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by: Ms. Luisa Lehner


Ms. Luisa Lehner
GPA 3.92


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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Luisa Lehner on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 472 at Iowa State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/214539/mgmt-472-iowa-state-university in Business, management at Iowa State University.

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Date Created: 09/27/15
College of Business 2007 2008 Diversity Report 1 Diversity Mission and Vision Statement The mission ofthe College of Business COB as stated in the college s 20052010 strategic plan is conduct and share research and educate tomorrow s business leaders so they are prepared to deal with multidisciplinary global technological ethical and diversity challenges bold added Further one of the college s core values and objectives is to enhance and embrace diversity among our students staff and faculty To accomplish the mission and this objective one of the key priorities in the 20052010 strategic plan is to support a collaborative culture with the accompanying goal increase the diversity among faculty staff and students This goal echoes one of the University goals under the priority of university life expand the diversity of people ideas and cultures and nurture an environment in which diversity can thrive Progress on achieving the goal increase the diversity among faculty staff and students is speci cally measured and tracked annually by the following three measures I Increase scholarships to attract more minority students I Increase the number of Carver Scholars National Achievement Scholars etc I Increase minority and female faculty and staff Each year we review progress in accomplishing these goals at the administrative levels within the college and discuss ways in which we can improve not only with respect to these three measures but in other areas related to diversity such as exposure of current students to diversity issues providing an environment which fosters respect for diversity and raising awareness of diversity issues among the staff and faculty The COB Diversity Committee also reviews progress each year and develops programs to address the gaps 11 Response to Diversity Statistics I Trends in Diverse Faculty Staff and Students With few exceptions the percentages of diverse students faculty and staff in the COB are equal to or greater than the percentages at the University level Faculty The total percentage of minority faculty in the COB has almost doubled over the last ten years to 305 percent this exceeds the university total of 184 percent A closer look at COB data shows particularly strong growth in the percentage of tenure eligible diversity faculty from 77 percent in 1997 to 333 percent in 2007 This re ects a strong push by the college to increase diversity among the faculty However the percentage of female faculty in the college is slightly below the university total 329 percent and 342 percent respectively The number of tenured women in the college has increased almost threefold in the past ten years but the number of tenure eligible women after a threeyear slippage has now returned to 1997 levels The number of nontenure eligible female faculty has almost doubled over the tenyear period College of Business Page 1 Spring 2008 Staff Given the relatively limited numbers of PampS and merit staff we examined the total percentages of minority and females in these employment categories The COB has 63 percent minority PampS employees compared to 94 percent at the university With respect to females the COB has 625 percent PampS staff about 10 percent higher than at the university However it should be noted that almost all of the female PampS employees are at the Pl2Pl6 levels One hundred percent of the college s merit employees are female re ecting the fact that all of the merit positions in the college are secretarial None of the merit staff are minority Finally 333 percent of the department chairs in the COB represent minority relative to 12 percent at the university but none of the department chairs are female it should be noted that there are only three department chairs in the college and only two female faculty who have attained full professor status considered to be ideal before assuming a department chair role Students The percentage of minority students in the COB has steadily increased in the last ten years and in 2007 was 98 percent overall 13 percent greater than the university Relative to the university the 1year retention rates 4year and 6year graduation rates for COB minority students are generally higher Concerning however is that while the percentage of female undergraduate students at the university level has remained relatively steady at about 43 percent the percentage of female undergraduate students in the COB has fallen to 347 percent Moreover at the national level the percentage of female undergraduates in business colleges averages around 4344 percent The AACSB Guide to Business Education 2007 Retention and graduation rates for females though are higher than university rates The percentage of female graduate students in the COB has steadily increased to almost 44 percent in 2007 exceeding that of the university which has remained at about 40 percent over the last ten years Efforts to Recruit and Retain Diverse Facultv Staff and Students The College of Business is committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty staff and students however the efforts to recruit and retain vary slightly by category Faculty It is always a goal of the college to recruit diverse faculty and every effort is given to recruit a pool of candidates that includes minorities and females This can be difficult especially with respect to females given that some of the discipline specialties