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by: Giovani Ullrich PhD


Giovani Ullrich PhD
GPA 3.5

W. Stephenson

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About this Document

W. Stephenson
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Giovani Ullrich PhD on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 101 at Iowa State University taught by W. Stephenson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see /class/214396/stat-101-iowa-state-university in Statistics at Iowa State University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Guide to Using JMP in Stat 101 This instruction sheet gives you some of the basic commands and instructions for using the statistical computing package JMP in Stat 101 JMP is available in computer labs across campus including 307 321 and 322 Snedecor If your favorite lab on campus does not have JMP please ask them to install it You may install JMP free of charge on your own computer by downloading a copy from Scout If you do not have a fast enough connection to use Scout you can check out a copy of MP on CD from the Solution Center in Durham 1 N OpeningDownloading a data set from the main course webpage Several homework assignments throughout the semester require you to use JMP to help you analyze a data set To save you time these data sets are available on the course webpage To download a data set go to the main course webpage at httn39 stat instate ell wstatl Ol 39 html Under the appropriate homework assignment you will nd links to the data set In many browsers left clicking on the JMP le will give you the option of either opening the JMP le or saving it to a disk Opening the le is the easiest thing to do as it automatically opens JMP and places the data in a spreadsheet If this does not work you will have to right click on the JMP le and Save Link As or Save Target As or Save Link Target As In the window that appears select the location on the computer s hard drive of a disk where you would like to save the le Make sure you remember where you saved the le Then click on Save There are two methods for opening a saved le in JMP One option is to locate the le on the computer s hard drive or disk and double click on the le name The other option is to start JMP click File Open locate the le on the computer s hard drive or a disk select the le and click Open Entering a Data Set into JMP by hand For the course project and possibly other assignments you will need to enter your data into JMP rather than downloading the data from the web To enter your data in JMP rst start JMP and click File New Data Table To enter the rst variable doubleclick on the cell in the table named Column 1 Enter a name for the rst variable and enter the values in the cells below JMP automatically assumes that you will be entering quantitative data Check when you nish that you have the same number of rows in your table as you have values for your variable To enter additional variables click on the red triangle next to the word Columns and select New Column Enter a name for the variable and click OK Enter the values for this variable in the table in the cells below the variable name Repeat this process until you have entered all variables in your data set 3 4 V39 0 Obtaining Histograms StemandLeaf Displays and Descriptive Statistics Select Analyze 7 Distribution from the JMP menu Under Select Columns highlight by clicking on the variable name you would like the distribution of Click on the Y Columns button If you would like to look at more than one variable repeat this step by highlighting the variable name and then the Y Columns button When you are nished entering variable names click OK You will need to change the content and appearance of the output window that appears Click on the red triangle next to each variable name and select the following options a Display Options Horizontal Layout b Histogram Options Count Axis c Stem and Leaf Obtaining Scatter plots and Regression coefficients To look at the relationship between two variables select Analyze Fit Y by X from the JMP menu Select the response variable and click the Y Response button Select the explanatory variable and click the X Factor button Then click OK An output window will appear with a scatter plot of the two variables To obtain the least squares regression line click on the red triangle next to the words Bivariate Fit and select Fit Line The least squares regression line will be added to the scatter plot and the regression equation and diagnostics added to the output window To add a residual plot to the output window click on the red triangle next to Linear Fit and select Plot Residuals Printing Output To print any output window click File Print from the JMP menu In the window that appears select the printer and click OK Each computer lab in Snedecor Hall has its own printer The printer name is sn followed by the room number Saving Output Because the output window is a dynamic window it cannot be saved directly In order to save information in the output window you first have to make a static copy of it To do this highlight the output window then click Edit Journal from the JMP menu Every time you do this more output is added to the journal To save the journal click File Save As from the JMP menu For Save as type select RTF Files RTF Enter a name for the file and click Save You can edit RTF files using Microsoft Word


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