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by: Jarvis Reilly DDS


Jarvis Reilly DDS
GPA 3.8


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jarvis Reilly DDS on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ACCT 202 at Clemson University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/214239/acct-202-clemson-university in Accounting at Clemson University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Chapter 1 Budget A detailed plan for the future that is usually expressed in formal quantitative terms p 3 Business process A series of steps that are followed in order to carry out some task in a business p 11 Constraint Anything that prevents you from getting more of what you want p 12 Controlling The process of gathering feedback to ensure that a plan is being properly executed or modified as circumstances change p 3 Corporate social responsibility A concept whereby organizations consider the needs of all stakeholders when making decisions p 17 Decision making Selecting a course of action from competing alternatives p 3 Enterprise risk management A process used by a company to identify its risks and develop responses to them that enable it to be reasonably assured of meeting its goals p 9 Financial accounting The phase of accounting that is concerned with reporting historical financial information to external parties such as stockholders creditors and regulators p 2 Lean Production A management approach that organizes resources such as people and machines around the ow of business processes and that only produces units in response to customer orders p 11 Managerial accounting The phase of accounting that is concerned with providing information to managers for use within the organization p 2 Performance report A report that compares budgeted data to actual data to highlight instances of excellent and unsatisfactory performance p 4 Planning The process of establishing goals and specifying how to achieve them p 3 Segment A part or activity of an organization about which managers would like cost revenue or profit data p 3 Strategy A company39s game plan for attracting customers by distinguishing itself from competitors p 8 Theory of Constraints A management approach that emphasizes the importance of managing constraints p 12 ue chain 7 The ma ur buuness runebuns that add wine in a cumpany s pmdurls and sermees such as resmren and devalupmaupmduc1 desigu nanumunng madreung dlsmbuuun and Uslnmer sermee p 11 cmpterz Aunumanal isrAm d n eu hehamnrmwmnhanaccuumxs elassrded as enner mable ur xed bused un me analyst s pnur knuwledge urnuwme Bust m me accuunlbehaves p 32 Anivilyhase e A mswe ufwhateva39 muses me meurrenee ura mable EDSL Fur example due Mal Bust qurmy lm m a husp zl wru mumse as me number qurmys 39aken mermses T ererure me number qurrays 15 me aeuvny base that Explams m Mal EDSL qurray lm p 25 Adminislnvjw cum 7 All exeeuuve urgamzahunal and clanml Busts assunated wnn me gmeab managEmEnl uran urganzauun mLhBr man man manu39ae1unng ur seumg p 23 Cumndmsd rm cum 7 Investments m nhues equipment and E351 urgamzzuuml skudure that an be sxm mn y redueed even rur shun penuds urume wnhuul mabnng damemzl ebanges p 28 Cnmlmn can 7 A EDSL that is meurred tn suppun a number ur EDSL ub 315 but that camut be uaeed tn unem mdmdually Fur example we wage EDSL unne pxlul ura 747 abrhnens a eummun Bust ufall unbe passengers un me am WthnuthepxluL mere uld be nu mm and nu passengers But nu pan unne pllul s wage 15 mused by any une passenger taking me mm p 41 Cnnm39hmjnn zppmachr An meume statement funnel at urgamzes Busts by unerr behavmr Casts are sepamledmm vanableand xed mtegunes raunerbban bang separated mm prudud and penud Busts fur enenab repumng purpuses p 4n mm mm embed rem Sale suuuu 5 Hanan Cdnmnmdnuu sunu 5mm m euuu um Sewn dmmmmm ecu s a 531m Am mun Mm mwawe 4 uuu sum 7 suuu m Dunmg berm me g 2593 m a rmmslnuve 15m Anna ue 999nqu name 5 man w manmadurvw mum ueemmumemumuu bm LAiomivanibhcosli luchal usd malsnak mrscl beer nndnnbhuwmaad Indium atmava Auchu xn mum mum momem 7mm 0mmhrmnuhcmrmgcampnaiwmbeEw aud u vmmvdmmn mumrumemuquot expanseshavebeen deducted p 4n Cmmsinn