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by: Columbus Torphy


Marketplace > Iowa State University > Chemistry > CHEM 316 > INSTRUMTL MTH ANALY
Columbus Torphy
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Young-Jin Lee

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About this Document

Young-Jin Lee
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Columbus Torphy on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 316 at Iowa State University taught by Young-Jin Lee in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/214543/chem-316-iowa-state-university in Chemistry at Iowa State University.

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Date Created: 09/27/15
Ch 18 HW Chem 316 Kendall Hagen 181 A virtual state is an unquantized electronic energy state that lies between the ground state of the molecule and an excited electronic state 182 AntiStokes scattering involves promotion of an electron in the first vibrational state of the ground electronic state to a virtual level that is greater in energy than the virtual level resulting from the promotion of an electron from the lowest vibrational level of the ground state The number of molecules in the first vibrational level of the ground state increases as the temperature increases Thus the ratio of antiStokes to Stokes intensity increases with increasing temperature 18 3 vst vex Av and vas vex Av vst 1vex x 107 nmcm Av and vas 107keXAv M 107 v51 107107keXAv 107xex 1O7keXAv xex 1 10397keXAv Ms M 11O397keXAv for kex6328 and Av 218 kg 632812186328X107 6417 nm X35 632812186328x10397 6242 nm Kendall Hagen Chem 316 Ch 20 2010 A quadrupole ion trap uses a combination of fields to temporarily store the ions within the trap They are then released by increasing the radio frequency voltage applied to the ring electrode The ejected ions strike a detector and a plot of detector signal vs the radio frequency voltage related to the mz value is the mass spectrum In an FT ICR instrument an electric trapping voltage and a magnetic field traps ions in a cell Each ion moves in a circular motion perpendicular to the detector The cyclotron frequency depends on the inverse ofthe mz value A time domain image current is generated after termination of the pulse Fourier transformation of the time decay signal yields the mass spectrum 2011 Resolution mAm a m 280187 2800612 28012 mAm 28012280187 280061 222 X 103 b mAm 28013280313 279949 770 c mAm 850647850653 850641 709 X 104 d mAm 2861582861930 2861240 415 X 103 2016 In tandem in space instruments two independent mass analyzers are used in two different regions The advantages are that it is relatively easy to take all the different types of spectra The disadvantages are that the efficiency can be very low and the sensitivity can be low Tandem in time instruments form the ions in a certain spatial region and then at a later time expel the unwanted ions and leave the selected ions to be dissociated and mass analyzed in the same spatial region The efficiency can be fairly high and the process can be repeated many times It is however only straight forward to take product ion spectra 2018 mz 84 3502 c mz 85 35Ci2 30H2 mz 86 3703501204 mz 87 3703501304 mz 88 37021ka


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