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Introduction to Aeronautics

by: Kaycee Anderson

Introduction to Aeronautics MAE 3050

Marketplace > Cornell University > Aerospace Engineering > MAE 3050 > Introduction to Aeronautics
Kaycee Anderson
GPA 3.72


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About this Document

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaycee Anderson on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAE 3050 at Cornell University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 96 views. For similar materials see /class/214345/mae-3050-cornell-university in Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
MampAE 305 October 247 2006 Wings with Elliptic Span Loading D A Caughey Sibley School of Mechanical 8 Aerospace Engineeiing Cornell University Ithaca New York 148537501 These notes provide7 as a supplement to our textbook 2 a description of the analysis used to demonstrate the properties of elliptic span loading for Wings of nite span 1 The Elliptical Load Distribution For a Wing With an elliptical spanWise load distribution the sectional lift7 or lift per unit span L as a function of the spanWise coordinate y can be Written mew17 lt1 Where b is the Wing span and Z0 is the maximum sectional lift at the center of the Wing The value of 0 can be related to the Wing lift coef cient by noting that the integral across the span of the section lift is the total lift L7 or 122 2 L 0 1739 dy 2 52 b This integral can be evaluated using the trigonometric substitution cos 9 7 2i 7 3 b Which gives L sin29d9wi 4 2 0 4 Note that this integral could also have been evaluated using the fact that the area of an ellipse is simply 7r times the product of its semiminor Z0 and semimajor 122 axes The lift coef cient is thus given by L Mob 0 7 if L gyms 2pU2S 5 Now7 the downwash velocity taken positive downward is related to the distribution of vor ticity 777 across the span by 1 52 7a wi y if 7 d 7 6 4W 7W 777 y Where the strength of the vortex sheet is related to the spanWise loading by dl 7 1 d 7 M0 77 7 777 CT iipUbQ Wi REFERENCES 2 Thus combining Eqs 5 6 and 7 we can write 2US 52 77 my WCL 2 dn 8 520779 1 Introducing the trigonometric substitution of Eq 3 and correspondingly 277 cos 7 can be written in the form 7 US 7r cosqbdqb 7 7r2b2 CL cosqb 7 cost9 9 The integral appearing here is a standard Glauert integral which can be evaluated from the general formula see eg 7r cos 45 dab sin m9 7 10 0 cosqbicost 7r sint9 This gives the value of the integral appearing in Eq 9 as 7r so we have U 70 7 11 w WAR L where we have introduced the wing aspect ratio AR 1225quot Thus the induced angle of attack is seen for the elliptical span loading to be given by 71 E N CL 678111 UWARi 12 Thus for the elliptical span loading the induced angle of attack is seen to be ll Constant across the span 2 Proportional to the wing lift coefficient and 3 lnversely proportional to the wing aspect ratio AR bQSi Since for the elliptical distribution of lift the induced angle of attack is constant independent of spanwise position the induced drag Di is simply equal to D Lsinei 13 Thus the coef cient of induced drag is given by CZ CD1CLEWA 14 Although not demonstrated here it can also be shown see eg that the elliptical span loading produces the minimum induced drag for a given total lift and wing spani References 1 Li Mi MilneThompson Theoretical Aerodynamics Dover New York 1958 2 Richard S Shevell Fundamentals of Flight Second Edition PrenticeHall New York 1989


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