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by: Solon Leuschke


Solon Leuschke
GPA 3.81

Frank Krennrich

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About this Document

Frank Krennrich
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Solon Leuschke on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASTRO 120 at Iowa State University taught by Frank Krennrich in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/214516/astro-120-iowa-state-university in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Iowa State University.

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Date Created: 09/27/15
also mmom uuuemugm 1 Welcome to Astro 120 The Sky and our Solar System Prof Steven Kawaler Prof Charles Kerton 1A5 Mr Gary Cameron Mr Brad Peterson MS Mlchelle HanWell Recitations begin NEXT Monday Please take a syllabus from the front table at httpwwwpubliciastateeduf2005astro120 Text book required Bennett et alThe Solar System Pan 1 o1 The Cosmic Perspective This week read Chapter 1 amp Chapter 2 sec 2122 Asmmhimwecuempageis There are only two worthwhile professions medicine and astronomy Medicine because you are sure to help someone and astronomy because you are sure you won39t hurt anyone Aldous Huxley 0 Astronomy concerns things that are 0 too large to imagine 0 too far to fathom 0 too old to comprehend and 0 too small to see Aslm hsu hlrm 12mm The Universe is a BIG Place One Way Travel Time Distance 100000 ObJect km 55 mph mph LIGHT Moon 384000 174 d 24 hr 125 5 Venus 42000000 545 yr 11 o 233 min Sun 150000000 193 yr 2 months 333 min Pluto 6000000000 7300 yr 425 yr 525 hr X Centauri 40000000000000 30000 yr 425 yr Bares f speed o1 light 300000 kms starlolhel 677000000 mph 8 6 77 108 h Astronomical Distance Units 39 X mp I an auquot mea distance between Earth and Su 11 I a lightryear distance light travels in 1 year 67000 au 39 lly 10000000000000 km 1013 km 10 trillion km Asmmmm ammwgel 2 A solar system one of many Relative sizes Asm ESmhllSEEBllmue hbQms Some Other Solar Systems over 130 known Orbital Semimajor AU WWWWWW A Scale Model Solar System Distances U16 Sun z soilball 1 aLi 10 meters Jupiter agrzpe h a Poppyseed each step you take 10 million miles Mm nSszll SEEBWlmue hb 1E The Rest of our Solar Syst 7 7 7mm mm L l r L7 in iii l 77 PLUNML ll 11 if wipe mmmsn Issuembagem The Universe is now expanding following a Big Bang Age of the Universe 14 billion years Age of the Sun 45 billion years The Universe is almost empty Density of water1 gcc Density of Earth 5 gcc Density of the Universe 000000000000000000000001 gcc 10723 gcc Chemical Composition 75 Hydrogen 25 Helium lt 1 everything else All matter heavier than helium carbon oxygen calcium gold was transformed in the centers of longdead stars billions of years ago How did that stuff become usT I That is ultimately what Astro 120 is all about The Terrestrial Planets 0contentoloul SolarSr ii 7 39l vste i I Along the way we will explore o worlds st i ethan you have imagined o procegxes linking our Earth with tese alien worlds 0 iolcanos 0 weather erosion me o lmpacL between bodles o catas ophes bigger than Hollywood has dreamed ol and 0 whether we are the only civilization in the Galaxy The Jovian Planets A family portrait fromVoyager Big Moons Jupiter39s Main Moons Mercury Callisto 5262 km 5150 km 4880 km 4306 km Lquot Ganymede Titan 2310 Europa Triton Pluto Titania 3642 km 3476 km 3138 km 2706 km 2300 km 1580 km 4 HM Comets ids and Dactyi Impacts G Hupam 5m July 1994 A Scale M mugng odel o 9 mg by rm H r f Time pm


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