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by: Octavia Schinner


Marketplace > Iowa State University > Latin > LATIN 101 > ELEMENTARY LATIN I
Octavia Schinner
GPA 3.77


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Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Octavia Schinner on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LATIN 101 at Iowa State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/214522/latin-101-iowa-state-university in Latin at Iowa State University.




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Date Created: 09/27/15
Alex Classical Studies Podcast TranscriEt Greetings and welcome to Iowa State University s Podcast program on languages and cultures My name is Alex Ely and I will be your host for today s show about the Classical Studies program at lSU We have an interesting show for you today I will be sharing with you what Iowa State University has to offer regarding the curriculum activities and study abroad opportunities within the Classical Studies program But before we start lSU alum Professor Frederick Schwink reminds us why it s important to learn a human language Frederick Alex Learning any foreign language be it Latin ancient Greek German or anything else enriches you in a way that is important whatever your career is I ve rarely learned anything that hasn t somehow been relevant in my life as a whole Ancient Greek and Latin are languages that had an enormous impact on many of the languages most commonly spoken today in the world Many of the words in modern English are derived from these ancient languages If you are considering a career in say science law or medicine chances are that you will become very close friends with many technical terms derived from Latin and ancient Greek So having a background in either or both of these ancient languages would give you a great advantage But who better than professors at lSU to give you an overview of the many possibilities waiting for you in a classical studies major Madeleine My name is Madeleine Henry I m a professor of Classical Studies here at Iowa State That means I teach courses in Greek and Latin and historical topics and literary topics I am also in charge of the Classical Studies program so I help the program move forward and grow and organize events for us and try to help students figure out more things about their study Our major right now is an independent major and we have kind of a template for it Like other majors it requires some core credits about 25 and the main things that make it different from other humanities majors Alex is we require three semesters of Greek or Latin and then we have a combination of basic courses in Classical Studies like our ancient city course or our mythology course and then a mixture of literary courses material culture ancient history and we require at least one semester of Roman history So that s the nutshell for Classical Studies major and the minor is just a smaller version of that Did you know that even though Latin is no longer a spoken language it is still used to communicate YLF a Finnish Broadcasting Company produces Nuntii Latini a radio station in Latin Shows in Classical Latin such as a weekly review of world news are available through this unique international broadcast and you can even discuss topics of interest in Latin in a discussion board For more information and a link to the YLF website please visit our webpage wwwlanguageiastateedu and click on PODCAST The Classical studies program at Iowa State University is one of the most interdisciplinary fields in the humanities By participating in this program you will embark on a fascinating journey that will take you to explore many aspects of the Greco Roman world But if you are still wondering why study an ancient language listen to these insights from Professor Henry This is what she told us when we asked her why would anyone study Latin Madeleine Oh it s like why wouldn t anybody study Latin First of all it s very practical to study Latin I know you might think How can that be because Latin isn t spoken anymore Latin has given the world its scientific and technical terminology Latin and Greek It has been the ancestor of the romance languages so if you re interested in Spanish French Italian Portuguese Romanian you need to be interested in Latin because about three quarters of the words in those languages come from Latin Of course it has had a major effect on English too about two thirds of our words in English come from Latin It s also very very beautiful and a lot of wonderful stuff was written in it Major documents of western civilization beautiful poetry I don t know what else to say Those are the reasons that I would encourage anybody to study Latin Also if you study Latin your SAT scores and your LSAT scores are going to higher than the scores of people who didn t study Latin Alex So what if you would like to get started with Latin at lSU but missed the opportunity to sign up for it this semester Well it may not be too late Listen to this new development at lSU Peggy Alex We re going to put online completely online Latin seguence Latin lOl and Latin l02 This is not going to replace our classroom courses you can take classroom versions of Latin lOl and l02 but because so many people get interested in studying Latin sometimes when they are far along in their academic programs at Iowa State we want to enable them to start it in the summer or in January and complete it that way We want people aren t on campus whether they re high school students or maybe Spanish teachers out there wanting to get introduced to the Latin language Maybe people who had Latin a long time ago in school who would like to learn it again enable them to start it and have an online experience our beginning As the Classical Study webpage states The major in Classical Studies is ideal for students fascinated with the ancient world and provides an