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by: Ms. Kylee Marvin


Ms. Kylee Marvin
GPA 3.97


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Kylee Marvin on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MTEOR 411 at Iowa State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see /class/214430/mteor-411-iowa-state-university in Meteorology at Iowa State University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
1 Interface overview Sue wa vsr nazsznn waawm Fwd n3252nn7 u as 33 m EP SM T window I ligsmnamnm liND lisiaan l Maszgsspsussaaai liNextUpdate l i Menu bar The menu bar contains seven dropdowns File View Site Algorithms GIS Windows and Help a File I File il39iew Site Algorithms Open Start Polling Start Arthiwer Stop Holling Configure Polling Configure Hail Icons Save Image P Exit Open Allows you to open one or more radar les Start Polling Tells the software to download radar data as it becomes available StaIt Archiver Downloads previous radar scans to create a loop the default is one hour of data Stop Polling Tells the software to stop downloading radar data Con gure Polling Poll data from some internet source such as httpm esonet agron iastate edeatanexrd raw You can adjust how often you want the software to check for new data and how long to retain files for eg the length of the loop Con gure Hail Icons You can con gure at what calculated hail size a hail icon will show up on the radar display as well as at what increments you want the software to display the next highest hail size icon Save Image You can save a screenshot of the entire GRZAE window the radar display color scale and information window the radar display and color scale or just the radar display Entire Window ColorsJ RadarJ Info Exit Colors and Radar I Radar Only Exit Exits the program b View 39u39iew Site Algorithms GIE 139 Zoom In Zoom Out Zoom None Zoom Mode Pan Mocle Cross Section Mocle Volume Mocle Set Storm Motion Set Color Table Animation Settings Dealias Settings Warning Settings Smoothing Dealias velocity Show Hail Icons Show MDA Icons 3 Zoom Pane Zooms in or out on the center of the current view of the radar display Zoom None returns you to the default zoomedout view You can also zoom with your mouse s scroll wheel Mouse Pane Changes the mouse cursor s function to one of four functions 0 To zoom select Zoom Mode and click and drag to create a box that will be your new zoom level The center ofthe new zoom level will be where you initially clicked You can also zoom with your mouse s scroll wheel To pan select Pan Mode and click and drag across the radar display To perform a cross section select Cross Section Mode and click and drag a line across the area you want to have a cross section of pops a new window To create a volumetric display select Volume Mode and click and drag a box over the area you want to see a 3D display of similar to how the zoom mouse function works pops a new window Set Storm Motion Allows you to manually enter the speed and direction of a storm to calculate SRM Set Color Table Allows you to choose a color table for any of the radar products Animation Settings Allows you to adjust how long the smooth zoom takes as well as how far you zoom when clicking the zoom in or zoom out buttons Also allows you to adjust how fast the loop animates and how long to dwell on the last frame Dealias Settings Allows you to configure the program to change velocity data that cannot be resolved with AE s algorithm to show as No Data and to use the downloaded sounding data Warning Settings Allows you to select which server to use for polling warnings what color to use for each warning and how thick the warning outline will be To change the color of a warning click on the color button and a standard Windows color picker dialog will pop c Site I Wamlnq Settings 39 39 Wammg Sewev a Maui WWW AW mam l o was mum l o was ram i was Smoothing Smoothes the radar product you re Viewing Via interp olation Deal39as Velocity Uses the AE algorithm to dealias the Velocity Show Hail Icons Toggles displaying the GR2AE hail icons Show MDA Icons Toggles displaying the GR2AE Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm icons l Site Agorithm5 515 Wind Add to Favorites Adds the currently Viewed radar site to Add to Favorites Se ect Setting KARK La Crosse WI KDMX Des Moines IA KDVN Quad Cities In KEAX Kansas City MO KMPX Minneapolis MN KOAX Omaha NE y our Favorites p ane Select Allows you to select a radar site am my mm lm mm i mam Lievai cm n m mm mm at We FoamsF3 d Algorithms lAlgerithms GIS Windows H Environment Settings Algorithm Settings MDA Settings 5 Settings Allows you to change the radar site that appears when you rst open the program and to add radar sites to your Favorites Favorites pane Your Favorite radar sites will appear here Environment Settings Displays hail environment data settings for the current radar site Time and the 0 C and 20 C levels in feet are displayed AE will automatically download this information if you