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by: Santiago Blick


Santiago Blick
GPA 3.81

Bradley Perkins

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About this Document

Bradley Perkins
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Santiago Blick on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CON E 241 at Iowa State University taught by Bradley Perkins in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/214467/con-e-241-iowa-state-university in Construction and Management at Iowa State University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
Construction Engineering 241 Exam 3 Review 1 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED a b F 517 H 02 7 Developed by the US Green Building Council Certification process i Done online ii Two phase submission 1 Design 2 Construction 4 levels of certification 39 Certified i Silver iii Gold iv Platinum V Levels give incentives for higher recognition and offer competition Categories i Sustainable Sites 2nd largest ii Water efficiency iii Energy amp Atmosphere Largest iv Materials and Resources V Indoor Environmental Quality Vi Innovation and Design Bonus Points Vii Regional Priority Credits NEW Reporting plansexecution to LEED approval i Take pictures weekly recommended ii Copies of approved plans iii Drawing of site plan Post vs Pre Consumer i Postconsumer use paper throw away recycled into something else ii Preconsumer y ash by productwaste product that can be used as something else accidental Regular wood vs Forest Stewardship Council FSC i Raised differently ii FSC Wood plant two trees for each 1 H Advantages of LEED i Competitive edge ii High profile projects iii Higher profit with reduced competition Disadvantages of LEED 39 Makes bidding difficult i39 More planning prior to construction ii39 Add time in schedule iv Large amount of documentation HH 2 Insulation a Vapor Barriers only water in gas i Keep water from moving through construction assembly ii Water can condense and freeze causing issues in construction materials b Unfaced Insulation vs Faced Insulation i Faced has a membrane on one side which only protects water from getting in on that one side not suitable for Iowa climate ii Consider using house wrap to eliminate passage of moisture on other side of faced insulation 3 Roofing a Low Slope Roofing i Asphalt membrane 1 2 Messy smelly time consuming Often covered by ballasts stone aggregate to protect from hail wind ii Parapet low wall that projects above the roof edge 1 b Green Roofs Helps protect masonry from moisture runoff from the roof i Extensive 1 2 3 Shallow roots About 6 deep Seedum may be grown cactuslike ii Intensive FWN Weigh a lot more stronger structural members needed Can be cost effective but not usually Soil around 3 deep Vegetation can include bushes small trees ower native grasses iii Difficult to find leady areas in the roof underneath plants and soil 4 Windows a Types i Operable vs Fixed 1 Operable are chosen most times in residential a In commercial they may be left open what is fresh air to someone may mean allergies to another cannot control pressure in building ii Choices for frames Equot 539quot Wood good thermal insulator any color expands and contracts at the same rate as house vulnerable to decay Vinyl imsy lighter than wood easier to install easier to paint than wood Vinyl encased wood frame best ofboth wood and vinyl 4 Aluminum light stiff corrosion resistant use in commercial buildings Important parts of windows i Sill most likely spot for corrosionrustwater damagebugs ii Sash present for moveable windows iii Iamb supports windows c Curtain wall i NOT STRUCTURAL can only resist against wind ii Windows held with rubber and aluminum rubber serves as a 9 thermal break d Frit i Design texture pattern affixed in the glass to block some of the sun s rays add aesthetic value protect things in buildings e Glazing Glass Lites i Marr scratch resistant not scratch proof ii Wire mesh in glass 1 Adds fire rating 2 Glass will be held together when broken melting begins iii Low ecoating 1 Allows some sun rays to pass dependent on wavelength iv Spandrel Panel 1 Piece of glass that has an extremely dark tint that you cannot see through 2 Allows a building to look like it is all class by hiding the structural stuff v Tempered Glass 1 Highly heat treated 2 Shatter resistant 3 Used in all instances where the glass may be banged up a bit glass doors outer windows vi Laminated Glass 1 Another way to strengthen glass 5 Doors a Most made ofwood b Classified i Swing 1 Right vs Left which way does the door open with your back at the hinges Interior Exterior Security 1 SolidHollow Core 2 Hardware a Hinges b Locks iv Steel doors v Iambs 9 dependent on door attachment to type ofwall ii39 vi UValue Energy efficiency ofa door vii Blast Resistance c UL Sticker Underwriter s Laboratory i Give doors fire rating by testing NFPA gives door to UL for testing ii Independent testing center 6 Exterior Cladding Exterior Wall Systems a Residential i Sliding light easy multiple colors finishes ii Non structural masonry iii Cementious product quotHardy board 1 Heavy 2 Hard to work with 3 Easily breaks iv Stucco 1 Strong 2 Economical 3 Fire resistant v EIFS Exterior Insulation and Finish System 1 b Commerical Stucco like with an ineffective vapor barrier and insulation i Know primary and secondary functions of exterior walls 1 SAJN Fquot KEEP WATER OUT a 3 conditions for water to enter i Water present on the outside ii Opening for water to move through iii Force to move water through opening b Vapor pressure i Dry inside building humid outside forces water inside ii Water ows from high concentration to low concentration Air leakage Light a Radiation b Conduction of heat Sound control Resist wind forces Control pressure a Make sure that air is being forced out not sucked in outside air brings moisture b Difficult because i Building is not completely sealed ii Stack effect in tall open areas iii DoorsWindows constantly opening 1 Vestibules help to solve this but with lots of people leavingcoming it doesn t work Revolving doors solve this but hard to make ADA compliant Equot ii Leaky buildings 1 Building shell commissioning creates liabilities for contractors a Frost can build up b Mold can form c Issues with heating and cooling 2 Fixing leaks extremely expensive and difficult 7 Finishes a Plaster not usually used on interior commercial finishes b Flooring i Tiles 1 Durable 2 Can be decorative 3 Not too hard to install 4 Pretty expensive 48 SF ii Terazzo 1 Stone smoothed 2 Durable 3 Concrete base with decorative rocks 4 Grinding process is messy 5 Limited contractors iii Wood 1 Looks nice 2 Must be sealed well 3 Very susceptible to expansion and contraction 4 Can be refinished iv Carpet tile 1 Replace one and done v Carpet 1 Quality affect price fiber count 9 higher makes it harder to see wear 2 More uniform carpet color easier to see stains 3 Price ranges a ton 1 12 SF vi StainingStamped Concrete More industrial 2 3 4 Concrete must be finished well 5 Cracks occur in all concrete 6 Slippery vii Linoleom viii c Walls 1 ii iii 1 Simple 2 Fast 3 Easy 4 Cheaper quality product 5 Do not glue directly to sheathing Poured ooring 1 Rubbery 2 Smells when being poured Drywall 1 Most common finish material 2 Advantages a Fire resistant b Cost effective c Easy installation d Easily modified e Readily available f Stress free demo g Many choices in final finish 3 Disadvantages a Easily broken b Messy to install c Water damages it d Lots of manual labor for installation 4 Green board water resistant a MR Rated b Used in bathrooms 5 Blue board mold resistant a Fiberglass hard to work with splinters b Messy 6 Blast resistant bullet resistant etc exist 7 Skim coat 8 Mud joint compound a Tape first b Covers joints divets c Number of times muddingtaping depends on skill of carp enter and finish detail Textures 1 Use light joint compound dilute with primer 2 Hides imperfections Painting 1 Interior paint a Shine i Flat ii Gloss iii Semigloss iv Eggshell b Base i Oil lasts longest but hardest to clean ii Water iii Latex c High quality 30 min d Use primer for new drywall 2 Exterior paint a More expensive b More durable iv Wallpaper v Tile vi Wood paneling


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