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by: Ms. Helen Sipes


Ms. Helen Sipes
GPA 3.98


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Helen Sipes on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 181 at Iowa State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/214504/math-181-iowa-state-university in Mathematics (M) at Iowa State University.




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Date Created: 09/27/15
c1 x 4016 256 75 ak7 a alrj 4 I 9 39 A 022162 39 1quot 7460 W 0773 lg Ckquot cg F 5 f l A M y Of 34 egg2V g 39 m 7 A 7 quot Cg g 7642954254 A 6 yS39 0 69 p CC V g 1 7 7 7 wotquot a 239 f7 armf 71 g z gar 4 07 IX 6 V 39gjocg W7 c39Qf q 539 zy i Wow I r 39 Z x 139 3 MAW m i a a 0 g M x gm Kg 1 J g x 39 f af W 39 74 er 60 fixgt7 y Z 54 35 553 7ZLLZ Ewangt169 3 e 49076 a quot jciL L O72 WZK z 16Mi i3 r n 1 1397 f 1 v 55571 A XogmJVlCJ g 5 Z f if4amp4 0 J r 1312780 tozLiZi ac4amp1 53 3 V a f 17 A 0 rquot X AI gtoffso w72 Ijq 393 5 l 1 51 5 3 2 4 y 5 LZ Hdg zz 45 9167M M a r V 7 a Q age we 452ch 52 2 24055 071 6 6246 9 39 H W g 22quotlt 7C 22 W Z 7 6 1 117 vaw 09 WM quot m w39 quotquot WWMXQ Z22L23Z25 A2 23127 3 l WV 5 Gag2 J lcwJC L we w 56264 I 2 UZfd y z Z Wg r a 7 r I W V mm 5 77 4 ma ArzLaf j m 224 cg yam Leg 2961 52316 L272 yCgw 97254 0 472 2 4225 can 1amp4 tiauazyf 39 A 31 0 i 2 gt gt f cZ LC 2 f 57 Lift quot10quot 5 1 J 4 m p 5 y ngX 5 Pm tXLMyj aw a awg 64 40561 M ma a 29 I I Y ags 4quot gt 1 4055 7 H I W gm Cumz Avid fr 0 716 47 M I Xxsz LifeE U r 7 V 7H M 5967 z 5amp5 225 j L12 Z zls 6 3 6691 45 X392 9 0 f y 5 m S I M V I A 5 935 061539 7 EfX szp g6 7 52 m 572 Ky amp e a agg Eggw k KG Z52 MQEJ c K a Mix47 f 0 2 iii y 1 072 X Lag 266 5y 5 7 I 39 x v g 2 5 kg 5 gt y m 545 4266 WC 5 21 Q 1 X 42 X m 9 6 LEE2 quot eegjgg MK 4637525 7V 7 J l 55 v I 3 371 4 333 0 m my 6 l6yi 7 as y Q 7 J yQ K 639 QJ 277X 1 7 1 t x5ggf iL ikfgif 7 77 w 39I j 1 i k l J W A za biC T 7 Q quotZ r ic lz 4 hairf 26 I Cg 1 EA 27de if f g 1quot Qai 54T35 i r i iaf Qj f 9 7 i 7 E5 Z 361 C k HimMr ZO gt ZVZ a gcww 7 ampamp ga g g 3ww w39cwwzgaampmfga m z w W W440 394 Wm 5ng xy5 WXLW 1 I y 9 1 g i pyxro yfgggzz M j 77QXQH 3 x H 6 f g39 lt3 X 3 397 x 4gg 2 2 253 5 w zofjii i N l V 4 554025 I iTMRB quot I I LQ j 1i 1 1 2 M f l Math 181 January 31 2008 REGRESSION y 1 23 n are the given experimental data and the corresponding curve may be approximated by function characterized based on Assume the function which represents the curve of mi precisely is fz y The approximation function is y Due to the observation error the equality 5i 7 0 does not have to be true The reachable target is minimize the error which is de ned as 7L H5113 2 W901 yilz39 i1 The problem 111111115113 is called at least square problem data tting Generally one choose gtz E I span gt1 gt2 gtn where all of the are base functions To gure out the best approximation is equivalent to minimize the multivalue function 2 Fa17a27 7am ZZaj j HM Pi where p is some weight and usually set to equal 1 in our case To have the minimizer we need use higher dimensional derivative theory which will be covered in later chapters The required normal equation is Zlt j gtgtkgta Mk k 12 n where is inner product de ned as j7 m Z ji gtki 107 Z f90i gtkm Remark 01 To have the above equation solvable one has to have the base functions be linear independent on the sets of points and satisfy some other conditions called Haar condition If the solvability is enjoyed to approximate by polynomials linear quadratic 3rd order etc we have a formula 71 2 M a0 7 Z yi 295i 90 a1 7 Ema where y a0 1 am note 10 1 11 For quadratic equation 71 Z m Z 902 a0 Z M EM 290 90 a1 290 7 Z x Z x Z 952 a2 2 902 1 2 where y a0 alz agzz note7 10 17 11 m 12 m2 For higher order polynomial7 n a0 Z 351 Z Z E 30TH a1 2 2le xx 290 mm a 2w 7 1 2 an whereya0a1za2z2anm note gt01 gt1m gt2277 gtnx Example Iquot a ff 7 gt 52 zgzng ZZLf may W L I L gxwgzag g L4 gagL JFX Ai giglei A WV x 2w 7quotquot ggyZg r 6 g I R 7 7 g 7 7 i i j I 1 F xiiigig 49 L l a a z z g5 397 ag l f if f ozh quot Mw quoti f y I a LA 2 6 447 gwggah A 247 m4 5 4251 f I 39g v i H g LZ 39 L d W 39 a 7quot 7 gt 7 V 7 7 1 hi quot f 7gltm fgf igfw 5M ggjg g g Lw 922225 k 139 A LZe252f W J 22amp2 gampy 77 7 77 ZEQ wa 9A 39 J 2JWg w m jzl agdg d g 23 31m 1 33C3 Zia 90 Qk25 Ef gy Y2 y 2e i quot 4quot f 5 I 7 l quot 39 M 7 law7524f km 6 a 7 3 k r5 5 WCx 02 3 1 lmAy t rquot zw m 7 r r iquot 7 r A r A 23 gm445424 jaggv XiC 7WV 7 7 V vi ZZZCLM 7 J 17 4 7 pwamp739 gt 44547 V 2XE2Xz 3f 3941 Z 25 t Z a 7 quot 2 X a c7 I J 55quot g2 95 y X Q y 19 13 is 72 quot 93K j fZfl i 457 cgt 1 Mampj 66975143ng f 4 y gxi xi a K a 2 7 aM zf 4X7 7 9W 1 1 7 7 7 i fr if V 1 J X 74 lt74quot7 WW V v f I r 77 7km g W A ZK7i2 X is 39


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