cm 7 Duect labur em plus manufaemnng Warhead Bust p 24 cm hehavim rThewzym whth acustreads m changes m melevel ufacuvxty p 25 cm Classi cauunsr Purpose 0 Com clas 39 iczllon Cost Ciassi mlions Pvepzumg sx erna hnanma ondud costs mvemanemm sxalemems men mammals Drre mm Manuiammmg overhead p emchangasm waed cos cons ammtma My waed any has meme and xed element Fredm ng cost behavmr m Vename can pro ovuona m acwny vespuns ee Asswgmng cosisto cost omens mm can can be eas ytraced is dspanmsms alproducis ndwrecicost cannmbe sas yhaced Making dem smne Meyerma com um vs Mean anemmwes Sunk cost past cost no a emed by a demsmn Opponunuy 505 means bensm cm abject Anymng fur whth em data are demea Examples ufcust abjects are prududs Eustuma39s1ubs and pans ufthe urgamzatmn such as depanmems Dr dxmsmns P 4 cm nfgnm lssnldr A I 11 my g m u mmcmmlnc l39vudmw mmlmmhsc Ume mlxl 39 nneuum xm39exmm cm Structurer The relative pmp um un af xed vznable and mixed Busts m an urgamzatmn p 25 szmdentvariahler sznable Lhatrespundstu seme causal factur tutal custxsthe depmdent vanable as represented by the letter 1 m the equanun Ya AX p 2 Differential can VA mfferenee m custbetween twu anemauves Alsu seelncremenml cos p 41 Differm alrwennerThe differmcemrevenuebetwem twu anemaaves p 41 P 41 Alsu calledmuchlabar p 22 Busts ean be eanvenenuy traced a n p 22 Discrajnnary xed can 7 Thuse xed Busts that anse earn annual densmns by managementtu Spend an eenan xed Bust nams suen as advemsxng and research p 28 Engnaa ng appmaen VA detailed analysis uf cusL behzvmrbased an an mdusmal ufthepncesufthusemputs p 32 inversely wmn Lhelevel afaeamy p 27 Himan mahan e Annemaa ufsepzranng amxed Bust mm as xed and vanable elemems by analyzmg the change m cusL betwem the nan and law aemncy levels p 35 y x I 7 Pikii mnblems ShpLonhelm Run X a may e rmxed costs mm me highrlow manna begm by d mqu WM me owes mm at actwny and we penod mm we mghe mun ea as me my pmm m we abave lemma am e penod mm Me mghest actw ny s se ected as me secand pmm sonseqaemy me ormu a becomes CINMmama me wexecm wlvmel W quotMe 1 a me Uwa L Hugh aclmly mm 7 Law nemuv mm or lt museume AILAUh39uM 7 mm mailml lncremmml cm rAnmmeasem custbetweentvm altanauves Alsu seen mmal cos p 41 ludzpendenlvar39nhlz r A mans that acts as a sausa rasma amvnyxsthz nudependent variable as xepuszn39zdbythz asusax mm suuausmy u 5X p 22 lndinclcuslr A casuhatcammbe sasayanusamsmmuyuassum aypeu edcast mesa p 41 lndincllzhurr Th2 labax casts ufaammas supemsms mauaaaas handlers amusmsa fanmywmkexs39hatcammbe cmvemen ykacedtapamculu pmch p 22 mum mmr39nk r Smau aums afmntenal suuh as gus auumaaas 39hatmaybe an mugal pan uf a mshsu pmducL but whnse casts annual be sasay a cmvemen y uassuus at p 22 lnvenlur39nhlz cusls r Synmym fax prath casts p 24 Leaslrslums ngnsn39nl medmd r A me39had af separaung a max ed cast mm as xed andvanahle usmsms by mng a asgsssm hne that rmmrmzes ms sum arms squared 211915 F 27 Limacuslhehzvinrr Castbehavmz as saauua be amsa whenever a suaaganams as a xensamble appxaxxmauanfm ms asaaumbsmsmsm and activity p 22 ufacuxmgcasls amp xectmntenals an Manu tluring uverllzad VA man u uaasa labax Manufacamng avexheadmcludesxtzms suuh as xndnrectmatuxals m xect labm m mmemnce andxepms smpaauanam suaaapmsm p 22 Mixed 115er casnhntcmtams bmhvanable andfxxedcastelemmts p m y h In mumwmum 1 Tm mm mm UM Thuwm thJuM ma mumnuamluummum The mamw pcv mm my mm m masumau m hnv Tha um u m m Oppununily cusl r The paunhal bsmm mans gven um when am ammauvs as ssasmu aver mum1 p 42 Perind mslsr Caststhat are taken duenjyta ms mam statement as Expenses mm psmsuamwmshmsy are msumu a accrued p 24 Primemseruectmaunals castplus xectlabm cast p 24 Product costs All costs that are involved in acquiring or making a product In the case of manufactured goods these costs consist of direct materials direct labor an EXHIBIY 24 Summary or CostTems MamaAluer cut Alo IM menu tor mme quotmumu WingIn Dine quotmural mmmm Mnnulclullng amma Manuals mmquot um mint m an in anyway N1 mnnn mnnmamunna a mnvanlnn y traced in m mummyth to a a 2 IBM mum such mm u pm m such ugass mb mm a table 39 moneys in a pm mm mm as mduam