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by: Mr. Cicero Stanton


Mr. Cicero Stanton
GPA 3.98

Ashley Cowden

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About this Document

Ashley Cowden
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Cicero Stanton on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 304 at Clemson University taught by Ashley Cowden in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 167 views. For similar materials see /class/214208/engl-304-clemson-university in Foreign Language at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
Chapter 1 Understanding Business Communication Communication is the Sending amp Receiving of messages These messages can come in the form of writing the spoken word or body language Five Components Stimulus gt Event that creates a need to communicate 0 Internal 7 Inside your head 0 External 7 Get through a sensory organ Filter gt The way you View the world 7 In uences 0 Individual Experiences I Personality I Education I Values 7 raising culture etc I Your parents etc Message gt The information you want to communicate Medium gt 3 Types 0 Written Message 0 Oral Message I TalkingampWriting o NonVerbal Message Destination gt Audience 0 The audience decides the success or failure ofyour message 0 Verbal Barriers happen when your message is not Received as you Intended Types of Verbal Barriers gt Inadequate knowledge or vocabulary 0 Know what you re talking about 7 proper terminology 0 Analyzing your audience I ex meaning of shotgun I Being able to communicate clearly and as simply as possible Differences in Interpretation gt Connotation o Emotional meaning of a word 7 what is perceived gt Denotation o Literal meaning of a word Language Differences gt Communicating with audiences where English is not their rst language gt Translation differences Inappropriate use of Expression gt Slang an expression that identi es a speci c group ofpeople gt Jargon terminology used within specialized groups of people gt Euphemism words or expressions that try to make something sound better than it really is Group Project Problem Giving something back to the university gt Identify an area of improvement at Clemson University gt Purpose a solution gt Pick an area that you are really passionate about gt Examples 0 Sports 7 adding new bleachers IPTAY 7 sports advertising 0 Recycling 0 Diversity issues 0 Online book exchange Individual Project Presentation 30pnts gt 34 minutes long gt 4 PowerPoint slides 0 Problem Statement 0 Why this project is a good idea 0 Potential impact 0 Potential deliverable gt Look at departmentarea of concentration s mission statement Deliverable Actual product Any type of business document Some examples web pages instructions promotional materials letters proposals recommendation report gt Manageable within two weeks gt gt Problem Statements pg 142 gt Understand the problem gt Explain to your audience gt Explain the solution VVV V V Speci c Restrictive Integrated and expresses one idea Statement of Believe Value Expectation 0r Goal 0 Represents what the organization is striving to achieve 0 Goal of the organizationdept 7 not the personal belief 0 Go to organization s mission statement sense of longrange plan personal understanding 0 Is this speci c 0 Is this a restrictive scope of in uence and time allocation Statement of Interference o Represents problem or barrier 0 Gets to the root of what you will address 0 Describes something 7 a resource policy procedure etc ithat is lacking 0 Can also address excess andor contradiction Statement of Potential Solution 0 Represents the proposed project Provides the overall scheme for your Plan of Action Describes what you will do Include what you will do and what your end product might be Uses words such as research examine create develop explore study produce design analyze report provide present etc Good Problem Statement 0 Clearly de nes a speci c problem 0 Is restrictive as to scope of in uence and time allocation 0 Starts with a statement of believe value expectation or goal that represents the ideal situation the organization is striving to achieve 0 Provides a potential solution that explains what the proposed project will do to address the problem 0 Follows an ideally however therefore structure 0 Is written before any Proposal is developed 0 O O O


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