are polling radar data If no sounding data can be found the program defaults to 10000 and 20000 feet You can insert archived sounding data acquired from httpraob fsl noaa gov keep the wind units in knots and the output as FSL Format ASCII text Once the information is displayed you can paste it into the Environment Settings dialog box it Rewind Dana Algorithm Settings This also affects the hail algorithm output The defaults should be 56 dBZ and 185 dBZ z Cancel Max VIL DBZ 353E Echo Taps D32 18 E MDA Settings The Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm uses the NROT normalized rotation product to nd areas of relatively strong rotation The MDA has different standards for vertically stacked rotations at different distances from the radar site Storms with a base above 10000 feet or VIL of 5 or more are not tested It is best to leave the default values Locations that pass the MDA tests are displayed on the radar as a colored triangle 0 Green weak 0 Yellow moderate 0 Red strong 0 Purple extreme e GIS 615 Windows Help LoadshapeFile Unload shapaFile vi Show ShapaFiles v Show Places Show Base Roads vi Show Base Counties v Show Base States v Show Radar v Show Background Shaw County Names v Show city Names v Shaw Radar sites Settings 9mm mung 3g a will Rm ant M Delaulls Load Shape le Brings up a dialog that allows you to load individual shape les eg roads in a county and a style le which tells the program how to read the shape le Information on how to use shape les and style les is in the appendix 1 y myan m rig m 7 Ram T was was Unload Shape le Brings up a dialog that allows you to remove individual shape les XJ Select We to unload Unload Show Shape les Toggles the display of your loaded shape les Show Places Toggles the display of your loaded place les Show Base Roads Toggles the display of the roads that come with the program They are accurate to the resolution of the radar Show Base Counties Toggles the display of county outlines snnw Base States Toggles the dlsplay ofstate outllnes snnw Rad Toggles the dlsplay ofradar data Baekgrnnnd Toggles are dlsplay ofabackground lmagelfyou have one loaded suen as atopogaphlcal rmag snnw Cnllnty Names Toggles are dlsplay ofcounty names snnw City Names Toggles are dlsplay ofclty names snnw Radar Sites Toggles are dlsplay ofnearby radar sltes Cllcklng on aradar slte wlll take yout Lh Setting Allows y rm o at slte on to customlze some ofthe 315 lvpuons r Statsmum Outhnes pleres Backgvaund CnllntyLzhels Allows you to elnange are fonttype srze and colorfor county names when they are layed n V n w W e mm CityLahels Allows youto con gure atwhat zoom level speclflc clty types wlll appear on the radar dlsplay Also on to elnange the f nen they are drs allows y onttype srze and colorfor clty names w played rm Mame or F 8 Show Always List Allows you to select which cities you would like to always appear on the radar display Cities are listed in alphabetical order from the upperleft dropdown enu You can add or remove cities from your Show Always list with the buttons in the middle of the dialog Show Always mes mes neav wa Name new Mm El WA Ame Elase AWLV Add gtgt ltlt Remave Radar Sites Brings up a standard Windows text dialog that allows you to select the font type size and color for radar sites when they are displayed Roads Allows you to select what color Interstate highways display as as well as the color and at what zoom level US Highways state highways and other highways appear and Settings Shaw lnlevslale hlghways always with calm Elase Shaw us highway at W mugs W cm Hwy 5m slate highway at IT Mlle W cm Shaw my highway at 2 H miles W cm StateCounty Outlines Allows you to select what color you would like state and county outlines to appear as using the standard Windows color picker Places Brings up a standard Windows text dialog that allows you to select font type size and color for your locations imported from a textbased placefile 9 Background Allows you to select a solid background color behind the radar by clicking on the colored panel next to Fill Color or to insert a bitmap image as a background such as a topographical map If you have a bitmap background search for it using the button next to the File box Note Downloaded maps will include a text file that will tell you what your latitude and longitude ranges are 7 1 M EMEWBW mg Languude me 1 w EIK cm Latitude me 39 39 f Windows windows Help at Load Warning sf shim 5 FE ruluniinr v Shim Plaoafile Manager v hnw warning Window Ona Panel T wa Panels Four Panels saw Panel Settings 10 Load Warnings Tells the program to poll tornado severe thunderstorm and ash ood warnings Show GPS Monitor If you are running GRZAE on a laptop with a GPS device connected to it the program will display in icon showing your position on the radar This function is really only useful while storm chasing Show Placefile Manager Displays a window that allows you to load delete and rearrange placeflles The folder icon is for loading a placeflle the X is for deleting