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by: Dr. Sid Kunde


Dr. Sid Kunde
GPA 3.79

Richard Hall

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About this Document

Richard Hall
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Sid Kunde on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NREM 120 at Iowa State University taught by Richard Hall in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/214468/nrem-120-iowa-state-university in Natural Resource Ecology And Mgmt at Iowa State University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
Scienti c Notatio Decimal Part x 10exponent Example 50000 50 x 104 Example 00005 50 x 10 Physical Property Examples Color or Odor Chemical Property Example Reactivity Physical Change Change in state Example water gt vapor Chemical Change Change in composition where a new substance is formed Example marshmallow gt ash Conservation of Mass In a chemical change matter is not created nor destroyed it only changes form Example Gas combines with oxygen gas in the air to form C02 gas amp water Measurement LengthMassVolumeTimeTemperature Length Meters m Mass Grams g Volume Liters L Time Seconds s Temperature Kelvin K Measurements Larger than a meter Terameter Tm 1 x 10 Giga meter G111 1 x 109 Megameter Mm 1 x 106 Kilometer Km 1 x 103 Measurements Smaller than a meter Centimeter cm 1 x 1039 Milli meter mm 1 x 10393 Micrometer um 1 x 10396 Nanometer nm 1 x 10399 Measurements Acronym The Good amp Mighty King brings Cookies amp Milk Merrily Now tera giga mega kilo base centi milli micro nano Unit of Energy 100 calorie cal amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of a 100 gram of water by 1000 C 100 cal 4184joule J 1000 cal 100 Cal Factors that affect the amount of heat involved in any process Amount substance amp temperature Atomic Theory Each element is composed of tiny indestructible particles called atoms All atoms of an element ave the same mass amp certain properties that distinguish them from atoms of other elements Atoms simply rearrange in chemical reactions Atoms combine in simple whole number ratios to form compunds Nuclear Atom Negatively charged Electron e39 Positively charged Proton p No charge Neutron Nuclear Theory of the Atom The nucleus accounts for most of the mass of the atom The positive charge of the atom is found in the nucleus Most of the volume of the atom is found outside the atom Electrons are found outside the nucleus Neutral charged atoms contain the same number of e39 amp p Atomic Number The number of protons in the nucleus 2 The mass number A is a whole number representing the mass of the atom in amu Isotope Same number of protons Specific Names of Groups on the Period Table A Groups representativemain groupo lA except Hydrogen Alkali Metals 2A Alkaline Earth Metals 6A Chalcogens 7A Halogens 8A Noble Gases Cation Positive charged ion Anion Negative charged ion Electron Behavior An electron has the property of behaving like a particle amp a wave The farther an energy level is from the nucleus the higher in energy it is Electron Energy levels 0 nl n2 n3 n4 Max 2 8 18 32 Energy Sublevels nl has 1 sublevel ls n2 has 2 sublevels ZS 2p n3 has 3 sublevels 35A 3p 3d n4 has 4 sublevels 4s 4p H413 Isoelectronic When e39 are gained or lost it has the same e39 con guration as the nearest noble gas The larger size of the positive charge in the nucleus pulls the electrons ithe energy level more tightly toward the nucleus


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