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by: Ms. Helen Sipes


Ms. Helen Sipes
GPA 3.98


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About this Document

Class Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Helen Sipes on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 501 at Iowa State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see /class/214505/math-501-iowa-state-university in Mathematics (M) at Iowa State University.




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Date Created: 09/27/15
AWUJAIWL 1 1quot CMW Ii7atmz L M 7 Q 167 5 1 9L1 pvm39wcowm Cmd xw 7 M I c 576 sayL 7Lon ixUL 3 m l wbin3 Pvt7 F quotwt01 lt Sum E is bcwmwx 4am Jammy quot er kjca39wc w m g l 1 mt 3 amp Nam W lt5 0 Mm M 53 Cam r37 Cm15a rwog 5 I mu 7 6 410ch w Mxm 2 gag i qu 9 k Sage WW7 gtlt m E lacth 1 SW Riga g Wig1 lt exgyg w Ts EOWKM sin 12 v W39Jacacar i f ovj 70 7 26 quot Miaquot quot in 5 a Ami 2C4 0 9 L E 2 3 MW 3 Cl MIL mava mi 191 MW 49 inWW 25 ih Wl ffj 30 39339 2 MW M C mg Wm quotKW M X 1207 2C339539K f K5 QM 9 6 4 a ygque QCKS7gt C ltQN 7 chmstwsvj varzms auz ij egms 4w Hue Gw axr py a9 3 xi vgcll SQ quotz w 455mg wit RA wk Hm cm 7 THY gnawxx 2 xy 1 W 572 4 fit15 w 6714 gt Sffsj s anwym 5 X ltxlt gtltLc 4 1 m4 09 66 mw M M7 Mt x1cuifbgtlt3k3 quotlf M w mrar M ammuvs viw a be 13 5 piWTV Ld m 9 f39 um k I S39M m HMJ 3995 E6 k MW 6 9 5 Wynn WM 27 m Mevow I CL V33 1 Cxwgl g 3 h3 GV N 737W maf n wj fou Mama MALRE shamAg oQLJcr4dea 9 E 2ltc Li EH caner wwmma Mr gmmswsy a My 6415 A A4M Wva 44 Redcwuw WW M g m WWZ 9y Maw rm sv Maw gt9 53 mam otzlt zlt 5 3 fgbofgamp 4 S g 3922 Inn n fa 1 1 1 CL k V 7 HM t 7 lt Ve44 Sgto Jw may 5M g m Jew Tm 0L 3 2quot 0 Huge Lo 64 quot961 M if f 4 8 ha W mwhmk he 4 Q m WW 7 givw a M39N wwrriw 0 xvi gar13 a ij CK W CE4 W wrkj Mys 7t 2439 q 39Oo gt Una he wire CX 11K4 Vgt ng ew7 Rd g E Vva QICXWU39 CM HM HWVU W 7C quot 3 lt 9 Smk 5 Lee Mote we C IltV1 J39 Cw 3gt N 3 u 2W isw 5 9quot in CK 1Igt 6quotVLZ a M hwy 364 00 N L 2 k W 39m a WWW 5 lt u w 5 M E Mr M 91 m A quot A or 39 r39 This j 51557 3 W ame ng gm gt3 We 91 Wquot S gC39Cx u j g g Ira Lama 6 6m Rwy M z lycmir 4 lt as va ei It vv Egt gtIIOL EW V 5b We 91gt kgtquot l ytb lt a 6 gtr 2 lx q quot41 g L la 5mm 49gt r M 5 w 3Q


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