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by: Vance Bahringer


Marketplace > Iowa State University > Sociology > SOC 134 > INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY
Vance Bahringer
GPA 3.89

Daniel Krier

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About this Document

Daniel Krier
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vance Bahringer on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 134 at Iowa State University taught by Daniel Krier in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/214458/soc-134-iowa-state-university in Sociology at Iowa State University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Nov 3 2006 htthwww1astateedusoc13A 1994 68 000 households with income over s r H my mums mcmnen 2 12 1 000 000 making my slmunnn1994 J Less than one mrrd 0f therr rncorne comes from wages and sararres J cnarrtabre donatrons avg lt 4 0f rncorne J 2004 average CEO pay 9 5 rnrHrorr Mean sararv rs up15from8 3 rnrrrron rn 2003 EW Mean workersararv rs up 2 9 to 33175 EIW Mrhtary oorrtraaor CEO saranes up 200 srnce 9m UFE EO has rncreased faster than the avg worker Gaprsgrowrng 107Xrn1990 431xrn2004 vg worker sararv wourd be overMWO OOO rr pavnad rncxeased at CEO rate srnoe 1990 g u m e Mlmmum Wage Wou d be 23 03 rnstead of515 J Top rrve executrve saarres rn 2004 va 4 Fay a ran Oceaemer Pewu eum ear 5 n Hmrr 5 Pam v Emnsan A sgheny rmw 39 n Hmrr 201155 ex 99 xx manga eq xmdsa 9 qqqqq o sosossa39 f ee J camarmr aeoorarng to Adm Emrm rr eaen person rouows rnarwaua semmevest other Mr benem rnwsrore narra Mskmg Dm xmayresnwam weauangserrng vsma e Vaductsmsevvrces H r u m r r rrrarm J Spewranon a e rrs J ura rr a a rnax nun workers oommurrmes and the company s promamrw McMrrrrrmHer Nr reemrven ayed run Wurkevsm waduue hawhppevss rd earned 340 n rrren Dev veer ne aw2m Wasmaved m Mexrwr Wneve Dmducumysnduusnw ummeted neweven dasmg a remnes and mng kamvue m new mused s mck m nse rm s5 n sea EyQUUU mesmw nearerren m as Ammrng m Knev 2mm ms was erspeevreuve managemem as Dvwsed m awman managemem smuune 2m 995m J The earv 2000 sawnumevous corporate scandals resumng rrorn spewraxrve mmagemem J Enron Errmrr emmuves engaged n camphmtzd sanenes m creme me rHusrmr m Dm x wnee none exrsted and We taxes Durrrrg 2am me mp 2mm exemmves averaged an rm Man m pav ne scandal resurrea n 4 arnrner chslges me rass mew ayees pensrmrs and me deswucuarr nave been a gvrrvuees and nanmnransmdate ken Laychamvrsnarrd venev skrrrn urr ma J Worrdcorn overstated us eanrngs by 11 mrron CED aerrrre Ebbevs and other were oorrvrcted or raw and omer one es J Elrnrra scandals nave been uncovered at Ade phraTyoo and sons crossng J These seanaas rnvorvea emquot to make money mrougn specuralrorr not pvoduclron J Economtsts use the term rentseehng to descrlbe mantpulattng economtc ertvtrortmertt eg 1 through government actlory to produce value tor the com a such as through tanrrs tax breaks excluslve Thls can harm other oorpotattons and consumers because m less ree Rentrseeklng creates htgher pnoes and poverty espectally tn g natt e a e o The 2003 reoeral government budgetlncluded 90 btllton tn corporate Welfare or 042 per 0 5 household Federal oorporate Welfare costs rtve ttmes Welfare tor the poor WalrM art 2004 study round over1 btllton tn state and local government substotes The 2005 reoeral transportatton btll allocates 37 mtllton to tmprove road to WalM art HO tn Bentontnlle AR Fubllc asststance ror Wale M art Workers may also oost btlltons government spen s over1 o btllton annuallybuytng and stortng sugar to tnrlate prtoes Thls results tn 0 s oonsumers paytng an extra 1 9 btllton annuallyror sugar and costs developan nattons 1 5 btllton Cato Absolute poverty inability to afford the minimal requirements for sustaining healthy existence p 355 Relative poverty individuals economic position compared to the living standards of the majority in society p 355 Povertyline amount of yearly income a familyrequires to meet its basic needs acoording to the federal government P 355 Poverty rate percentage of people whose income falls below the poverty line p 357 sewswwwwsaa pacmthanw pnva39ty line 19m 1965 197D 1975 MEI 1985 MEI 1595 ZEm zmz Other races 72 I Who ts homeless Esttmates or homelessness range rrom 7501000 to 2 mtllton 2000 1995 survey or homelessness 45 homeless men 13 stngle Women 35 5 ramtltes thh chtloren 3 5 chlldren on own I ndtvtdualtsttc explanattorts of homelessness Substance Mental tllness Show et al found only 15 were mentally lll J Structural explana torts Resldentlal otslocatton laor or lovvrlncorne houstng houstng tnrlatton Economtcotslocatton unemployment lovvrpaylng lobs J Best explanattorts connect structural to btographtcal Snow and Anderson39s Down on TharLum QQG M ethod pamapant observauon and ana ysws of shener and govemment documents m Austm Texas nneas struaura faaors and mdeuaHevd faaors um famors reswderma dws ocauon amp eoonormc dws ocauon Ehograpmca determmants of home s ess Vomntsnm h0me ess h es1y1e dwmoe notstpoHed by emdence em 63 homdess gave 111 exp ananon Dwsab mes am palho ogwes also not supponea Show amp Andevson mewmamaua paiho ogwes g adaptanons m homeWess not case oy H La ousmuysuppon mosmommomymennonea mogvsmca Vactov so 6 samp A dam us also we mosnmponsm uogvapmcal may Bad uck msyvesuu m homebssness mong me econommaxymagma xxx xx Ego g I Lasno b Genera aboremoonstruwom Warehouse oadmg 0 new 30 7 S o ermcedshwashmg jamtona nursmghome 215 Faaoryworka d emdeopert n 6 raftskmed W C S aes and den Mmtary 22 I Medwan houny Wage 4 90 I Medwan durauon onob 5 smonms I Reason for joblermmauon Lax d offjob ended 44 3 F red 91 n awo o orkbmdmgtrade5 mechamcs 193 02 570 Omt 210 Other 25 5


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