understanding of how language politics history material culture and art are all inextricably interconnected So far we have given you some information on Latin But what about ancient Greek Peggy l m Professor Peggy Mook and I m a classicist and my specialty is in Greek archeology I especially work on material culture from the late Bronze Age to the classical period so roughly l200 BC down to around 450 BC is my area of specialization typically pottery and household Actually I became interested in Classical Studies by going on a study abroad program to Greece It was lead by two classicists where the focus was looking at the remains of ancient Greece both the prehistoric and historic remains and it really captured my imagination and I had been mathematics major I came back to school after the study abroad program in the summer and changed my major to Greek with a minor in Latin and I switch my classes to Greek Latin and archeology class Ancient Greek is an interesting language a challenging language to study Of Alex course for me the primary reason that one would want to read it is so that you could read the ancient sources written originally in Greek in their original text which is the best way to understand them Beyond that a student would benefit from taking Ancient Greek because it will improve your understanding of English a lot of important English words are based upon Greek words It s also a language because of its complexities grammatically speaking it also teaches you a way to think logically and to analyze sentences and it really helps you with critical thinking skills and problem solving We freguently get a lot of engineer students who take Greek and they do very well because it suits the way that they think As you heard from professor Mook a study abroad experience can be extremely rewarding and virtually change your life That s why the Classical Studies Program encourages Iowa State students to take advantage of the many opportunities to enhance their curriculum through the study of the classical world in Greece Italy and many other places Iowa State has two programs with strong Classics components Classics own Study Abroad The Archaeology of Greece program and Art and Design s program in Italy Popes and Caesars 2000 Years of Art History in Rome We asked professor Mook to give us more details on the study abroad program offered by Classical Studies Peggy The primary program that Classical Studies currently offers is a study abroad program in the archeology of Greece which I regularly offer This summer we will be taking students to actually participate in an excavation but this will be the last time for that particular program Beginning in the summer of 2008 we ll go back to our three week study tour program which usually lasts three weeks and takes place in the month of May That s a program where we ll spend five or six days maybe a week in Athens and then travel around to other parts of Greece to explore the different periods of ancient Greek history and different remains and different aspects of the topography I m hoping in the future that when we do this to some extent say at least a week of the three week program we ll take in to account the sights that those participating students that year particularly wanted to see I should also add we re hoping that Professor Hollander who is in the history Alex department and also a person in the Classical Studies program he and l are also talking about in the future developing a program where we would take students to Italy for part of the program and we then to Greece for part of the program That s still very much in the developmental stages but it is something that we hope to be able to offer students in the future As you have heard the classical studies program at lSU gives you many different options to become actively Peggy Alex involved in the learning of ancient languages and cultures But that is not all there is to it If you are an undergraduate student of classical Greek or Latin and you challenge yourself to a high level of achievement yet one more option becomes available to you Eta Sigma Phiis the Greek and Latin honor society Our students who do particularly well in first year Latin or Greek or any level beyond that are inducted into this It s a national honor society This is a group that participates in various activities depending on the particular year and the level of student interest have in the past do toga parties that are derived other sources as They done things like sponsored film festivals cook ancient meals based on cook books from to some extent ancient sources and well I hope we have helped you become informed of the many options within the Classical studies program For more information on classical studies at lSU please make sure to check out the program s website which is linked to our website under Academic Programs Our website address is wwwlanguageiastateedu Once again thanks for joining and I hope you ll tune in next week for another exciting Podcast on languages and cultures from Iowa State University If you would like to send us feedback an email to podcastiastateedu This project is an initiative of the lSU Foreign Language Learning Resource Center and was funded in part by a recruitment and retention grant from the Professional and Scientific Council and the lSU Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Laura Centeno Diaz is our show coordinator Mehmet Sahin is our interviewer and advisor Keith Swanson is our technical support Julio Rodriguez is our advisor send and my self Alex Ely am your host For the site Nuntii Latini is heard around the world on short or medium wave and Via satellite on Radio Finland the external service of the company Nuntii Latini is now also available on the Internet on RealAudio at httpwwwyleradiolfinuntii In Finland it is broadcast on the national FM network YLE Radio l


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