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by: Solon Leuschke


Solon Leuschke
GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Solon Leuschke on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASTRO 120 at Iowa State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/214520/astro-120-iowa-state-university in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Iowa State University.

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Date Created: 09/27/15
Resting Chimer l3 is t Chper9ut s 4 quot39 quot Non or Manama malaise 3 t andwww rem Exam 2 a may mm Neuter l LUNAK EcLlPsE anonymous m nwmm 5t WM Brier review oi last time Meteors Meteorites and Asteroids I Meteorites o meteors burning during brieHall to Earth 0 showers and radiants o mostly very small o ialls types irons smnesstony irons ominous Mimiqu an mama mum tantrum no in mean I Asteroids o locationsizesand types 39normal39 and Earth crossers o compositional families correlation with memorites Types of Asteroids compos on rom re ectance and s ectra I Ctype common In outer asteroid belt ectivity o no evidence or high mineral conmnt 0 carbon rich I Stype silicates r inner belt spectral evidence 39 Mtype rare o metallic ironnickel Asteroid origins total mass much less than a small planet some evidence of differentiation u 777 or olivine a silicate mineral Impacts n the nner S r Syster nmmw 39 Col ons have played a key role in the past 0 lormation oi planets by accretion cm 0 atmospheric composition 1 I Col 5 play a key role in the present 0 continued modi cation oi planemry surlaces o meteor storms 0 large and small extinction events I Col ons p a a ke ro e n the future 0 the thrth of lumre mass extinctions on Earth Catastrophic impacts in past formation ofplanets by accretion ofsmaJI more inter er bodies High density of Mercury toorlarge an iron core W e i I Formation of the Moon the Giant Impact theory I Huge impacts basins on Moon Mercury I Anomalous rotation of Venus Uranus I Bizarre Moons Phobos MirandaTriton Cratering rates then and now 0 Lunar Results 0 high rate in past 4 Gy ago 0 now nearly steady luv1de mi Pa 335 quotquot quot 0 recent Impacts 0 Tycho 00 My ago 0 Copernicus 600 My ago etaguy s m w we mqu Mr 9 clamrrcaama ronwnou 4 3 z 1 w Imam may um um Current Im acts Ener etics 0 unit we ll use Megaton Mton 000000 tons ofTNT 54 x HiroshimaAbomb Crater size Okay but how often on Earth Ni l 1 1 0quot i MegatcnsNequmlmt I I NJUHE Writer World s Nuclear Arsenal Recent Examples 0 Meteor Crater Arizona 50000 yr ago 0 impact energy 200 Mton 0 L3 km diameter impact crater 0 environmental impact uncertain O Tunguska Siberia I908 0 comet Z impact energy I5 Mton 0 total devastation over 000 square km 0 would have been mistaken for nuclear blast today 0 Comet SL9 and Jupiter Juy I994 0 comet impact energy I00000 Mton 0 several dark markings lasting many years 0 would form a 7km crater on Earth Jupiler 5 July 394 mun Shemocha I Uli hlHl 1m 2mg UT 2024 UT violet m m 1ll mu m m a H 2027 UT UV Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 Hubble Space Telescope megl 1 nayml m mu luvr m mm A e unu Appm cm mel39l r r uu up mt Manson Iowa subsurface impact crater Amo no alum Lemueil page ii The KT Impact gt Death to all Dinosaurs iri i u n 0 iridium is extraterrestrial 0 global layer 2 cm thick 0 parent body size gt l3 km taller than the atmosphere 0 crater diameter gt I30 km 0 impact energy gt O8 Mton 0 A global NuclearWinter lasting years 0 major disruption of climate 0 major disruption of food chain 0 large scale extinctions 90 of all species extinct The Impact Hazard um Consequenes so yr Iooow 00000 yr 0000


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