the placeflle you have selected and the arrows move the placeflle you have selected so you can rearrange the order in which they appear To display a placefile select the left checkbox next to the placeflle name To draw a placeflle as an underlay select the right checkbox it will only draw as an underlay if the left checkbox is also marked Place ie Manager a Show Warnings Window Displays a window that lists all tornado severe thunderstorm and ash ood warnings in the nation The top panel of the dialog is the type location and time of the warning clicking on a warning will bring up the warning text in the bottom panel of the dialog One Panel Displays one panel for radar data This is the default 11 Two Panels Displays two panels for radar data Click on one of the panels and then one of the radar products to have that radar product appear in that particular panel The color scale on the left side ofthe radar display Will a Which anel ou ve selected Four Panels Displays four panels for radar data You can display different radar products using the same procedure as the one listed above 7 Wwv W 7 33 Save Panel Settings Allows you to save your tvvo or fourpanel settings to quickly load for later use WW H l The toolbarls located below the rnenu bar It contams elght panes as desenbed below a Open my Open rile Allows you to open savedradar les b Archiving and polling pane Q Start pulling The software wlll download radar data as ll beeornes avallable Start archiver The so ware wlll download prevlous radar seans to create aloop Q smp pulling The so ware wlll stop downloadlng radar data c VCR pane H Firstframe Dlsplays the rstframe m the loop I Previnns frame Dlsplays lhe prevlous frame ofthe loop b Startpause Pauses the loop when playlng plays lhe loop when paused lb Next frame Dlsplays the nextframe oflhe loop H Laslrrame Dlsplays the nal frame oflhe loop 13 d Mouse pane 35 Zoom mouse The mouse cursor becomes a zooming tool Click and drag to display a zoom box The zoom centers on where you initially clicked You can also zoom with your mouse s scroll wheel Pan mouse The mouse cursor becomes a panning tool Click and drag to move around the radar display Cross section mouse The mouse cursor allows you to create a crosssection Cl39 k and drag the mouse to display a line th39s will be your crosssection 10000 foot height bars are located across the crosssection radar display The yellow line is the 0 C height the red line is the 20 C height Click and drag to move around the display use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out A number of options are available on the righthand side of the display 0 Select Sweep Allows you to select which radar product you would like to view Window Allows you to change what how high and wide to have the 2D display appear Mode Allows you to switch between a 2D and 3D crosssection view Position and Swing Moving the Position bar slides the vertical cross section back and forth moving the Swing bar turns the vertical cross section about a point Smoothing Smoothes the product you re viewing Refresh If a new volume scan has been completed while you were in the crosssection window clicking this button will update the display Volume mouse The mouse cursor allows you to create a volumetric display Click and drag to display a box similar to the zoom box that illustrates the region that will appear in a new volumetric display window page 19 14 e Zoom pane Zoom in Zooms in on the radar display centered on the current center of the display You can also zoom in by scrolling your mouse s scroll wheel away from you Zoom out Zooms out on the radar display centered on the current center of the display You can also zoom out by scrolling your mouse s scroll wheel toward you Zoom none Returns to the initial zoom level f Storm motion 0 Set storm motion Allows you to enter in a direction and speed to create a storm relative motion Azimuth is the direction from which the storm is coming e g 0 degrees is north 1 Azimulh39 degrees Cancel Speed 0 knuts g Interpolation pane Smoothing Smoothes the particular radar product you re viewing via interpolation The program will remember what products for which you have smoothing enabled H Dealias velocities Attempts to dealias velocities both base and storm relative h Algorithm icon pane W MDA icon Toggles displaying the GR2AE Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm icons 33gt Hail icon Toggles displaying the GR2AE hail icons 15 iii Radar display The radar display will always show a background either a solid color or an imported bitmap and can show all sorts of data radar products with a color scale located on the left of the display weather warnings roads the radar site red diamond state and county borders city and county labels shape les and place les You can also perform several functions by right clicking on the radar display Zoom None Place Marker Here Remove Marker Place Home Here Ferrn39e Home v Measure From Marker f39x391easur e From Home Measure From Radar Storm