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by: Columbus Torphy


Columbus Torphy
GPA 3.63

Yan Zhao

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About this Document

Yan Zhao
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Columbus Torphy on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 231 at Iowa State University taught by Yan Zhao in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/214542/chem-231-iowa-state-university in Chemistry at Iowa State University.




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Date Created: 09/27/15
SI Showcase Learning Organic Reactions Suppiememai lnslmcllon Primary Goals ofActivity 9 To organlze lnfor matlon about several relatedreaeuons 9 To revl ew lnform ad on about reaeuons presented in leeture 9 To ereate useful tools for personal exam revlew Reaction MatrixIDrganization for example eleetroplulre arom aue substrtuu on or nueleoplulre aeyl substrtuu on 1 y rmportant You mlghtflll in one eolumn so that students understand eaeln eategory 2 Example Ele aeu39nn N txophlll Aromaue Subsututron n a n Chln a i Qw w E E 3 Nu L ete as a reference pornt 4 otlner tlne table 5 Also glve tlnem a elnanee to do atleast one or two examples usrng tlne table 6 Fall 2008 m m l DUECHEM 231 znao enelsea el eetroplulre aromatre subsututron summary pg ttp 2008CHEM 231 znao enelsea 10 2908 nueleophllle acyl substltunon doe Creating Flashcards of Reactions Mate als ou wlll need noteeards to do tlus aetwrtyl Wnte tlne begrnnrng ofeach reaetron r e tlne reaetants and anytlung over tlne arrow on tlne board usrng tlne general symbol R for alkyl groups Also dlscuss otlner rmportant lnformatlon lntermeddates Markovnlkov rules ete to know about tlne reaetrons I y t on the arrow on one slde and product on the other slde Supplemental Instruction l HlXSDn39LlEd Student Success Center 1 29476624 1 wwwsllastate edu 4 Give the students a worksheet or examples on the board to practice Make sure they understand why and how the R abbreviation is usedioften students don t understand how to take the examples learned in class and apply them to any reaction of the same type Tips on Writing and Using Examples of Reactions N E 4 V39 0 gt1 Have students be constantly identifying electrophiles and nucleophiles or acids and bases in reactions Find examples from old tests in ALL organic classes you can use examples or molecules from old 331332 tests in 231 SI or on websites the McMurray text used for 331 has an excellent companion site at chemistrybr 1 n I mcmurry6e When students have nished an example have them identify what happened in the reaction eg one functional group substituted for another or something added across a double bond Reacting one molecule with many different reagents can showcase many concepts at once e g why does this molecule react with LiBH4 but not NaBH4 It can be helpful in preparation for tests to write examples of bad reactions and have students identify what is incorrect about them especially for reactions with carbocation intermediates Give a product and what was over the arrow and have students identify starting materials especially for condensation reactions Look at old exams to see how the professor might write tricky questions e g two functional groups reacting at the same time


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