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by: Maverick Harris


Marketplace > Iowa State University > Physics 2 > PHYS 222 > INTR CLASSC PHYS II
Maverick Harris
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maverick Harris on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 222 at Iowa State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/214479/phys-222-iowa-state-university in Physics 2 at Iowa State University.




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Date Created: 09/27/15
Student motivation and engagement in developing broader skills eg roblem solving wadagggmal 1272009 Craig Ogilvie cog ilvieiasmteedu l Student Motivation I Keller s ARCS model Journal of Instructional Development10 p2 1987 Attention a gain and keep the learner39s attention Passion about skills andor scare them job outsourced Relevance u Be explicit about the direct benefit to the student Complex world vital they developpractice these skills Confidence a Support initial efforts positive feedback on smallsized tasks Satisfaction u Provide a sense of achievement I Are we addressing all four a First 2 be explicit Last 2 scaffolding rampup to larger tasks 1272009 Craig Ogilvie cogilvieiastateedu 2 Intellectual development of students I Core studentbeliefs about what is knowledgelearning u Perry scheme and others 1 Duality u all problems are solvable u the student39 to learn the right solutions 2 Multiplicity attempts to account for diversity in human opinion often becomes a new certainty of quotwe39ll never know for surequot what is most important is one39s own thinking arbitrary basis for determining what39s right hence an attitude of quotdo your own thingquot or quotanything goesquot DUDE Adapted from htt www err networkor lschemeoverviewhtml httpwwwcsebuffaloedurapaportperrypositionshtml 1272009 Craig Ogilvie cogilvieiastateedu 3 Intellectual development of students 11 3 Contextual Relativism n Propose solutions and support these by reasons 1 Some solutions are better than others depending on context a Student39s task is to learn to evaluate solutions 4 Commitment 1 Develop and judge possible solutions using both intellectual and ethical considerations Consider choices in the face of legitimate WWWquot Integrate knowledge learned via personal experience using reflection 1272009 Craig Ogilvie cogilvieiastateedu Question Dualist multiplicity contextual relativism commitment 1 Estimate the average shift of positions a typical student has during hisher four years at college eg from Duality 1 to Commitment 4 is a shift of 3 average shift 1 or less 1 lt average shift lt 2 2 lt average shift lt 3 wive Aug 19 2008 Craig Ogilvie cogilvieiastateedu Intellectual developmentl ill structured PS 1 Duality El the student39s task is to learn the right solutions 2 Multiplicity El arbitrary basis for determining what39s right 3 Contextual Relativism El Propose solutions and support these by reasons 4 Commitment El Integrate knowledge learned via personal experience using reflection I When can students benefit from illstructured tasks in courses El In freshman year so they kickstart their intellectual development El Takes time to develop these skills and to build integrated knowledge for illstructured tasks El Or is this too much a clash for dualitv students 1272009 Craig Ogilvie cogilvieiastateedu 6 2008 National Survey of Student From su President s Engagement NSSE Councmemg an Five clusters or benchmarks of effective educational practice established by NSSE 1 Level of academic challenge 0 c Q m A 39 m 7 E n lt 5 n m m D 5 VI 2 3 4 Enriching educational experiences 5 upportive campus environment The benchmarks are expressed on a 100point scale For each question in cluster the best response gt100 worst response 0 Linear in between these two Average is then calculated for all students all questions in cluster 1272nn9 Sung 091m coglvie zlustate eon Level of Academic Challenge First Year Senior luwa sme Universixy Docxorall esearcll Extensive 551 552 554 550 552 549 556 7 003 200a 2005 2006 2007 2008 IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY 127znu9 cug cymwgmanmm Selected Student and Faculty2 Views of Level of Academic Challenge In lnwu Mm sumquot umquot mm mum a mu mum Sllmnms I unpu mmquot szlxv students complex lZ7ZDEI9 cmg 091m c ugh mm e on 9 Increase student motivation ARCS 1 Attention Relevance Confidence Satisfaction Increase student sense of relevance or buyin to academic challenge a What set of skills am trying to