Motion From Marker 16 Zoom None Returns to the initial zoom level Place Marker Here Places a square where you rightclicked Remove Marker Removes the marker Place Home Here Places a where you rightclicked Remove Home Removes the home Measure From Marker Displays the distance between your marker and the current position of the mouse cursor in nautical miles The distance is shown in the status bar page 21 Measure From Home Same as above but measures from Home Measure From Radar Same as above but measures from the radar site Storm Motion From Marker Calculates SRM for a single storm 0 Go a few frames back from the end of the loop 0 Place a marker on a part of the storm you can follow easily through the frames eg knob ofa hook echo Go to the last frame of the loop Find where your point on the storm has moved to rightclick it and select Storm Motion From Marker o GRZAE will calculate the storm s direction and speed to generate SRM for that particular storm iv Information window sue wa vsr n3252nn7 ltnaatm Pmd n3252nn7 N as 33 m vcp 32 5w 7 r l 17 Site The radar site you re currently viewing VST The time the volume scan ms created prod The time the currently selected product ms created VCP The VCP for the currently selected product Tilt The tilt angle for the currently selected product lfa roduct has no tilt angle such as OSH will be displayed Selectproduct Allows you to select any ofthe following radar products o BR ase Reflectivity ocity RV Storm Relative Velocity note that SRV is the same as BV unless you manually set SRV SW Spectrum Width ET Echo Tops VIL Vertically Integrated Liquid VILD VL Densi POSH probability ofSevere Hail MEHS Maximum Expected Hail Size OT Normalized Rotation gt lll is signi cant gt l25l is extreme positive values are counterclockwise rotation negative is clockwise Select Tilt Allows you to select the tilt angle ofthe currently selected product ifit as different angles otherwise this areawill be blank Buttons with an underscore under the first number are tilt an e from the previous volume sc Wamings Toggles each severe weather warning on and off The number indicates howmany ofthat type ofweatherwaming are currently in effect in the nation productDotuils provides afewmiscellaneous details about the currently viewed product such as maximum de ormaximumminimum velocities v Status bar 18 lus 62 l 46 141 nm 115de 75m l 35495 970310 Offline Al US 62 Road or shapefile name Displays text for what 415 141 nm 115de 787 Ft 35495 41mm Offline road or shape le the mouse cursor is over Azimuth and distance Displays the azimuth and distance from the reference point you selected in the rightclick menu Marker Home or Radar Product value Displays the value of the product the mouse cursor is over Height above radar Displays the height of the center of the radar beam in the location the mouse cursor is over LatLon 0f cursor Displays the latitude and longitude for the location the mouse cursor is over Polling status Displays Of ine if polling is disabled Downloading if a radar product is being downloaded or Time remaining mmss when waiting for a new product to arrive mmss is when the next poll for data will occur in minutes and seconds If polling of a product fails Retrying in mmss will be displayed 2 Volumetric display 7 JEJE lam upwelglg alums Dale weemama we 23 El 23 m Seleel Sweep 7 r Base elleelww r Baseielael y r s l V 7 l lililil The volume explorer allows the user to see a threedimensional volumetric representation of the radar display i Toolbar H Save Saves a screenshot of the volume Window H I I H VCR buttons Same mction as in the main radar d W rst frame preVIous frame next frame fina ame 5 Refresh If a new volume scan has been completed While you Were in the volume Window clicking this button Will update the display 20 Volume settings Allows you to alter the number of samples taken along the X and y axes for the creation of the volume Increasing these numbers decreases system performance 5 Sammie atnng gtlt39 32 Isa m 255 Semis slung Z39 65 El In 255 m l u mqu Lt Volume light Allows you to alter how light appears to show on the volume Altering each of the options produces different lightning effects The defaults are generally quite satisfactory mqu um EnzAnalyst Human Type r wu Space 6 Eye Space W 480 Azimuth n 80 50 N asu Ambiem Alpha settings Allows you to alter how colors show up in the lit volume and isosurface modes Rightclicking on the dialog brings up a menu that allows you to save or load alpha table presets They are saved in Documents and Settings user name Applz39cation DataGR2Analyst VolumeData In Windows Vista use the Roaming folder in your user name directory o Lit volume Your cursor will appear as a crosshair Click and drag the color line to alter the transparency of different colors Pulling the line all the way to the top results in no transparency for those values pulling the line to the bottom results in total opacity for those values A number will appear in the title bar of the dialog indicating what