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Biology 207 week 3 lecture notes

by: Notetaker

Biology 207 week 3 lecture notes 207/41320

Marketplace > University of St. Thomas > 207/41320 > Biology 207 week 3 lecture notes
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Genetics Ecology Evolution

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About this Document

- covers: mendelian genetics/ punnett squares, mono/di/tri hybrid crosses and probability
Genetics Ecology Evolution
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 207/41320 at University of St. Thomas taught by Lewis in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 52 views.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
Biology Week 3 Notes Chapter 14 Sexual vs Asexual Reproduction Asexual fast same environment no risks Sexual creates diversity but has many risk Figure 144 Allele for purple owers Pair of Locus for owercol or gene gt homologous chromosomes 39 Allele for white owers 92 2quot New lagtr N Phenotype what does it look like what shows expressions of the genotype 2 options Purple dominant White recessive genotype what s written in the DNA actual listing 3 options PP Pp pp dominant trait either mom or dad has it recessive trait mom and dad both have it but doesn t show homozygous same for the trait got both from mom and dad Aa or aa heterozygous different on mom set vs dad set of chromosomes Aa dominant allele doesn t mean most common What types of egg sperm Eggs 2P 2p Sperm 2P 2p Question A human cell containing 22 autosomes and a Y chromosome is haploid 23 chromosomes diploid would be 46 haploid sperm or egg Y chromosome male SPERM If it had been X it could be either an egg or sperm zygote fertilized diploid cell when egg meets sperm somatic body cell diploid Gregor Mendel father of Genetics works out laws of inheritance P Generation Appearance Purple Flowers White Flowers Genetic Makeup PP pp Gametes P p F1 Generation Gametes P p Appearance Purple Genetic Makeup Pp Gametes 12 P 12 p F2 Generation P I0 P PP Pp P PP PP homozygous dominant homozygous recessive 12 heterozygous genotype ratio 121 phenotype ratio 31 Complete dominance PP looks the same as Pp Test cross cross against a known homozygous recessive Example Dominant phenotype purple x recessive phenotype white Unknown genotype known genotype PP PP or Pp Predictions If purple flowered parents is PP P P p Pp Pp p Pp Pp If Purple flowered parents is Pp P I0 9 Pp pp 9 Pp pp What is the probability of 3 tails if I flip a fair coin three time only 1 heads 5 12 2 heads 5 x 5 25 1A 3 heads 5 x 5 x 5 125 18 18 probability Independent assortment means they were on separate chromosomes Can only have 23 independent traits Up to 4 can be independent Dihybrid Cross P generation YYRR x yyrr Gametes YR x yr Yer F1 Generation YR Yr yR yr YR YYRR YYRr YyRR Yer Yr YYRr YYrr Yer Yyrr yR YyRR Yer YYRR nyr yr Yer Yyrr nyr yyrr YR 916 Yr316 yR316 yr116 genotype ratio 9331 Easier Way Dihibrid Cross Yer Y Y Y YY Yy v Yv YY 1AiYY12Yy iyy RR 12 Rr rr probability YYrr 1A x 1A 116 probability Yyrr 12 x 1A 18 Trihibrid Cross Cross PprRr x Ppyyrr Probability of ppnyr P p P PP Pp p Pp pp pp 1A chance Y v v Yv W v Yv W yy 12 chance Rr 12 chance ppnyr x 12 x 12 116 Probability of Ppyyrr 12 x 12 x 12 18 Red Flower Cross w White Flower P generation red CAR CAR x white CquotW CAW Gametes CAR and CAW Incomplete dominance heterozygous condition is a cross between homozygous dominant and recessive Intermediate phenotype F1 generation Pink CAR CquotW Gametes 12 CAR 12 CAW F2 Generation CAR CquotW CAR CRCR CWCW CquotW CRCW CWCW C indicates color 121 genotype 121 phenotype Normal Dominance heterozygote dominance show the complete dominant trait 3 genotypes 1 phenotype Incomplete dominance washed out version of the dominant trait Law of independent assortment on separate chromosomes QUESTION A 11 phenotypic ration in a testcross indicates that One parent must have been homozygous dominant Codominance has both characters 3 Alleles for ABO blood groups Allele IquotA IquotB i Carbohydrates A B none Genotype IquotA IquotA or IquotA i IquotB IquotB or IquotB i IquotA IquotB phenotype A B AB Vocabulary Pleiotropy one allel multiple phenotypic effects Epistasis one gene alters expression of another gene Polygenic Inheritance multiple genes affect one phenotype ex height Environment impacts genetics


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