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by: Fidel Gulgowski Jr.


Fidel Gulgowski Jr.
GPA 3.9

Joshua Selsby

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About this Document

Joshua Selsby
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Fidel Gulgowski Jr. on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AN S 214 at Iowa State University taught by Joshua Selsby in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/214432/an-s-214-iowa-state-university in Animal Science at Iowa State University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
l Glucocorticoids are secreted by the adrenal medulla under the in uence of ACTH 1 True 2 False 2 Steroid hormones bind to plasma membrane receptors and act through second messenger systems 1 True 2 False 3 The hypothalamohypophyseal tract is composed of axons of hypothalamic neurons that end in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland 2 True 3 False 4 Which of the following is not an important pathway of control between endocrine glands l pituitary gonadal aXis 2 pituitary thyroid aXis 3 pituitary adrenal aXis 4 pituitary pineal axis 5 Which of the following pituitary hormones stimulates the testes to secrete testosterone l FSH 2 LH 3 TSH 4 GH 6 Hyperparathyroidism causes which of the following 1 bone resorption and renal calculi 2 decreased blood calcium and muscle tetany 3 exophthalmos 4 endemic goiter 7 Mineralocorticoids are produced in the adrenal medulla 1 True 2 False 8 Estradiol is produced by which of the following 1 sustentacular cells of the testes 2 interstitial cells of Leydig in the testes 3 islet cells ofthe pancreas 4 granulosa cells of the ovary 9 Hydrophilic hormones require a transport protein to travel in blood 1 True 2 False 10 Hydrophilic hormones require a transport protein to travel in blood 1 True 2 False 11 Which of the following will not happen with increasing growth hormone l greater protein synthesis rising concentrations of GHRH fat catabolism more glycogen production and storage 959quot increase in sodium potassium and chloride retention 12 Too little iodine intake will lead to l seasonal affective disorder Addison disease diabetes insipidus endemic goiter 959 pituitary gigantism 13 An increase in triiodothyronine concentrations would have all of the following effects except 1 increasing sodiumpotassium pump activity rise in oxygen consumption greater heat production more mitochondrial enzymes produced 959 enhanced thyroid stimulating hormone production 14 The hormone most directly responsible for suppressing uterine contractions during early pregnancy is l estrogen 2 FSH 3 HCG 5 progesterone 6 LH 15 Which of the following is not an important component of the preovulatory phase 1 decrease in FSH secretion by the pituitary 2 increase in FSH receptors formed by the graafian follicle 3 continued increase in estrogen secretion by the developing graafian follicle 4 oocyte completes meiosis I to become a primary oocyte during the preovulatory phase 16 During the antral phase the secondary follicle contains a uidfilled cavity and in t theca interna secretes androgens 1 True 2 False 17 Which hormone is responsible for the enlargement of the uterus the development of mammary ducts and the softening of the pubic symphysis and the sacroiliac joints 1 HCG 2 estrogen 3 progesterone 4 LH 18 The most correct sequence of organs through which the egg passes from the ovary to the outside is 1 infundibulum gt isthmus of Fallopian tube gt body of uterus gt cervix gt vagina isthmus of Fallopian tube gt infundibulum gt body of uterus gt vagina gt cervix isthmus of Fallopian tube gt infundibulum gt cervix gt body of uterus gt vagina infundibulum gt cervix gt body of uterus gt isthmus of Fallopian tube gt vagina 959 fundus gt isthmus of Fallopian tube gt body of uterus gt cervix gt vagina 19 A lysosome which forms a cap over the apical portion of the nucleus of sperm is an midpiece acrosome nucleus principal piece shrew axoneme 20 During development androgens induce the formation of male reproductive organs and estrogen induces the formation of female reproductive organs 1 True 2 False 21To regulate the temperature of the testes which of the following muscles raises and lowers the scrotum 1 cremaster muscle 2 dartos muscle 3 pampiniform plexus of muscles 4 perineal raphe muscle 22The ductus deferens and the duct of the seminal vesicle join to form the ejaculatory duct 1 True 2 False 23 The corpus spongiosum on the ventral aspect of the penis encloses the urethra 1 True 2 False 24 The sustentacular cells of the testes secrete 1 androgen binding protein 2 serine protease 3 proseminogelin 4 seminogelin 5 prostate specific antigen 25 The most correct route for the sperm from the seminiferous tubules to the outside is 1 epididymis gt ductus deferens gt ejaculatory duct gt ampulla gt urethra 2 epididymis gt ductus deferens gt ampulla gt ejaculatory duct gt urethra 3 ductus deferens gt epididymis gt ampulla gt ejaculatory duct gt urethra 4 ductus deferens gt epididymis gt urethra gt ampulla gt ejaculatory duct 5 ejaculatory duct gt ductus deferens gt epididymis gt ampulla gt urethra


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