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by: Dr. Garrison Mohr


Dr. Garrison Mohr
GPA 3.87

Zijun Wang

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About this Document

Zijun Wang
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Garrison Mohr on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CP SC 462 at Clemson University taught by Zijun Wang in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/214260/cp-sc-462-clemson-university in ComputerScienence at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
CpSc 46266 atahase Management S tenrs DBMSi TEXNH Approachi Introduction James Wang i What is DBMS Attribution v Matenaisan iecture notes inthscmrse are a apte trom varims sauna incimm n amms m muexramx am mmncas irterret mstrmtor s persmai notes instrmru svrrmas an tiheinstrmtuhastne tuattrihmeaii aumrsmrm cause matenais eiiyouthnkthatthemstmctormayweriouk sunetmng pieaseteiitheinstrmu as DBMS Applications a Database is amrtegrate cuiiectmn data that mmeis a reaiwori enterprise I meseg smounspmms smimamnpsog Jare mm carom or Database Management System nansps a s twepackag esig re tu store and manage databases w Must namm DBMS systems are Beiznnmi Daabase rrs anineamssiHe iishamtn magmettrziany database was desmed mm mm m a n beamssm mime x Registranm Syslm mm Managmn swam Vnormarmp rmwumm Mme es Course Objectives 39 Wm WWW mine hw em mimetheMarress tmtna ngnend sciam cap imiimssmras anagemc binrmdicai mam u Datasets immasing in diversity am mom 6 Dgnai names Memoe pagan mm an s nan IDS iarguages thmry rmiirreda ingic wastes phsar mtahasereiate Why do westudy DBMS mmnmeua rm innannaeutunnnunieo upmunneimne um muunnam aumnmm mmnneiunnnunietn nelaneiltnn maaunmmmmuam n me o u m mnmv mm W immune sail a nuewme mm mam aaanaeuuarw quotunmintnn m e impmwnniln wnttennnrnrnuniutnn mummuun wnttenlnnnniurzpnlunnntmeirumhtx Instruction Approach a The problembased instruction approach TEXNH will be used in this course i Students are expected to learn database concep s rough a semesterlong multimedia database project t Specifically students will be required to implement an online multimedia database ys m MeTu e while learning the theories and techniques throug ec ures MeTube system is essentiaiiya modified yersion orthe popularYouTube system http WWW youtube com a The modificallol i to VouTube system includes adding the 39 Support of more media types inciuoing graphics ooiects Videojudlojl id animation oiips Phase 1 Database Design to identify system requirements 3 Finish the conceptual design of the database using ER model 0 Concepts and techniques 8 Business requirement identi cation 8 Design speci cation t Data modeling 8 ER model and diagram Phase 3 SQL Queries 0 Design complex SQL queries to retrieve information from the multimedia database 0 Evaluate and optimize the queries 0 Theories and techniques t Convert English queries into the corresponding sta ements O Execute the queries on the multimedia atabases using command line interface and phpMyAdmin 3 Performance evaluation and and query optimlza Ion Explore the YouTube and COMET systems MeTube System Development and Class Topics 0 The entire instruction is centered with the development of the semesterIon multimedia database project MeTube t The database concepts and techniques will be acquired through the course of solving the prob ems faced in the MeTube system development a Feedbacks ofthe intermediate project results will help detect the problems i The entire course consists of 6 integrated p ases in whic newtheories or techniques will be learned along with the project a development Phase 2 Relational Schema and T ble Des gn 0 Convert conceptual designs into relational schemas and then desi nth actual database tables for the eTube system 6 Theories and techniques t Relational data mode relational tables and their properties 0 Normalization 0 SQL Ian uage 0 MySQL database management system 3 Question 6 howto store the multimedia data for the MeTube system 0439 QC Phase 4 Web Interface Design t Design the web interfaces to retrieve information from the MeTube database I Retrieve information from the MeTube data ase and properly present the information online 8 Techniques I Web Server H39I39I39P and forms I HTMLXHTML t PHP MySQL database access through PHP 0 Web script for multimedia presentation Phase 5 Testing and Improvement W t Improve the MeTube system It Evaluate the system performance 0 Optimizethe database and PHP program u Concepts and techniques U Test case design 0 System optimization 8 views triggers and stored procedures General Information 0 Class web39 nttp WWW cs clemson edulzwang08m462cpsc462 ntm u Class hours 0 200 PM 315 PM Tuesday and Thursday I Classroom 0 119 McAdams Hall t Of ce hours 1200 PM 200 PM Tuesday and Thursday or by appointment I QampA I Send questions to jzwangcscemsonedu or post questions on discussion board Grading Policy I Midterm Exam 20 Coverthe contentstudled In flrsthalf ofthe semester 0 Final Exam 20 A comprehenslve exam on content Studled m tne entlre semester c Quizzes 20 Upto ten qulzzes WIII be glventhroughoutthe ester v Project 40 Ateam ot2 or3 studentswlll be asslgl led to lmplemerlt a MeTube System Penalty Points 10 The lnstructormay penallzethose who fall to attendthe classwlthout lrlstructor sapproval Each tardywlll resultll l l penaltypolnt Grading A907100B80789C70779D60769F ea 59 The scale may be curved down at tne end ofthe semester I ch0662 Students more requlremerlts on protect and addltlorlal questlons m exams Phase 6 Demo Presentation and Final Report 0 Students need to give an oral presentation about their projects O Students need to give a demonstration to the instructor 0 Students need to submit a nal report to discuss their project t ER diagrams o Queries I Design consideration I Implementation details C etc Attendance C It is very important to attend the class since the lecture contents may be drawn from sources internet technical manual etc other than the textbook It Failure to attend the course most likely leads to missing some information that won t show in lecture notes or textbook Textbook and References 0 An Introduction to Database Systems Eighth Edition C J Date Addison Wesley 2004 ISBN 0321197844 Textbook Fundamentals of Database Systems Fifth Edition amez masri ham ant B Navathe Addison Wesley 2007 ISBN 0321369572 0 Database Systems The Complete Book First Edition Hector GarciaMolina Jeffrey D Ullman JenniferD Widom Prentice Hall 2002 ISBN 0130319953 t Database Management Systems Third Edition aghu Ramakrishnan and Johannes ehrke McGrawHill 2002 ISBN 0072465638 Website and Blackboard httpllwwwcsclemsoneduljzwangl0901462lcpsc462htm httpllbbclemsonedu t Check website or blackboard regularly for latest announcements updates and assignmen s o All lecture notes and assignments will be site and blackboard before or after the class 0 Useful links will be posted up there too 039 a Important Issues 0 A successful project is the essential part of the success in this class O Start the project from the rst day t Ask questions if you have any doubts on anyt 39 0 Tests will be limited to those content discussed in the classroom


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