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Introduction to Music Literature

by: Jordan Gerhold

Introduction to Music Literature MUS 100

Marketplace > Grand Valley State University > Music > MUS 100 > Introduction to Music Literature
Jordan Gerhold
GPA 3.62

Paul Swantek

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About this Document

Paul Swantek
Class Notes
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordan Gerhold on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUS 100 at Grand Valley State University taught by Paul Swantek in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/214353/mus-100-grand-valley-state-university in Music at Grand Valley State University.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
Quiz 4 Review Part One Late Romantics Tchaikovsky OvertureFantasy Romeo and Juliet Which composer introduced the form which inspired Tchaikovsky in this example What is the form Hungarian composer Program Music How many main themes Hymn Vendetta Love Ballets Swan Lake Sleeping Beauty Nutcracker Six Svmohonies Nationalism Russia The Five Who were they Balakirev Borodin Cui RimskyKorsakov Mussorgsky Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition Bohemia Smetana Dvoiak Scandinavia Grieg Sibelius Spain de FaIIa Opera As in literature and visual arts what quality was reflected in operas of the late Romantic period Shift in opera towards realism literature EX Carmen by Bizet Brah ms Moves to Vienna from Hamburg As this physical move takes place he begins to move in a new direction musically For what do we know Brahms in terms of his use of musical forms Classical form use older idea Four Symphonies Violin Concerto In what form is the third movement written Allegro For whom was the Violin Concerto written Joseph Joachim Mahler How many complete symphonies did he compose 9 What traditional children s song is quoted in the funeral march of Titan Symphony No 1 Frere Jacques Irony was written into many of his works Ironic because he used children s nursery tune for a funeral march He made his living as a conductor Quiz 4 Review Part 2 Early Modernism Three Avant garde composers early modernism Claude Debussy Igor Stravinsky Arnold Schoenberg Claude Debussy what did he compose Clouds From France Considered an Impressionist In what art form do we see the first examples of Impressionism Painting Igor Stravinsky what did he compose Rite of Spring Arnold Schoenberg Pierrot unairename of Schoenberg s invention halfsinging halfspeaking spelling counts Eternally sad Clown pierrot Iunaire Sprechstimme Night and The Moonfleck When did the modernist work of these composers appear Late 1800 s up to WI Avantgarde Name two important European cultural centers where advancement in the arts was encouraged Paris Vienna What does Avant garde mean Cutting Edge Alban Berg Wozzeck is Wagnerian in what ways Wagnerian in use of Ieitmotivs and Lacks Arias Berg was part of what artistic movement that focused on writing increasingly complex and emotional music touching on the nightmarish Expressionism Style of Violin Concerto Serialism Serialism 12 tone system of composition Example Berg s Violin Concerto Charles Ives American Radical ideas about music Folk songs Stephen Foster gospel hymns ragtime What did he write Several orchestral suites 4 symphonies The holiday symphony Richard Strauss What did he write Salome Maurice Ravel r Nationality French Orchestrated which famous Russian composer s Pictures at an Exhibition Mussorgsky Other famous works Piano Concerto in G Bol ro Maurice Ravel39s compositional style can be considered to be between which two isms Neo Classicism amp Impressionism Bela Bartok Collaborated with whom to develop educational techniques in music Zolta n Kod ly Nationality Hungarian What did he write Music for Strings Percussion and Celesta


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