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RHS100 PP#5

by: Lenna Neff
Lenna Neff
Penn State
GPA 4.0
Disability Culture
Bethanne Woodhouse

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About this Document

Consolidation of PP#5 - Demographics of People With Disabilities
Disability Culture
Bethanne Woodhouse
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Lenna Neff on Thursday September 25, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 100 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Bethanne Woodhouse in 2014. Since its upload, it has received 208 views. For similar materials see Disability Culture in Education and Teacher Studies at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 09/25/14
POWERPOINT 5 DEMOGRAPHICS OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES Understanding the role that demographic variables have on education income and being employed if you are a PWD Identify the prevalence of disability among several variables Identify important trends related to having a disability 1200 people nationwide were asked how they felt during encounters with people with severe disabilities 92 felt admiration 75 felt pity 60 felt awkward or embarrassed 50 felt afraid or guilty Demographics of Inmates Mental health problems were defined by two measures 1 a recent history 2 symptoms or a mental health problem State prisons systems 56 Federal prison system 45 Local jails 64 Disability in the Nursing Home Population Essentially all nursing home residents have some type of disability Based on data from the 1999 National Nursing Home Survey NNHS the two most common activity limitations are for bathing 94 and dressing 85 The unemployment rate for PWDs was 381 in 2005 roughly half of that for PWODs Hate Crime 20032009 De nition The Hate Crime Statistics Act defines hate crimes as crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on racereligion sexual orientation or ethnicity The law has since been amended twice 1994 to include crimes motivated by bias against persons with disabilities 2009 to include crimes of prejudice based on gender or gender identity Race 58 Ethnicity 30 Association 25 Sexual Orientation 15 Perceived 13 Religion 12 Disability 10 2009 the overall percentage of people with a disability ages 75 and older in the US was 508 Males 116 Females 123 Reporting Hate Crime 12 not report to police 8 reported to police 1 reported to the ate crime program By Race 101 white 141 Black 18 Native American 45 Asian 101 other race By Income With disability 37200 Without disability 60000 Difference of 22800 Poverty PWD 264 PWOD 108 Education Some college PWD 299 Some college PWOD 323 BS or more with a disability 122 BS or without a disability 308


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