develop while at ISU a How can I grow intellectually professionally a How can I use the challenges of each course to further my goals I Individual courses 1 Bring these implicit goals to the open eg ill structured problemsolving 1272009 Craig Ogilvie cogilvieiastateedu 10 Problem Solving Beliefs in Sophomores Phys 222 Students asked to reflect and describe their preferred method of solving physics problems a At start of semester and at end of semester I 400 res onses coded blind to re ost List known quantities I Limiting strategies I match between equation and known quantities Roladex Find similar example in text Diagram I Expansive strategies I Identify main concepts Qualitative analysis Identify subproblems UUUUUUU NOV 07 cogilvieiastateedu 11 Listing Knowns The ver first thin that I do is rewrite the information on the side so that it is easy to see and understand since it often gets confusing throughout a story problem I write down the known facts and what I need to find I assign variables to each factknown or unknown alike My biggest problem is finding information that isn39t needed in the problem and therefore waste time NOV 07 cog vieiastateedu 12 Equation Matching RoladeX read through the problem noteing the information given Then I look for a formula that involves these variables My general approach to a physics problem is to write out the given information then try to match what we are given to an e uation on the sheet This is fairl39 efficient for sim le problems but much more troublesome with complex problems I usually figure out what va d wt e find Then I look for a formula that contains all of those variables and solve for what I need Despite your warning against it I still go equationhunting Equations are basically models of concepts and so it39s the e uivalent of lookin39 forthe ri39ht conce t However most of all it works NOV 07 cog vieiastateedu 13 Qualitative Also I think it39s very important to talk myself through it qualitatively before touching any numbers or equations After usin39 e uations and vettin39 an answer I ask myself it it makes sense One of the first things I like to do daw a represents the problem This helps me better understand what I am dealing with and what I will be looking for If after this the problem is still confusing go through my head at what would make logical sense in solving the problem Sometimes for it to make sense I have to imagine myself in the situation and think about what would occur in this situation Once I think I understand what is happening I look for the formulas that relate to the problem NOV 07 cogilvieiastateedu 14 Fraction of times method listed in a response CA Ogilvie Accepted for publication Physical Review Special Topics Physics Education Research frequency 90090 JQJbU ON 0 A More expansive strategies prevalen pominstruction Limited strategies still mentioned postinstruction robust because these work for simple problems Nov 07 cogilvieiastateedu 15 Systemic Change I CELT currently focused on faculty development gt student learning How to get students to think about their own development a Partnership with GSBCELTRegistrationAdvising Structured reflection for every student start of each year 1 Peer review so the audience is 23 other students who provide feedbackreaction authentic audie 1 Done during registration a httpcprmolsciuclaedu or eDOC 1272009 Craig Ogilvie cogilvieiastateedu Systemic Change 11 How to get students to think about their own development ll Studentowned Alvernostyle or ABETstyle broader skills 1 Matrix of broader skills eg communication group work problemsolving El Each at different levels 1 Fill out which courses each semester helped you or will help you develop which skills a Registration or as part of advising or as part of course evaluation 1272009 Craig Ogilvie cogilvieiastateedu 17 Summary Pedagogical e All three are important and perhaps necessary to achieve student growth 1272009 1ng Ogilvle cog11v1e1astateedu 18 Backup Slides 1272009 Craig Ogilvie cogilvieiastateedu Selected Student and Faculty2 Views of Student Learning a LuvEl Emu mums mm mm mm a umm Dwulnn mums I UDDM Dmsmn Facuhv mm snmululu Ihu changes ma way mums and mum n m rnmhm Pmmgelhel dustquot mm mimm 1 quotmm mm o In 20 30 40 50 so 70 an 90 mo Percent 39Pucnm a summs wnn uwnnm may am nun mmquot M 39Ve39ymlmquot mum nunm m 1mm m mm m mum my mm mum and m mmquot m 39vwvanmquot dullw mmm var 127znu9 cmg 091m c ugh mm e on 2n


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