materials imm39 Bmmsttmas mad mm mm ram mm mmmgm aeprgqmmn m mamy nunamqs and immst pm cm canme a Nmmm nmrhi own Am allA rum Cull 5Han um mumm cam mm can mum cum Measunsmssmymsawm mg ms at cmamnr mm m as m m Mmemsm mths QWPDUV quotNaked mam amth in a x thewammnvlihd nsg ls 39cnmvensatln ysm tweth mush must a mnuupmnntmummwsw minimum and Mans1 as n sq l m walehausu verhead Also see Inventoriable costs p 23 Raw materials Any materials that go into the nal product p 126 Relevant range The range of activity Within which assumptions about variable and xed cost behavior are valid p 28 Selling cosm All costs that are incurred to secure customer orders and get the nished duct or service into the hands of the customer A company also incurs costs for heat and light property taxes insurance depreciation and so forth associated With its selling and a 39 39st ative functions but these costs are not included as part of manufacth overhead p 23 Sunk cost A cost that has already been incurred and that cannot be changed by any decision made noW or in the future p 43 Variable cusp A Bust that vanes m mm m uent pmpumumu changes m the level uf aan A vmable mg is cunstzntperumt p 25 Km Y i 1 Run 7 To ana yze mwxed cams mm the highrlaw me md begm by denmymg the penod mu the man mm or amwny and me penod mm m mgnem enod wwth my men acmy s sexema as m Nude and Me penod mm m mghest amva 5 Down Ccr equen y he omma becomes Variable ms Slope of the line r cw at mu m mmlv mm 7 m cuvny law Cman m ml Kvnume Um 77 L nmgs m mmly Chapter 3 B39mkrzvenpnintr Thelsvei ufsaies atwhchpm ns zem p 73 Break39Even In um Sales Ina singie pmduclmmaiizm recaii Mai me iommia or the um saieS la attain a speci c iargei pram is Um kilicgtnv1ilulnhe Lime pm To ccmpmeme mm saies a tweak even aii w iargei prom m lens in me e have in do is m sei the above equation as oiiuws Um mini iv break evtn to Fwd 3pm inuM Fixed mpmem i cwuxm my 7 L n i ii 11 mm Erenkvacn in Saiu Baum Wecanimi ebwak aiwm eenpmmnum i m neemaic enod n H aw hmmuitmi y i m gtltiimgymrn mnzt mmnmv so me gmquot pm in we doiia39 using Ihs app39cah Amid ampuimaasmcpmhm x5250 pampzakcrmsm nm at sales an m scive Va we nreaxeeveu paw n sai s em a Accushn mm using me hagic pm emum 521m mums mm 1 me mnvqn mmorwc Lan uszmn mum Varmc a39gni 3mm Again iarmevn wewiii usaiiVeiavaia nmexpm Fm xi rum M mm m mm mm 7M m Duiimmie n u innlgi mum Uni m nhlmkmur 01 m Cumihuu39m margin m n CM m n VA mun cumputed by Building cunmbuilun margn by dullarsaies p 78 The contribution margin as a percentage or saies is reierred H a i contribution margin min CM ratio This valin l5 computed as luiiaws ClIiIiHNiilUl nlmviu CM mllo t Sli CM mm x Umngc in mm Chnngr m cnnmhuhun mmgm Prom CM ram x Sa es 7 Frxea expensesi m VJwbk Arum um m mua u a mu uauam39 Mum m cm mun w mm W suamas um Lummmm mmquot H 7m cm Hun n My Khmn Vrlt M mm mm 7 7mmer mm Cunrvulumzrpm l CW guy A graph xepxesemanan afthz mummps bum m mm om mm m and mm an m an mm and 5 sales W 5 Inmeanthz a An even smp er harm 0 mg cw graph wmch we as a prom graph 5 presenled m 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sany 7 The excess ufbudgeted Dr actual duller sales ever he breakssvm dullzrsales p 85 Ma 1 mhm mum u we ml mr stva sum 7 meerw ems The margm or samy can a sa be expressed m pememage mm by dmdmg me mavgm m samy m doHars by 315 duHar sa es n v mm mm mm M M MW quot W Wm werm mm mm M m m muss Tm Opnu39nglevnge VA measure ufhuw sensmve net uperanng meme 5 m a gven percentage ehsnge m duller sales p 88 39 w cumputed by expressing the sales uf each mam as apercentage mum sales p 91 target pm t p 83 The Equatinn Method We can use a basw prom equsncn w hm we sexes va ume reqmrEd w anam a target pram In the case m Acausne Me a pen hasan yene y umsnwe muse he comnbunan margm ra equanon Remembenng mm Me target pmrms mnlheunwccnmbuncn margmws warm e x expense 5 3500 we can sche as VoHaws Plum Lmuvm x Q7 mmweme Mum mm X g e wmm Nlm gtlt Q 7 mm w 000 Q 7 Mum w mm 7 mo n The Formula Methnn The lemma mama 5 a 5mm versmn on us on memed Nme mat m m nex to he as hne of m above somucn me sum m m urgm mam 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