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Introduction to Computing Using Java

by: Lacey Collier

Introduction to Computing Using Java CS 1110

Marketplace > Cornell University > ComputerScienence > CS 1110 > Introduction to Computing Using Java
Lacey Collier
GPA 3.84

D. Gries

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About this Document

D. Gries
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lacey Collier on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 1110 at Cornell University taught by D. Gries in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/214332/cs-1110-cornell-university in ComputerScienence at Cornell University.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
We also look at htmL since c 100J 2 December 2008 d Applets we need it to use applm Onlme Course Evaluations S Applications an Read Chapter 16 oi the text Top nalists from a reallite Dilbert quotes oonLesLquot Completing the online course evaluation for C81 110 As ofLomonow employees Will be able Lo access the building only using is apm of me mum It mums the same amoum PchureE Will l ees will receive their cards in Lwo weeks Fred Dales MlcrosofL toward your nal total weighted score as a quiz l need an exacLllsLofspecl c unimown problems we mlghL encounter Lykes Please ample m Lines Shipping Ernatlr noLLo d 0 pass on information or data ltshould be used You received an email about it with the web address onl torcorn an business Accounun mans en Electric BoatCorn an Thy P y 1 gm 1 P y Engineenng started onllne evaluations In about 2004 Now L m L L L m L 5 We 5 5 quotquotP We a 6 my a e We quotquotP AampS S and HE also do it and there will be ON39E site lnLel39fere With it AdvertisingMarketing manager united Parcel Service for all courses Togetherness Pl wtm w r U l Corpomhon Executing Java programs outside the DrJava lnteractions pane public elm CLAS Every Java program is either an application or an applet public static void mainsmng 1 args A Java application needs Publicchssm aclass with arnet od rnain that is de ned like public static void rnain5tnng args 39h395 To start the application gt 001 gt memdma ms ed gt dir Causes method call list of les CLAS rnairnull e parameter an array of Strings can be used to pass information into the gt Java CLAS m be med program Taniinal window 3 can type java CLAS in Dr ava lnteraaions pane jar tile Java Archive tile Standalone Java programs like tar le Tape Archive le Suppose imagesjar contains a Java application Contains among other things 1 class les 2 a manifest which says which class has method main It has a class with a static pmcedum main and its manifest name the class 39Execute it by double clicking its icon in a directory M at 39Execute it by typing Alist of passengers or an invoice of cargo for a vehicle iiquot 39139 images139 as a ship or plane in a terminal window or DOS or commandrline window Creating a jar le 1 Navigate to the directory that contains the class les 2 Create a text le x mf that contains one line with a lineafeed Mainrdass ltname of clas 3 In the directory type jar rcmf xmf appjar class Inspecting jar les jar etf images jar List the contents of jar e type list We name of jar le Create Manifest name of narne of le expands to manifest le to create name all the class les 7 s Applet a java Enng that can be called An html HyperText Markup Language le from awe page in your browser lthtmlgt ltheadgt ltutlegtlust a udeltutlegt lt1headgt public elm c 4001 public static void maln5mng args ltp alrgn centerlgtltl3gtDerno Links and lrnageslt1rgt ltlpgt ltp is application Four inherited procedures irnport jamswing public clasAemendsJApplet Callele initialize Public voidxmto calledto start processing pu be void star Pnbnmidmpm calledto stop processing calledto destroy resources applet just before killing the applet gtThl lta href http lwww cs cornell educourseslcleO20055p gt 21lnkltlzgtltlpgt ltpgtThrs lta href http H wcs corne e ucoumescleOJ20055p target blanklgtlrnkltagt opens a new wrndow4pgt m m 2 11quot Page ltheadgt start the heading ltPgtEel w 5 a quotquot256 lt1 lttitlegt the htle tor the page ltpgtltirng srcll lilbertcurye pngquot ltb dygt start the body mm r r content ofthe page height 352 gt ltpgt begin a paragraph dig ltagt begin a link ltlhtmlgt ltirnggt begin an image m An html llyperText Markup Language le tmlgt gs ltheadgt lthtmlgt start an html page ltmlegtF2cultyAppletltlt1tlegt 41ml mm me 1162de ltlheadgt lttitlegt the atle tor the page ltp 21lgn center gtltEgtThlEltEgt is body pm me body comm an ltlgtAppleUltllgt of the page 4pgt 4 be ltpgt begin a paragraph lt begin boldtace ltpgtlt2ppletarchive AppletClzssea Jarquot d begquot mm code FacultyAppletclass width800 helgh550gt ltappletgt start a Java applet lt1appletgt brgt gt line break no end tag ltlbodygt ltlhtmlgt


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