessions managing presentations video conferencing phone calls performance reviews voice mails team projects Written Communication C smmdnica bewymiswizg in 153 demo Exa lite QWas this written well according to business writing standards 1 Expediency regard for what is political or advantageous rather than what is right promotes self interest Chapter 1 Communicating 13912 tIe Iir39rorkplace QWhat are ethics kWhy does unethical behavior happen QHow do we determine what is and isn t ethical Elf we do what is right for fear of getting caught are we ethical Chapter 1 Communicating 13912 tIe Iir39rorkplace Group Discussion Questions 139 Is it the writer s job to worry about content when asked to write something for their organization it If the rhetorical situation is not ethical should we write the memo report For example advertising political campaigns Why or Why not it If the writer had used people instead of pieces items etc would that have changed his mindset i What are some modern day example of expediency Emma i lgbwyuom giu 153 Ethical Dilemma 1 When the boss says Change it and you have reservations what should you do 1393 You havejust completed a proposal in which you promise to deliver a product to the customer by April 15 You selected this date after checking with the manufacturing department to see when they could guarantee delivery 1393 However when your boss reviews the proposal she says We ll never win this contract with an April 15 delivery date Our competitors are promising to deliver by April 1 You d better change the schedule If we get thejob manufacturing will deliver on time I know those guys They ve probably left themselves a good two week cushion 1 Your boss has been around awhile You respect her judgment and her authority She s probably right but then again you had to lean on the people in manufacturing to get them to agree to the April 15 date You seriously doubt whether they can deliver the product two weeks early without sacrificing quality Should you change the proposal I I QM j begyJJumm iggiu 554 Answer 1 Politely tell your boss that you pressed manufacturing to produce by Apri l and that you are worried about trying to proceed more quickly Raise the question of possible quality problems Mention Murphy s Law anything that can go wrong will go wrong Suggest that your boss talk with the manufacturing department herself If possible avoid getting caught in the middle of a battle between the two departments CI You might point out that the customer might have real problems if you promise to deliver by April 1 and then slip the schedule by two weeks Gently mention that the proposal represents a legally binding contract By signing it your boss will commit the company to live up to all the stated terms and conditions CI If after hearing your arguments your boss still instructs you to speed up the delivery date you should change the proposal You are not legally or morally responsible for your boss s decisions Your ethical responsibility is to present your point of view as honestly and persuasively as possible Elmira j mmrwm jggiu 153 Ethical Dilemma f3 While travelingbon an assi nment that is belng pa1d for y your emp 0 er you V1s1t an area 111 Wthh you wou1drea y hke to hve and work an area 1n whtch you have lots of contacts but never can f1nd t1me to v1s1t on your own because your Job keeps you so usy You have ve days to comp ete our ass1gnment and then you must repoIr on your act1v1t1es You complete the ass1gnment 1n three days 1 1 Should you spend the remainin two days checkrng out other Job poss1b111 1es Wlthout reportlng th1s act1v1ty be M i u MMg in 155 Eaaqwz 1 1 Stealing food from the grocery store f1Telling your boss your pay check was too high fLiTelling your teacher that he or she gave you too high of a grade on a test 1quot xgbwjmmimiiig in Wag f39 as


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