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by: Mr. Cicero Stanton


Mr. Cicero Stanton
GPA 3.98

Ashley Cowden

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About this Document

Ashley Cowden
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Cicero Stanton on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 304 at Clemson University taught by Ashley Cowden in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 89 views. For similar materials see /class/214208/engl-304-clemson-university in Foreign Language at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
English 304 Exam 2 Review Report Accuracy gt Report all of the relevant facts gt Use emphasis and subordination appropriately 0 Not intended to sway the audience gt Gives enough evidence to support your cause gt Don t let personal biases and unfounded opinions interrupt your interpretation Purposes of Reports gt Informing o Relate the facts and events surrounding a particular situation 0 Present the facts alone gt Analyzing 0 Not only presents information but also analyzes it gt Recommending o Presents relevant information interpret it and then endorse a plan Audience Analysis gt Internal versus external audiences o EXtemal tend to need more background information gt Level of knowledge and interest Common Types of Data gt Seconda Data 0 Collected by someone else for some other purpose 7 data may or may not be published gt Primary Data 0 Collected by the researcher I Surveys emails Evaluating Secondary Data gt Before using secondary sources ask these questions 0 What was the purpose of the study How was the data collected Is the source credible How was the data analyzed How consistent is the data with that from other studies How old is the data OOOOO Questionnaire surveymonkeycom 1 Be sure that every question you ask is necessary Your language must be clear precise and understandable The questions need to be neutral Avoid biases by arranging in a logical order Include all the answers by including another category Elk59 6 One idea per question 7 No overlapping categories 8 Demographics Using Graphics gt Show how something looks 0 Photos or diagrams gt Show how to do something 0 Flow charts gt Explain a process gt Show how something is organized 0 Organizational chart gt Display data 0 Tables gt Show trends 0 Line and bar graphs Know when its best to use each Tables gt Shows large amounts of numerical data gt Way to present several variables gt Can handle much more information with precision gt Identi ed by number table 1 Preparing charts gt Save them for presenting important information gt Keep charts simple gt Label all your charts as gures 0 Bar Graphs I Communicate numerical values I Better at showing relative values of two or more items 0 Line Graphs I Shows changes in quantity over time I Plot up to 34 lines on a line graph I Use different colors for each I Begin the quantity scale by zero if possible 0 Pie Charts I Shows relative size of the parts of a whole I No more than ve partssections I Label the slices I Use different colors I Add up to 100 Integrating Graphics with Text gt Text and graphics compliment each other Introduce your graphics in your text State the conclusions you want your readers to draw Include explanations in your gures Place graphics near references VVVV Interpreting the Data gt Prove that your analysis of the data solves the problem gt The 3Step Process Analysis 1 Look at each piece individually 2 Look at each piece of the data in comparison with other bits 3 Synthesize all the information you ve collected Making Sense of the Data gt Determine the implication for all your data gt Look for trends contradictions data that raises questions gt Organize and state so the reader comes to the same conclusion you have Outlining the Report gt Talking Headings vs Generic Headings 0 Progress on Automation Project 0 Findings gt Parallelism gt Length and Number of Headings o 48 words gt Balance 0 Be consistent with your subheadings Introduction Background info What why need for the study Authorization for the report Hypotheses or problem statement and subproblems Purpose and scope Procedures VVVVVV Findings Presentation analysis and interpretation of the data Use subheadings Include tables and gures Report Headings Documentation VVVVV Summaries Conclusions Recommendations gt Summary 0 Recap main ideas of the report gt Conclusions 0 State the take aways 7 what you want them to learn gt Recommendations 0 Give them the next steps Integrating Quotes gt Never startbegin a sectionparagraph with a quote gt Don t ever let a quote stand alone in a paragraph Always have transitions into or out of the quotes 0 EX According to gt Explain how the source material is connected to the rest of the paragraph gt Limit the use of quotations gt Cite paraphrasing 0 Don t have to cite common knowledge or easily veri able info MLA Documentation chapter 10 gt Book 7 internal citation o Author s last name and page o Ailes 89 gt Internet 0 How you alphabetized it on the reference page 0 Salary Survey of Service Industries BizInfo Nd 8 Jul 2001 httpbizinfocom o smith intext gt InterviewEmails o Interviewees last name gt Block Quotes 0 No quote marks 0 Indent o Ailes 89 Resumes A resume is a brief record of one s personal history and quali cations usually prepared by a job applicant The emphasis in the resume should be on the future rather than on the past you must show how your education and work experience