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by: Dr. Patrick Ernser


Dr. Patrick Ernser
GPA 3.69


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Patrick Ernser on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AG M 205 at Clemson University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see /class/214248/ag-m-205-clemson-university in Agricultural Economics And Business at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
BEEF COW Production By Will Hodges Black steers ready for market History All breeds stem from one ancestor the Aurochs 1st domesticated in Europe and Asia during the stone age Around 55 BC Romans reported seeing red cattle in southwestern England Red Devon cattle are considered one of the oldest breeds In 1623 two Devon heifers and one Devon bull were imported to Plymouth colony from Britain Texas Longhorns stem from ancestors brought to America by Explorers Other breeds first imported into America include Angus Hereford and Shorthorn Today the US leads the world in beef production supplying 25 of the worlds beef with only 10 of the cattle There are over 900 different breeds Most of the beef cows in the US are crossbreeds South Carolina According to the USDA National Agr Statistical Service South Carolina Texas In 2003 SC produced 210000 o In 2003 Texas produced cattle 5483000 cattle In 2004 SC produced 218000 In 2004 Texas produced cattle 5489000 cattle This equals a 381 increase This equals a 05 decrease SC ranked 34th in the nation in Texas ranked 151 in the nation beef production in 2004 in beef production in 2004 Provided 66 of nation s total Provided 1689 of nation s beef total beef Today beef production in the US is a 38 billion industry OUTLINE History South Carolina s Impact Farm Management and Day to Day Operations Land Requirement Feeding and Seasonal Operations Processing Regulations and Product Quality Common Diseases Our Farm Equipment and Marketing Personal Farm Experiences Cattle Black Cow amp Calf Pair Farm Management Farm Management M Heifers Calves Amon solae Pre alylng Pre aratlon Pre eedlng Preparation r m p r m approxlmately 0 days 30 60 days prlor to prlor to calvlng reedlng s ason eedin Soundness Exam al Bulls Vaccinate all bulls Vacclnate all cows Demorm De39Worm External Parasite Control External Paraslte Co I Prebreeding Preparati Vaccinate a cows Day to Day Operations Prod ct Quality ore youthful Callie of the enellcally fem muscle mnlmlz stress nt anuscular Injecllon a la 5 SIS S tel IO l L ause It IS the quot1051 16 ran ha 13 u lackot les oslerone Regulations Regulations Food Safet amp Insection Service FSIS r s to develop better HACCPs Hazard Analysis amp Critical Control Points Deals with all types and different cuts of beef and poultry Beef Bones Fleulations 1997 Deals with bones being in different meats Made December 15quotquot 1997 Laid before Parliament December 15quotquot 1997 Went into effect December 16 quot 1997 L nd Requirements Sullicient water amp1 d resources Prelerably llat and w holes Woods are important lprovide shade shelter and seclusio Must be lenced in completely Feitilized and Sprayed lor weeds Bushhogging is an optionl Junk such as old boards with nails sticking out should not be lound on the and Wild Cherry Trees should either be watched closely or cut down Land should be allowed to rest alter a couple years ol heavy grazing Sufficient Field With Water Common Diseases Calf Scours Internal Parasites External Parasites Black Leg Foot Rot Pinkeye Pneumonia and shipping fever L t ep 0 Brucellosis Coccodiosis Pasture Bloat Feeding Major lood source is grass Hay is required during the winter months and sometimes during the summer mont s Barley oroats are good substitutes when grass is low During the winter months when lood is short buying hay or cutting backo 39 cattle you have are an option Minerals should be provided regularly Sweet leeds shouid be used to latten and lure cows Sweet leed can also be used during the earlier stages ol grth to increase size an stature Creepleeding is a good way to allow smaller calves that have not been weaned yet access to leed Seasonal Operations Warmer Months Cooler Months Making sure cattle have water Making sure cattle have water and lood and lood Usually this is when hay crops Puttin ou are cut and baled Checking pregnant cows accin n Good time to mend any luture pro ems you see in your lences Spraying and leitiliz WSW b JSh39hOQQ39nQ can make the sick easier Maintenance on machinery Hauling ol young calves Common Diseases rtS 39 9Pt0 Caused b the contagious A corkscrew like bacteria that virus papi lomavirus causes abortion Can be removed by vaccines Vaccination should be done or sur er annually 30 to 60 days belore Pasmre Bloat I 5221 ol the most atlg 39nd39gesnon m me common diseases in the last To prevent no more th n 50 535 ol a lield should be alla a or M clover Use dr 39oughage and rotational hay Hydration and antibiotic treatment Common Diseases Coccodiosis Caused by a single cell parasnte Causes epithelial tissue to deteriorate Can cause death Must separate infected cattle from the rest of the herd Pneumonia and Shiin Fever Caused by cold weather and stress during weaning and hauling during cold weather Do not haul cattle when it is really cold M Is an infection of the foot that results from nails other foreign objects in the hove or consistent standing in water Causes cattle to hobble and limp Very painful for the cow Could possibly cause cattle to die Black Le Causes swelling of the muscles and sudden death lnfects organs of cattle Caused by an acute infection Warts Calf Scours ampFoot Rot Monthly Infection of Worms SEASONAL EGG OUTPUT OF STRONGYLS IN NORTHERN PLAINS CATTLE Cows Not Dewormed During the Fall DCalves Cows Eggsgram 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jum Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Months Common Diseases Internal Parasites Worms and parasites that cause diseases Treatments lvomec Albendazole Fenderdazole Oxferdazole Takes time for these vaccines to exit the system before slaughter Not to be used during the first months of pregnancy External Parasites Horn Flies Face Flies Ticks Lice Mites Stable Ringworm Treatments Dust bags lnjectibles Pourons insecticides immature wonus mm into nu mums g wwms Mature ln digmm mast whm adult worms lay 999 I Came ml lulama I 3mm mm is r m inmcnve Ire51am l39 Finn Evin was at lslA am Endstage lam lin mm tall Above is a picture of a calf with worms and the life cycle of worms References Interview Keith Hodges Hidden Branch Farm wwwscnetworkcom wwwhmsoov wwwdetsttuinfoedu wwwcattletodainfo Angus Beef Bulletin Progressive Farmer Questions about the Presentation or my Farm


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