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by: Johnny Rau I


Johnny Rau I
GPA 3.58


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Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Johnny Rau I on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SP CM 212 at Iowa State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/214481/sp-cm-212-iowa-state-university in Speech & Communication at Iowa State University.




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Date Created: 09/27/15
Sp Cm 212 Fundamentals of Public Speaking Preparation Outline Lecture 4F The Informative Speech The responsibility to convey clearly organized information Notes about the test When you hear that today39s subject is quotorganizing amp outliningquot you probably think it s going to be as boring as anything By contrast I amp the rest of the staff of this course are passionate about organization Why Because it will help you and it will help your audience It will help you because it is likely the one thing you can improve on the fastest Many of the skills of public speakingiusing language accurately and poetically delivering with your own personal style and mastering your speech contentiwill grow with time In other words we re only trying to be realistic when we say that it39ll take ten years to achieve the goals of this course But with a little thought and work you can improve the clarity of your organization dramatically improving your speaking and your speech grades fast It will help your audience because it is likely the one thing you can do that will most help them understand what you re saying You ve all been in classes with disorganized teachers and know how frustrating it is to be a listener there Do not emulate the worst teacher you have ever had Be kind to your audience and organize clearly That s why organization will be weighted so heavily when we assess your informative speeches Note that the grades for the major speeches in this class are not given in pointsiwe are not looking for a checklist of things each one worth a different amount of points Instead we assess your speeches quotwholisticallyquot We come to an overall judgment about how good they areihow well they achieve the speaker39s responsibilities And organization plays a key role in this judgment CYou have a basic Intro amp Conclusion and use a recognizable pattern in between BYour Intro amp Conclusion are complete your organization sound and all your connectives are present AYour organization is logical and creative and you39ve mastered connectives So today let39s talk about organizationiand a little about outliningiand in particular I What you need to know about Organizing A Why organizeian experiment B How to organizeipattems of organization C How to convey your organization to your audience D The relationship of organization to the Central Idea II Practice analysis III What you need to know about Outlining A Why outline B What outlines look likeithe quotsquint testquot Transition If you understand why you need to organize you ll be able to do it well I What you need to know about Organizing A Why organizeian experiment EXERCISE B How to organizeipattems of organization 1 The textbook lays out 5 common patterns of organization clearly and with examples Know themiyou will have to use them on the test 2 The basic idea however is the same for all You should be able to explain why each point comes after the next The organization should never be random or jumbled 3 Example Sword speech C How to convey your organization to your audience 1 It is vital that not only YOU know what your organization is but that your AUDIENCE know it too In other words you have to convey your organization to your audience 2 Story 3 To do this you use connectives a We introduced you to speech connectives in the last unitithe transitions signposts and internal summariespreviews that help your audience understand how your points fit together b Your Paired Perspective speech gave you an opportunity to practice simple connectives c Your Informative speech is much more complicated and will require much more work d Example sword speech D The relationship of organization to the Central Idea 1 Central Idea is another concept we learned in the first unit but which wasn39t very complicated or demanding at that point 2 Now it s more complicated The basic rule is that your Central Idea should incorporate all and only the main points in your organization 3 Example sword speech II Practice analysis Exercise III What you need to know about Outlining A Why outline l A good prep outline forces you to put your thoughts in order revealing gaps and confusions so you can correct them 2 Crafting a good prep outline helps you remember your ideas 3 A good outline shows you how you can use connectives to link your points 4 A good outline communicates your plan to your lab instructor so he she can give you appropriate feedback B What outlines look likeithe quotsquint testquot EXERCISE Conclusion Even after you have great information you still need to THINK about it As a wise man once said quot90 of the game is half mentalquot Organize welliand have a great weekend


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