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by: Daryl Gulgowski


Daryl Gulgowski
GPA 3.71

Clark Ford

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About this Document

Clark Ford
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daryl Gulgowski on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AGRON 342 at Iowa State University taught by Clark Ford in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/214422/agron-342-iowa-state-university in Agricultural & Resource Econ at Iowa State University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
Study Guide for Section 4 1 Compare and contrast reciprocity and redistribution economic systems and the kinds of societies that use them 2 Explain what happened to the Moriori when the Chatham Islands were discovered Why were the Maori from New Zealand such fierce warriors 3 What elements led to the conquest of the Incas by Pizarro What advantages did Pizarro have that the Incas did not If it had been the other way around would the Incas have invaded Spain 3 Why do hierarchies and inequity develop in agricultural societies to a much greater extent than in huntergatherer societies Explain 4 What advantages does Jared Diamond argue that Agricultural societies have over huntergatherer societies Explain 5 Explain Jared Diamond s main arguments about why EastWest continent orientation is the ultimate first cause of human patterns that have lead to inequity in the world 6 From the video on Guns Germs and Steel what was the role of writing in the conquest of the Incas Why did Pizarro have the advantage and not the Incas 7 From the video on Guns Germs and Steel what was the role of domestic animals in the germs that helped the conquest of the Americas Why did Eurasians have the advanatage and not the Americans 8 What are the big 5 domesticated animals and what continent are they from How does this help explain inequity in the world 9 Is conquest to acquire more land and resources for your people morally acceptable Defend your argument using ethical theories and principles 10 Compare and contrast the need for slaves in tribal versus state societies 11 Explain why state societies are often multiethnic and multilingual How is conquest involved 12 In The Worst Mistake what was Jared Diamond s main point What arguments and evidence did he use to back up his idea 13 From The Worst Mistake Compare and contrast Progressivist and Revisionist views of agricultural societies Which view or another do you think is correct Why 14 In the video on the Neolithic explain the two main characteristics of agricultural societies that set them apart from huntergatherers and why they occur 15 From the news story what is Hoodia and why are the Kalahari San Bushmen concerned about its development Explain 16 Compare and contrast Irrigation Theory with Population Theory as explanations of how large complex state societies arose 17 What is a kleptocracy and what 3 main strategies did they use to keep from being overthrown Explain 18 What advantages do state religions give large agricultural state societies 19 Who were the Indoeuropeans and what economic and cultural elements did they bring to impose on those they conquered in western Eurasia Explain 20 What happened to Goddess worship in early societies of Europe and the Middle east How might this affect women s status 21 What lands are common to the Assyrian Persian Greek and Roman empires Explain 22 From the video explain three major inventions the Sumerians passed on to the world 23 From the video explain what technologies caused the Sumerians to be conquered by the Assyrians and why is the land in ancient Sumeria now barren 24 Name 4 major elements of culture that flowed from the Middle East to Europe via successive empires Explain 25 What was the role of wheat in the Roman Empire How did it play a part in choosing the lands to conquer for the empire Explain 26 What two great feats of construction engineering achievement occurred in China and why were they built Explain 27 What was the role of religion in the spread of the Arab Empire Explain 28 What was the largest empire in Asia and what kind of warfare made it possible 29 From the video explain who Genghis and Kublai Khan were what they had to do with Marco Polo and what dynasty rose to end Mongol control of China 30 What was the Ottoman Empire and how did it affect Europe Explain


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