prepared you for the future gt Length 0 Recruiters only spend about 35 seconds looking at it o 12 pages depending on qualifications and job applying for I 1 page 85 ofjobs you apply for 0 Easy to read and simple gt Format 0 Simple and easy to read with plenty of white space short paragraphs 0 12 typefaces and sizes 0 Use indentions and bullets 0 Standard paper 8 12 by 11 inches 0 No dark colors 0 Cream or ivory 7 20 pound bond gt 0 NO MISTAKES Content 0 ID Info Name address telephone 0 Job objective I Short summary of your area of expertise and career interest 0 College major degree name of college and date of graduation I When you start your first few jobs education will be you main highlights 0 Jobs held employing company or companies but not complete mailing address or the names of your supervisors dates of employment and job duties I Chronological I Sectioned by skills and experience 0 Special aptitudes and skills I Ability to work with others I Communication skills I Innovation I Trustworthiness and reliability I Honest and moral character I Etc Electronic Resumes An electronic resume is a resume that is stored in a computer database designed to help manage and initially screen job applicants These resumes come from various sources Applicants may gt VV VV VVVV VVV Mail or fac a paper copy of their standard resume which is then scanned into a database Fill out type in an online resume form and submit it Send the resume as an email message Post their resume on the intemet using a bulletin board system a newsgroup or a personal homepage on the WWW Job seeker s resume is potentially available to many employers Job seeker may be considered for positions which he or she wasn t even aware of The initial screening is done by a biasfree computer Employers are relieved of the drudgery of having to manually screen and acknowledge resumes A focused search can be conducted quickly Information is always available until the individual resume is purged form the system usually 6 months USE KEY WORDS for computer Content Guidelines 1 Think nouns instead of verbs Use concrete words rather than vague descriptions Use industry specific words that are commonly used 2 Put in key words in the proper context throughout your resume 3 Do not overuse certain words Offer a fully formatted hardcopy 4 gt Formatting Guidelines bP N I 0 509 o Chapter 12 Create a traditional formatted resume following the guidelines Save the resume a second time as a textonly le ASCII or DOS txt Reopen text le and make any needed changes 7 make sure it s a text le do not change typefaces justi cation margins tabs font sizes and the like do not insert underlines bold or italics do not use horizontal or vertical rule graphics boxes etc Do not divide hyphenate words at the end of a line Change bullets to asterisks or plus signs at the beginning of each line Insert spaces at the beginning of runover lines to make all bulleted points lineup type or name on the rst line by itself use a standard address phone on its own line email on its own line Make the resume as long as necessary 23 pages average for electronic use white 8 12 by 11 inch paper printed on one side only 7 no textured paper submit a clean laserprinted original copy no folds or staples if responding to a job advertisement via email use the job title or reference as the subject Always send the resume in the body of the email message Don t assume that you can attach a wordprocessed document to an email message it may or may not be readable whenever you update 7 make sure you update both versions resumes electronic and networking cover letters interviewing Chapter 13 Employment Interviewing and Follow Up Thank You Notes page 170 gt gt gt gt gt Send a thankyou note within 24 hours Handwritten Use white or cream thankyou note cards Use black or blue ink Mention something speci c from the interview Salary Negotiation gt Do homework on how much you will need gt Look at a monthly budget gt Do some careful research on typical salaries 0 Salary Wizard 7 httpwwwsalarycom o httpstatsblsgovocohomehtm Occupational Outlook Never discuss salary until the end Don t be the first one to bring it up Be able to support with evidence 0 Be reasonable 0 Be alert gt Fringe Bene ts 0 Account for about 1528 percent of salaries 3000month 7 expect 450 840 Vacation 7 no vacation for a year Cell phone Car allowances 7 gas company car Retirement options VVVV OOOOO Acceptance Letter pg 141 gt Reply within 5 days gt Elements of acceptance letters 0 Begin by accepting the position and expressing thanks 0 Identify the job that you are accepting 0 Cover any necessary details I EX completing any necessary paperwork such as insurance forms 0 Conclude by saying that you look forward to reporting for work 0 Convey your enthusiasm and eagerness to cooperate gt Be aware that a job olTer and a written acceptance of that offer constitutes a legal binding contract Resignation Letter page 172 gt Delivering bad news gt Say something favorable about the organization gt State your intention to leave and give the date gt Elements 0 Appreciative opening serves as a bulTer 0 State reasons before the bad news itself 0 Discuss necessary details in an extra paragraph Chapter 12 resumes electronic and networking cover letters interviewing For tomorrow job application assignment DUE THURS feedback from resume and cover letter gr0up deliverable study for test 2


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