for which we recruit may have none to almost no women in that area of specialization Consequently some years we are quite successful recruiting diverse faculty other years not depending on the areas in which we are hiring As the table below shows based on pooled data for the past ten years hiring female faculty in the finance and LOMIS departments is especially difficult Table l Tenure Track candidate data by department Percentage of women in candidate pool College of Business Page 2 Spring 2008 Since 2004 the college has lost thirteen faculty all of which were white males except for one minority lost through death and one female Thus diverse faculty members tend to remain at the college Staff Increasing diversity among the staff in the COB is focused primarily at the lower to midPampS levels there tends to be very little turnover among the merit staff all white women and the higher PampS levels mostly white male At the lower PampS levels most of the staff are white female so our efforts to increase diversity in those ranks tend to focus on hiring men and minorities We do not utilize any specific recruitment tactics to attract diverse candidates to these positions however Students The college does not engage in any particular recruitment or retention efforts with respect to females but does engage in several activities with respect to minority students The minority liaison of cer MLO in the college participates in several recruiting activities aimed at attracting minority students She represents the college and university on recruiting visits as part of the university s Multicultural Vision Program and she also represents the college at information sessions with prospective students throughout the year either at multicultural days on campus or with individual minority perspective students The college provided financial support to the DREAMS Developing Responsible Educated and Aware Multicultural Scholars project inaugurated this year by Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority This program made special outreach efforts to minority high school students in Perry Iowa for the purpose of motivating them to pursue higher education The MLO in the college is also an academic advisor She works closely with our minority students with respect to academic advising and to facilitating their access to university resources e g tutoring services She works with Carver Scholars currently 40 scholars which is up from 35 last year She also maintains regular email communications with the minority students regarding issues such as academicrelated deadlines workshopconference opportunities job postings and internships She also serves as the advisor for the college s Multicultural Business Network a student organization This group open to all COB students particularly focuses on multicultural issues for business students and connects them with businesses The college also provides support for students to attend minorityrelated events In November 2007 the college provided financial support for 12 students to attend the National Hispanic Business Association Leadership Conference held at the University of Illinois at Urbana Similarly financial support has been given to graduate students in the past to attend minorityrelated MBA association meetings Scholarships are also designated by donors to support minority and female students in 200708 academic year 20 percent of all scholarship money awarded in the college was designated for either female or minority students This percentage of scholarship dollars has been at the 20 percent level for the past three academic years All of these efforts promote retention of diverse students 111 Diversity Efforts As is clear in the previous sections of this report the College of Business has been generally successful in increasing diversity among the faculty staff and students The college also is College of Business Page 3 Spring 2008 involved in several activities that address the other implementation goals of ISU s Plan for Diversity Equity and Community Commitment amp Engagement Although not speci ed as a measurable outcome for the college s diversity efforts the college is actively working at increasing faculty staff and students awareness of and engagement with diversity issues Notable among these efforts are three initiatives launched this past year In 2006 student leaders in the college worked with the associate dean for undergraduate programs to develop 39 39 e nectation and standards for all COB students Fully implemented in Spring 2007 students discuss the expectations and standards and then sign a commitment to uphold them when they enter the college as prebusiness students and again when they apply for admission to the professional program The first expectation is the following I Itreat all individuals with respect and dignity 0 Social expectations include but are not limited to I Addressing others with courtesy sensitivity and respect I Respecting others property I Contributing to a community in which everyone works together in an atmosphere free from discrimination I Responding appropriately and in a timely manner to all acts of discrimination In Fall 2007 the COB launched a new program aimed at increasing the involvement of freshmen and sophomore students in the college the Gerdin Citizenship Program About 125 students voluntarily opted into this program One of the requirements of the program is for students to participate in at least three different activities in which they will have to interact with people who are different than themselves After these interactions students are asked to re ect on the differences and similarities between themselves and others This approach to diversity was taken because we felt that understanding and respecting diversity is best learned through interaction Students have reported that their experiences have been very