your currently selected product s value is j anume Alpha ERZAnalysl V 21 Isosurface Your cursor will appear as oppositely facing horizontal arrows Click and drag the white triangle below the color bar This will adjust your isosurface value a mum Alnh mun Volume pane Date Displays the date the volume scan was completed Time Displays the time that the volume scan was completed Select sweep pane Allows you to display a lit volume or isosurface for base re ectivity base velocity storm relative velocity spectrum width and rotation Select view mode pane Allows you to display the radar data as a lit volume with varying customizable transparencies or as an isosurface with a customizable isosurface value Radar display Shows your radar data the way you chose to display it as well as roads city names and county names if turned on Two height walls are displayed with a bar every 10000 feet The yellow line is the 0 C height the red line is the 20 C height At the base of the walls are cardinal direction markers Click and drag to rotate around the display Use the center scroll wheel of your mouse to zoom in and out 22 3 Appendix This appendix serves to cover some of the basic extra features of the program i Color tables Premade color tables are available on a few websites the largest selection is at wwwgrlevelxstu com You have to register on the site to download them but registration only takes a couple minutes To make your own color table open up Notepad and use the following as a guide Note that this is for color tables that have a gradient I m assuming that solid color tables wouldn t be particularly helpful Glowing Reflectivity Units DBZ Step 5 Color 5 18 73 103 78 164 215 Color 20 126 240 126 22 92 42 Color 35 255 246 2 255 79 0 Color 50 251 4 9 150 O 0 Color 65 146 O 195 255 O 255 Color 75 255 255 255 255 255 255 Color 80 255 255 255 The rst part with the semicolon is simply a comment If you want to insert comments anywhere in the file just precede the line with a semicolon The next part gives the units for whatever color table you re making BR DBZ BV SRV KTS SW KTS ET KFT VIL kgm2 VILD kgm3 POSH MEHS in NROT NROT Following that is the steps This is how often a tick on your color table will be labeled If you want a tick and label to appear every five 5 units use 5 Next are the color statements The rst column is at what value a breakpoint in the color is to occur The next three columns are the beginning color in RGB The last three columns are the colors you want that gradient to end with in RGB The software will interpolate the colors in between Negative values can be used such as for clearair mode re ectivity or for velocities If you re making a velocity color table include RF R G B before the other color statements RF is the color for rangefolded regions Save your color table as a pal as in mycolortablepal 23 ii Shapefiles and placefiles Shape les that can be used in GRZAE include all roadsstreets in a county lake outlines and rivers railroads city limit outlines etc Place les are either static or dynamic static place les include highway marker signs weather radio transmitter sites and anything else you can think of that you would want to have displayed on the screen Dynamic place les change with time such as METAR observations SPC watch boxes storm reports and so on but they do not loop You can nd both shape les and place les at numerous locations on the intemet Shape les The most commonly used shape le in the GR products is all roadsstreets You can download the shape les at httparcdataesricomdatatiger2000tiger7downloadcfm selecting Iowa then Line Features 7 Roads from the Select by Layer dropdown menu You ll also need something called a style le which tells GRZAE how to read and display the shape le One should already be installed with the program Once you ve downloaded and unzipped the shape les GRZAE is able to use them Just follow the Load Shape le procedure from page 6 Place les It is beyond the scope of this manual to describe how to create place les from scratch Fortunately many useful place les are available free of charge To load a new place le follow the Place le Manager procedure from page 10 Backgrounds While topographical backgrounds aren t particularly useful they do make the display look a bit nicer To have a topographical background download one from any of the sites listed below and unzip the le You will have a bitmap and a Notepad le that will include the latitudelongitude ranges for the map To load a topographical background follow the procedure from page 9 o wwwallisonhousecomgrlevelxmaps www myweatherstations comgrsmaps shtml httpwwwgrlevebcstu com requires registration Archived data If you want to view archived radar data for case studies or curiosity two sources are available httphurrimw quotMir norm V 11 117 dssePrf data to 1991 httpmesonet tamuederoductsRADARnexradCRAF T onemonth archive To view the data unzip the les and open the les of your choice in GRZAE


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