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by: Jarvis Reilly DDS


Jarvis Reilly DDS
GPA 3.8

Richard Dull

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About this Document

Richard Dull
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jarvis Reilly DDS on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ACCT 322 at Clemson University taught by Richard Dull in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/214237/acct-322-clemson-university in Accounting at Clemson University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Enterprise System 0 Integrates business processes and information from entire enterprise 0 Helps coordinate the operation of business functions 0 ERP systems are software packages that can be used for the core systems necessary to support enterprise systems Integrate Business Functionality 0 When purchasing equipment the ERP will 0 Provide an electronic order form 0 Apply business rules 0 Routing the order for approvals 0 Sending the order to a buyer 0 Connecting to the supplier 0 Use data to receive goods project funding requirements compare to budget and analyze vendor performance Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Software packages that can be used for the core systems necessary to support enterprise systems They are made up of modules that complement the core elements of the ERP The most common addon 3rd party modules include 0 Customer relationship software CRM builds and maintains a company s customer database The data is aggregated managed and coordinated across the entire organization This helps to unify the company together when dealing with customers 0 Customer selfservice software CSS often an extension of CRS software it allows customers to conduct business or an inquiry without the aid of an employee 0 Sales force automation software SFA automates sales tasks such as order processing contact management inventory monitoring order tracking and employee performance evaluation 0 Supply chain management SCM helps plan and execute the steps in an organization s supply chain including demand planning acquiring inventory and manufacturing distributing and selling the product 0 Product lifecycle management PLM manages product data during a product s life 0 Supplier relationship management SRM manages the interactions with the organizations that supply the goods and services to an enterprise Middleware software that connects 2 or more separate applications or software modules Enterprise Application Integration EAI 0 Used to connect multiple pieces of the enterprise system together 0 Combines processes software standards and hardware to link together two or more systems and allow them to operate as one Application program interface a means for connecting to a system or application provided by the developer of that system or application Enterprise application integrationcombines processes software standards and hardware to link together two or more systems and allow them to operate as one Enterprise services bus uses standardized protocols to let eventdriven applications communicate less expensively than can be tightly coupled synchronous EAI platforms Eventdriven architecture an approach to designing and building enterprise systems in which business events trigger messages to be sent by middleware between independent software modules that are completely unaware of each other Business process management modeling automating managing and optimizing business process often used interchangeably with business process management Business process management systems systems for modeling automating managing and optimizing business processes often used interchangeably with business process management Business event a meaningful change in the state of the enterprise such as creating a new employee record submitting a purchase order to a vendor receiving payment from a customer picking goods from the warehouse and delivering them to the shipping department and revaluing inventory Enterprise Service Bus ESB 0 Uses standardized protocols to let eventdriven applications communicate in a lessexpensive manner than can be tightly coupled Enterprise Systems Value Chain 0 Enterprise systems facilitate value chain management 0 The value chain is the system of activities that transform inputs into outputs valued by the customer The goal of an organization is to add the greatest value with the lowest costs thereby increasing competitive advantage The Value of Systems Integration 0 One of the values provided by an enterprise system is the coordination of value activities in the value chain 0 The system performs this coordination by sharing data across business processes Major ERP Modules 0 Sales and Distribution 0 Records customer orders Shipping Billing Connections to I Materials management module I Financial accounting module I Controlling module 0 Materials Management 0 Acquisition and management of goods from vendors I Purchase order preparation I Receiving I Recording invoice o Interacts with I Sales and distribution module I Financial accounting module I Controlling module 000 0 Financial Accounting 0 Plays a central role in an ERP system and incorporates data from other modules into general ledger accounts and financial statements 0 Business events from other modules such as SD and MM are incorporated by the FI module into the general ledger accounts and included in the external account statements the balance sheet profit and loss statement and statement of cash flows 0 The Fl module also includes accounts receivable and accounts payable functions to record and manage that data directly and to complete events begun in the SD and MM modules 0 Controlling and Profitability Analysis 0 Handles internal accounting including I Cost center accounting I Profitability analysis for sales I Activitybased accounting I Budgeting 0 Human Resources 0 Recruiting management and administration of personnel 0 Payroll processing 0 Training and travel 0 Benefits 0 Reports Order to Cash Process I sale of goods to a customer I the recognition of the revenue I collection of the customer s payment I Steps Presales activities Sales order processing Pick and pack Shiping Billing Payments OOOOOO Purchase to Pay Process I Purchase of goods from a vendor I Recognition of the cost of those goods I Payment to the vendor I Comprises all activities from the purchasing process I Steps 0 Requirements determination Purchase order processing Goods receipt lnvoice verification O O O 0 Payment processing


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