meaningful and have helped them look at people and the world in a different way than when they arrived at Iowa State This program will be continuing and expanding In Spring 2008 the COB Diversity Committee received a 7500 grant from Cargill to construct a contest for COB students related to promoting awareness of diversity issues within the college university or community The contest which will take place during Fall 2008 will require teams of three 3 College of Business students to submit a proposal for a project or initiative that will foster diversity at Iowa State andor in the Ames community Written proposals and presentations will be judged by a panel of Cargill managers and College of Business faculty The winning team will win scholarships but more importantly the grant will provide money to implement the initiative An important criterion in the judging will be the sustainability of the project beyond the grant College of Business Page 4 Spring 2008 Curriculum amp Pedagogy The COB has established general learning outcomes for all undergraduate students in the college one of which directly relates to diversity I Recognize the bene ts and challenges of diversity In Fall 2007 we mapped the content of the core courses that COB students take and found that diversity issues are introduced in all but one of the courses In addition all of the college majors further incorporate diversity issues throughout at least some of their 300 and 400 level courses Direct measures of this learning outcome are being obtained in mid to late April 2008 In addition to diversity being embedded across the curriculum the college offers one course MGMT 472 Management of Diversity which students can take to meet the university s diversity requirement This course is offered each semester Research amp Scholarship Multiple faculty members within the college are engaged in research that examines cultural andor social differences with respect to international business Much of this research examines crosscountry comparisons For example Dr Richard Poist recently coauthored a paper that examines Scandinavian and American perspectives in supply chain management Dr Kay Palan is in the process of examining crosscountry differences in advertising to young children Turkey Mexico and US data Perhaps more salient though to the examination of social justice and multicultural issues within the US is Dr Jim Werbel s research He has several publications related to such issues as gender and race on boards of directors and the issues related to husbandwife teams in familyrun businesses he continues to be active in researching these issues Mentoring amp Support In addition to the student support previously discussed in Part II minority students in particular receive support with respect to career development and placement services Each semester in conjunction with the Business Career Fair the Multicultural Business Network cohosts a networking breakfast with the Career Services Office A resume book for minority students is put together and made available to all recruiters attending this event In addition the networking breakfast features a guest speaker a college alumnus who is either female minority or both All new faculty in the college are officially assigned mentors who work with their mentees on developmental issues related to research teaching and service College administrators recently approved a faculty development plan that will be implemented to help new faculty be successful in the college Department chairs and the assigned faculty mentor are responsible for implementing the plan College of Business Page 5 Spring 2008 Moneta Contributions to Diversity Efforts Since April 2007 the College of Business has contributed 60140 to support diversity efforts These monies supported the DREAMS project 270 Women s Leadership Summit 200 Multicultural Business Network 1000 international student reception 770 networking breakfast 2500 study abroad scholarships for female and minority students 14500 academic scholarships for female and minority students 36750 and multicultural recruitment efforts 4150 IV Best PracticesFinal F Relative to the measureable outcomes the college has identified with respect to diversity the statistical data shows that the COB does relatively well at attracting and retaining diverse faculty and students Despite the numbers where the college struggles with respect to diversity issues is having a culture in which recognizing and celebrating diversity are uppermost in everyone s minds Given this concern the activity that has been most successful this past year with respect to engaging students with diversity issues is the Gerdin Citizenship Program While students certainly are exposed to diversity issues in their COB academic coursework the citizenship program puts diversity into an experiential context which we believe is more likely to have lifechanging impact than sitting in a classroom and listening about diversity issues College efforts next year will work at expanding efforts such as the citizenship program and the diversity initiative contest for students The Diversity Committee has planned to initiate deliberate efforts to increase faculty staff and students consciousness about diversity by hosting presentations from localregional business people representing diversity several times throughout the year Further the committee plans to highlight a different business person representing diversity each month throughout the plasma screens in the Gerdin Business Building Finally college administrators will try to examine more thoroughly the decrease in female students trying to identify reasons and potential solutions Contact Kay M Palan Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs College of Business kpalaniastateedu 49526 College of Business Page 6 Spring 2008


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