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Environmental Science

by: Owen Walker

Environmental Science BIO 105

Owen Walker
GPA 3.97

Jodee Hunt

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About this Document

Jodee Hunt
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Owen Walker on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 105 at Grand Valley State University taught by Jodee Hunt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/214368/bio-105-grand-valley-state-university in Biology at Grand Valley State University.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
Final Exam Study Guide BIO 105 Environmental Science Fall 2010 Questions will often address or link together readingsI videosI handouts and lectures Read and study articles amp handouts carefully The exam length amp format will be similar to exams 1 amp 2 Expect a multiplechoice amp matching questions b comparecontrast andor short answer in the written section Handouts for Final Exam Food lnc Three Gorges Dam video Earth on Edge Bill Moyers Kansas farming lisaak forestry Mongolian grazers Living Together Planet Earth These are all on Blackboard Articles amp other Readings Agriculture amp climate change NSF Agroecology Wikipedia Agroecology amp hunger Altieri 1998 Deepwater Horizon news several brief articles in one document effects of Deepwater Horizon spill on wildlife 1page report All are posted on Blackboard Terms amp Concepts for Final Exam Agroecology Definitions humans are omnivorous heterotrophs must eat food Variability of operations size intensity diversity practices amp cultural features System properties of agroeco systems productivity stability resistanceconstancy resiliance sustainability equitability Location amp types of fertile soils mollisols temperate grasslands amp alfisols temperate forests Soil texture structure amp composition air decomposing OM organisms inorganic minerals soil texture clay silt sand horizonsstructure O OM A topsoil E leaching zone B subsoil C parent material R bedrock Soil formation erosion amp conservation weathering rate of formation vs erosion regions of most severe erosion often overlap wmost productive farmsl Definition amp causes of erosion wind water overgrazing clearcutting poor farming practices Threats to seasonal drytropical forests deeper more fertile soil largescale farms amp export Desertification Preventing erosion maintain vegetative cover via crop residues cover crops notill reducedtill rotational grazing reduced stocking rate selective timber harvest Moa forest Kenya lisaak Vancouver Island Human Hunger Dominant crops grains highaltitude amp tropical alternatives Malnutrition under amp overnutrition extent of hunger worldwide Causes amp effects of hunger distribution grain used to feed animals in diff nations grain required to produce diff animal products compare meat consumption vs vegetarianism among nations export of grain amp meat grain use Solutions Green Revolution I Green Revolution II Blue Revolution define amp explain each Rangelands Consequences of overgrazing metabolic reserve damaged plant density amp productivity of grassland decreases soil compaction amp erosion desertification Sustainable grazing reduced stocking rate rotate herds mimics native grazers Earth on Edge amp Food Inc Energy conventional and renewablealternative Oil spills CIA World Factbook s top oil producers 2007 and consumers 2009 know general magnitude and rank order bbl barrel 42 gallons Top oil spills in USA Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon tops both lists amp their general circumstances BOP failures tanker crashes amp groundings Hurricane Katrina gt250 pointsource events Deepwater Horizon April 20 2010 5 million barrels released location nature of DH MODU circumstances of event amp structures involved gas bubble failure of casing or cement in riser BOP failure wildlife effects as of Nov 2 2010 see table what kinds of species were most effected Energy resources amp consumption US 2009 94578 quads 9975 quads in 2005 1 quad 3343 gigawatts 10 x 1015 BTU ie one heck of a lot of energy US consumption of nonrenewable 92 of total 37 petroleum 25 natural gas 21 coal 9 nuclear power vs renewable fuels 8 of total 35 hydroelectricity 30 biomass 20 biofuel 15 wind solar amp geothermal Advantages amp disadvantages of each form of energy eg cost pollution effects of ecosystems amp wildlife sustainability Hydropower amp Dams China 6 amp Brazil 4 have half of world s largest dams US has one Grand Coulee Columbia River WA Advantages of largescale hydrodams reduces pollution vs C02 amp other emissions of fossil fuels renewable energy source inexpensive once


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